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  1. yes the rivera is a nice gazebo..it was under construction when i was there. I wanted it to be more private and the sunset was perfect. I only had one lady who was watching from afar. The rivera there are people laying in beach chairs right next to the gazebo.
  2. Hey ladies Dont worry about them not getting back to you. I was a wreck and worried as well. When you get to the resort you will have an appointment set up to meet with your wedding cord. That day you talk about everything. You go thru a check list and you can add things on etc. I opted for a sand ceremony when i got there and there was no problem. I wanted extra flowers there was no problem. I know this is probably the worst way to correspond when talking about a wedding but it all turns out!! I wish everyone a happy marriage and if you have any more questions i will be happy to answer. Also if you are still looking for a photographer...photos in cancun is awesome!! Derek is from Canada and he took over 2500 photos of my amazing day!!! check out his website. He is also very affordable compared to many other photographers out there. You also get 2 photographers....
  3. from what i saw..there was no mic so you will have to ask emma. Emma was good but there is def a language barrier i would have to explain things to her after she would say yes..then she would say well what do you mean when you say..etc...we brought our own music and he still messed it up..the music was very trance and chill when we got there nothing like i thought it would be.
  4. Check out photos in cancun! Derek is from Canada and he does amazing photos i just got back and have about 2000!
  5. So ladies I am back and I had such an amazing wedding....i am going to keep this short and sweet since i just arrived and have a ton of stuff to do.. So first of all the hotel is amazing! Everyone who was there kept telling me what a great choice i made with picking this hotel. Yes it is a huge property but we all loved the walk. The grounds have all these animals and palm trees and it just is very beautiful. These are pics of the gazebo next to the chill out. I am so happy that we chose this one. The other gazebo is nice, but it is not private at all. You are around all the people on the beach. All the chairs are around and it is not that private. This gazebo was because at the chill out you have to pay 10 dollars to get a lounge chair and not many people want to pay it. I had a 4 pm wedding and only one lady was watching it from a far. I will tell you that Emma told me she would me at the hotel at 320 and didnt show until 355. I was very nervous and anxious. Apparently the hold up was because the minister did not have the information about our sand ceremony. I also ordered... 2 extra boutiniers and 2 coursages for our moms. She took the boutiniers and gave them to the grooms men and not our fathers. So she had to take out a rose from the coursages and pin them to the dads shirt. We paid an extra 100 dollars and i didnt think it was that fair. The ceremony was about 20 mins. We did the symbolic and did our own vows. It was a gorgeous day. We took photos with photos in cancun....Derek and Lorena were the photographers. I cant tell you how great they were. We even invited them to stay at mamma mia and the partied with us at the reception. They were very professional and took over 2000 photos of us! We are coming back in april for my best friends wedding and we are going to do a ttd session because we are so impressed with them and there prices are awesome!!!!! Mamma mia was ok. The area was great and secluded for us. Not too impressed on the food. We did our speeches there and then went to party on the beach from 8 to 11. Open bar for 3 hours and we also did the cake out there. The dj i am not gonna lie was bad. He didnt get our playlists right and i also brought our cds marked and he still messed up the order. He didnt do any type of annoucements of here is the new couple ..or first dance bouquet toss etc...we would have to yell around and tell everyone to make a huge circle around.. iwas very upset about the dj but i was having a good time because i was just married and with my friends and family. If you have any questions just let me know.
  6. soo I leave for Mexico tomorrow...am excited and nervous at the same time . The wedding is at 4 pm at the rivera gazebo and we are doing mamma mia and then a beach party. I will be back to report to all!
  7. it is but you can pay an extra fee and have a beach party or do whats called the gala room and choose diffrent entrees in a hall
  8. one week till i will be at the hotel. Emma has emailed me twice so far today. All of my plans have changed. When i spoke to her on the phone she had told me that i could do a beach party for 30 people. Now she told me the gala room is also 40 people minimum. She also sent me a price list to pay for the room to have the reception after if we are not doing gala...It starts at 300 to 1000 just for the rental. We have decided on mamma mia and then doing a beach party from 8 to 10. The dj is 832 for 4 hours even if we jst need him for two hours. If we want the audio system it is 600. Im very anxious and nervous about how this will turn out because we are never on the same page and the cost are always different.
  9. what kind of food is served at that one? is open bar included for that 2 hours at that resteraunt. Also are you guys doing a reception after if so where?
  10. also she told me they are only using one gazebo there.......i dont know which one
  11. i understand your frustration because i too was told something else. I spoke to emma with my fiance there on speaker and asked her is there a min for the beach party she said no. So we were planning on doing that. Today she sends me an email telling me that i will have to pay for 40 people even tho i have 27. I wrote to her and told her this changes everything. Do you have the set menus for the gala? Can you send them to me if you do? kasiaad@hotmail.com I am so worried less then two weeks and i have nothing confirmed!
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