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  1. Hey ladies I have a quick question! I am getting ready to mail out the notorized copies of mine and FI's birth certificates and passports. My question is for the birth certificates can I just make a copy like with a copy machine and then have the notory certify them or do I need to order one from the state? Thanks!
  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! Your jewelry is gorgeous, especially your earrings! Where did you get your jewelry?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by abbyroldan@yahoo.com It's been just a little bit over a year since I tied the knot at Iberostar Rose Hall in Montego Bay. We had a blast. Here's is my slide show link that Sandy May, my photographer put together. She and her husband, Pata, were wonderful to work with! She was quick responding, very reliable, and trustworthy. I received all of my pics on a CD just a few weeks later at home. http://www.pictage.com/photographer/slideshows/viewslideshow?autoplay=1&slideshowid=28208&slideshowkey=ooalmhqhlqbtctjb Also, If there is anyone interested in touring the country, I would highly recommend booking tours with Ken Gracey who operates Doctorbird Tours! He grew up in Jamaica as a boy and knew a lot of about the towns. My small group of 20 booked several personal and private tours with him and felt very safe and trusted doing business with him. He is so easy going and laid back! He even drop me to my Trash the Dress site, which was a nice small secluded beach. One great thing about Ken is how he takes pictures of you and your group during the entire trip and burns the photos on a CD for you to take home! You can search him on tripadvisor. Thanks for sharing your slide show is beautiful! One question the hanging candles on the huppa that you had... did yo ubring them yourself or did you get them from Tai Flora? If you got them yourself where are they from? Thanks!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by scraver25 Does anyone know if men are allowed to wear shorts in an ala carte restaurant if you have the entire restaurant rented for your party? Men have to wear long pants even if you rented out the restaurant. My sister was married at an Iberostar in Mexico and my uncle came in shorts and they actually gave him pants to wear since he was not staying at the resort so he couldn't change. Seems silly, but they are strict about that.
  5. This is the link that my TA sent me when I asked about excursions... I think it is the same as through the resort, but I'm not 100% sure. http://www.islandroutes.com/tours/jamaica.cfm?event=ehTours.dspIndex&cid=5
  6. Hey ladies! I don't post on here to often, but I definitely read the thread every day and love the ideas you ladies all have! I had a question. I am using Marcia Roberts for my photography and now I am wanting to add on videography. Has anyone who used Marcia used her for this service or should I get it from a different place? Any tips/suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. Thank you so much for your review!!!! Everything sounds wonderful and you looked absolutely stunning!
  8. Thank you so much! I realized that after I posted it there are no branches of Bank of America banks for me to make a deposit at so I am going to western union the funds to Marcia instead. Did you direct deposit them into a bank account or send them to an address? Sorry I am just confused by this whole process.
  9. Hi everyone!!! I do not post very often, but I read this board everyday! I have introduced myself before but I will do it again! My name is Samantha and FI and I are getting married at the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites on June 15, 2012! I am so excited! I have booked Marcia Roberts for my photography after reading such wonderful things from you ladies! She is asking for me to pay the deposit by depositing it directly into a Bank of America account she has. Has anyone else done this? They said I could do it online because the closest branch is a good 30 minutes from me, but I can not figure it out. Is this weird or do you guys think it is normal? Thanks!
  10. grace: I posted this yesterday, but it said it was holding for approval and never showed up so I will try again. Sorry if it some how shows up twice. That is exciting did you talk to a TA yet? I am using Melissa from beach bum vacations and she has been amazing so far. I know DeAngelis2be is using them too and has Steve. I would definitely recommend them. I choose them because they had amazing reviews from other brides on the Knot compared to some other popular sites like destinationweddings.com. Also, they are FREE!!! Can't beat that especially considering their great custom service and the quality of work they do! If you decide to use them, melissa in particular, tell her Samantha E. recommended her : ) For reserving the date there is no deposit required which really made it easy and why I jumped on it so quickly. If you think June 14th will work I say go ahead and reserve it. What have you got to lose! I LOVE the message in a bottle invitation idea too! I think they are soooo cute. I know another bride on the destination wedding board who did them. I could ask her how she mailed them. Maybe you have to mail them all as little packages..... For my OOT bags I really like the personalized sunscreen and waterbottle ideas. I am not sure about the towel idea though because I would be worried it would get to expensive for us. I am thinking we will have around 50 people. Where are you getting the starfish bottle openers? Those sound really cute and the starfish are part of my look that I want. I am going to incorperate starfish in our wedding colors (fushia and navy blue) in a lot of my DIY projects. I think a map of Jamaica is a good idea too! Maybe even one of the resort and where all the restaurants are? The CD idea is good too. I am thinking I will make a photo share card to put in the bags. I have seen other brides make an account on like snapfish or shutterfly and then give their guests the login information. THat way they can just upload their pictures. That might be something to consider then you wouldn't have to buy all the CD's, but would still get your pictures! I definetely don't think either is a bad thing though, it seems pretty common, especially for destination weddings. As far as who I am giving them to I was thinking one per couple (so if i had a single they would get their own) plus a special one for all the kids. I think we will have about 6 kids. O and I really love the postcard idea. I saw one bride who used that as her guestbook. She gave each guest two postcards and one had the bride and grooms address and postage on it. They asked their guests to write well wishes and their favorite part of the trip on it and mail it back to them after they got home. My fiancee didn't like that idea much but I think it is really cute lol : ) For the restaurants they have two options, semi-private or private. For us having a private reception is important so we are going to rent out the restaurant which is $800 and have that after the ceremony. For the rehersal though semi-private seems fine and it is free. They just make a reservation for your entire group. I don't think there is a limit on how many people can be in the reservation, I would just make sure to schedule it early. Also, I read that they do staggered reservations so there will probably be very few people in the restaurant with you if you opt for the semi-private. For the menus if you have more than 25 I think it was you either have to have a set menu where everyone gets the same thing or you have to give them your guests selections before hand. So I am debating about the menu since people will have already had to make their choices it might be a bit silly but it is another way to personalize the dinner. I am debating what I want to do... Samantha
