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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by mckievme Wonderful thread! So much useful information! One question I have for our lovely photographers is about having a "must have" photography list. There are threads that have mentioned this list so the photographer knows exactly what you want, but I've noticed some of these lists can be extensive. How do you feel about brides providing "must have" lists? Do you feel like these limit your own creativity? Hey McKievme! That is a question that comes up from time to time :-). When a couple books with me, I do ask them for a family photo list.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Frazzle Hey all! We are looking at a March/April 2015 wedding at the Riu RM. We were just a little confused on extras outside of the main wedding package - cocktail hour, hair, makeup, reception etc - does anyone have any details on pricing for extras, please? Would be great to get an idea of how much the extras will be before we book! Also, we were swaying towards having our first dance during the cocktail hour, is that a pretty common choice? Thanks! x Hi, Congratulations on your engagement! I'm Sheri from Sweet Fire photography. I
  3. Hey Michele. We received your email and forwarded the packages we have available for you. If you haven't received our email or have any other questions - feel free to be in touch :-). Lori
  4. Hi RaynDrop, We are located in Playa del Carmen. I don’t think we have a Sandals resort here. Based on the experience we have in this area, I think you can expect an outside vendor fee if you want to bring your own photographer to the wedding. Hotel policies often change around here, so I suggest you ask your wedding coordinator for the most updated information. We always suggest you get the information written down, to avoid misunderstandings with the resort upon arrival. I hope that helps! Lori
  5. Hi BrownSugarBride, Thanks for complimenting this thread. We were hoping it would be helpful for the brides during the planning process. There are many ways to make our job easier! Having your family put away their cameras will definitely make their experience more memorable and the photographers job a bit easier. Scheduling your ceremony for the right time is essential for photography. If you have your ceremony two hours before sunset it will allow us to have enough time and perfect light for the Newlywed images. I believe on a destination wedding it’s essential to remember
  6. Hey Kelly, Congratulations!!! These threads will help you iron out all the details! I actually work with Lori Lemieux from Sweet Fire Photography and post under the company's profile. If you check out the #3 post in this thread, you'll see a link to the rest of that wedding shoot's pictures! Let me know if you need any more information! Sofia Lori's Office Assistan
  7. Hi Megan. Good job doing your photographer homework :-). If you become a fan of the Dreams Cancun Facebook page you can find some samples on there. Here is a direct link to the album I found of their weddings: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.120618341933.128566.72540371933&type=3. I'm only assuming that is the resort photographer who shared those images. But, keep in mind, most resorts (if not all :-), contract a company of multiple photographers to shoot their weddings. Normally, these are the same guys who offer family or couples photos on the beach to any
  8. Hey Mandy, I'm not sure how it works with the big hotels, but I know for sure that in town (smaller businesses), the amount in USD on the credit card machine is changed to pesos anyways but the Mexican bank handling the payment and charged to your bank in pesos. Your bank then transfers it BACK to dollars (assuming you are in the US). So, charging in pesos would avoid that double conversion. But, I guess it really depends on what currency your bill is in and if they would have to "convert" it to pesos anyways... Check out this link for the 2 exchange rates: BANORTE BANK. Notice
  9. Congratulations rhiham! What a detailed review, that is going to be super helpful for future brides! We love the ERC too!!! Lori's last wedding shoot there was so fun and colorful, I just have to share it! Excellence Riviera Cancun - Sara & Greg Happy Planning! Sofia Lori's Office Assistant
  10. Hey Ladies! Wei just posted Lori's most recent amazing wedding at the Dreams Cancun and I wanted to share the shots with you! I personally LOVE the newlywed shots with the lighthouse! Such a unique background that you don't get at the other resorts! Dreams Cancun – Janine & Cory Happy Planning! Sofia Lori's Office Assistant (We LOVE this shot! The bride appears naked but we promise she is decent!)
  11. Hey Ladies! Lori just got done another beatiful wedding at the Dreams Cancun and I wanted to share a highlight of the shots with you! The natural beauty of the area around the resort really makes for some great newlywed pics! Dreams Cancun – Janine & Cory Happy Planning! Sofia Lori's Office Assistant
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