  11. grace, No there is no deposit and that was another reason I jumped on it! As far as a TA I am using Melissa from Beach Bum Vacations and DeAngelis2be is also using them but has Steve. I have only read positive reviews about them all on the knot so that is why I went with them instead another popular site, destinationweddings.com. Also, Beach Bum Vacations is FREE!!!! Can't beat that especially since they do an amazing job! I would highly recommend them specifically Melissa. If you do go with her tell her Samantha E recommended her : ) For my OOT bags I am doing the welcome letter too and then I was thinking about the sunscreen and maybe some little medicine things like advil or bug spray.... Where are you getting the starfish bottle openers? Those sound so cute and that is part of my look! I am doing fushia and navy blue with starfish incorperated through out like on the paper stuff, escort cards, and possibly palm fans for the ceremony chairs. I really like the beach towel idea too but I am worried that will get too pricey. I think we will have around 50 people. I am doing one per couple then one for the kids. I think we will have about 6 kids. I really like the message in a bottle idea for invites too but I wonder if you would have to send them as little packages? I also talk on a destination wedding board on the knot and a girl on there did them. I can ask how she mailed hers. For the CD that would work if they are computer savy. I was also thinking I would make a photo share card and put that in the OOT bags. I would set up an account on shutterfly or snapfish or something and give all my guests the log in information. That way they could all just go home and upload them there. That might be a good option because again you can get the cards for free from vistaprint or make them yourself instead of investing in all the cd's. It would be less to transport down there too.... But either way it is definetly not bad to ask because it seems to be a pretty common thing and I am going to do it too! I am not sure either because I dont know how that all works. I read somewhere that if you have over a certain amount of people you have to have a set menu or have your guests pick what they want before hand. The choices they have are semi private (just all have a reservation) versus private where you will rent out the whole restaurant for $800. Since the semi private is an option I really dont' think there is a limit for how many people can be on a reservation. ALso, I read that IRHS stagers their reservations which make it less likely there will be other people there or if there are it will only be a few. We are going to do a private reception after our ceremony because that is important to us but for our rehersal dinner we are just going to do semi private because that really isn't that important to us. Sam
  12. graceandthomas: Here's a long one for you too : ) That would be so cool if you had your wedding on Thursday! I totally understand why you want to do that week. It will make yours and your future employers life easier if you can just delay your start date. O my god I am jealous! I would absolutely love to go to on a cruise to Europe that sounds AMAZING! I have been on a couple Caribbean cruises and if I am remembering correctly both departed on Sundays so I think your plan sounds like a good one. I would for sure get with a travel agent they might be able to give you some stats on how many leave on Sunday versus any other day. As for us we are going to stay at the resort (possibly upgrade to the grand at the end) for 10 nights. Most of our guests are staying for 5 nights so that would give us some nice alone time. No, when we reserved our date we just filled out a form that Melissa (my TA) sent to us and scanned copies of my id and credit card to hold the date. I plan on sending out save the dates in june with an informational packet so I will probably book our stay somewhere around that time. So I say you should go for it if that day will work just so you don't have to worry about it getting snatched up and figure out the rest of your stay later when cruises post their stuff. Hopefully they will get it up in the next few months... march maybe? I also plan on DIY'ing as much as I can! I am going to use our engagement photos that we are taking in April to make postcards on vistaprint. If you sign up for their emails you get amazing offers including 100 FREE postcards. I am totally just going to do that and save the money! Others have used them and they look really nice. I also want to make our invitations and plan to do the boarding pass idea. I found a template and some starfish clipart in my wedding colors that I will use so hopefully they will look good! I also want to do OOT bags but I am not sure what I am going to put in them. I want to do special ones for the kids that are coming with beach toys maybe.... What are you thinking about putting in them? O I am also making our table numbers using our engagement photos and want to do escort cards/table assignments out of starfish or sanddollors. Also, I think and probably programs with our monogram at the top..... Wow that seems like a lot right now lol good thing we have a year and 5 months : ) Do you think you are going to do programs or menus or anything like that?
  13. beetee33: I hope that is the case! That would be really crummy if you had to pay the $18 twice and it wouldn't make sense! The suites people are welcome to use the beaches facilities during their stay and the grand can use all three so I don't see why they would have to charge you more. Keep us posted! I hope it works out!
  14. beetee33, I am doing the suites so I am not exactly sure if it is the same but I was told that for every person over 8 (including you and your groom) will cost $18 dollars extra on top of the wedding package. That will include the extra chairs, set-up, cake and champagne. Maybe that is what she means? Also I know that if I had guests staying at the beach hotel I would have to pay a $30 wedding day pass for them, but any guests I have at the grand are free to come over to the suites. I hope that helps. Samantha
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