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  1. Oh girls I feel your pain! I almost cancelled our wedding bc of the poor lack of communication and ynresponsiveness to emails. It was beyond stressful. really they just need several wedding coordinators to be able to keep up with everyoneS emails and give good responses. I felt like I had their Full attention when I was there, estephania is a doll when you get there! Very sweet and easy to work with going out of her way to help,but before I got there I was very stressed. When you get there everything really does come together, I even brought my own linens, candy bar, lanterns, votives, everything! We had tons of suitcases full of decorations, I didn't want to risk not liking the stuff since I'd never been, but they set up everything and did a great job. The only hiccup we had was w our rehersal. Other than that it was a dream wedding. But I will say the stress before hand was awful. Hang in there brides, it will get better when you arrive. I had the fish w pepper mouse for our entree w poblano rissotto and every person raved about it, it was delicious, also be sure to get the amazing fish tacos for lunch when you go to the seaside grill. I thought the food was very good overall, some weird things but overall very good for an all inclusive! I had 2 sets of menus printed off and then chose the right set after my tasting. Good luck and if you want pics you can give me your email! although I won't get them back for a couple more weeks!
  2. It was so expensive because he said to travel he would only travel for a minimum fee of 6 services, so even though only a 3 of my bridesmaids used him for hair and one for makeup, and i used him 2 times for hair and 2 times for makeup, so we used a total of 8 services... my girls were going to pay me back for the services but i ended up covering it. basically he got a great deal coming to us for 2 days for $1100 bc i basically threw away services since no one needed them the second day, but honestly it was worth it for me. I was annoyed paying that much at the time but i did not want to travel to the salon so i had no choice. I wanted him to do my hair and makeup for my day after shoot and im so glad they did bc i love my pictures and he did a great job so it was worth it. In the end, it was money well spent. If i had more time i would have just gone to the salon bc its SO much cheaper. but i didnt want the added stress that day. this was more relaxing...if you only use him for one day it would be a lot cheaper for him to travel! This is some info i had gotten from him in an email and by the way he is SO professional with email too, will get back to you within one day every single time, he was the only one in PV that was that good!... unfortunately we can not go to the hotel for any of these days because we ask for a minimum of 6 services to go on location. Please let us know if you will be able to come to us and what times for appointments are required. Here from you soon. Our prices are: Bride makeup $800 pesos Bride Hair $800 pesos Trial Makeup $600 pesos Trial Hair $600 pesos Brides mades makeup $500 pesos Brides mades updos $500 pesos Manicure spa $200 pesos Pedicure spa $250 pesos Nails $350 pesos These prices are in the salon, if we go on location there is a 50% increase 6 services minimum. Thank you, If you want any other information, please let us know.
  3. Hey margin! sorry i didnt respond, things got crazy with the wedding planning! but our wedding in november turned out awesome! i didnt use them for hair and makeup because they werent responding quickly enough and i was too worried about not liking it. i loved my hair and makeup, i used Franc Gole and he came to the resort and Jesus his partner did my makeup. They are excellent. Used Mac Makeup. And Jesus is a great artist and knows what he is doing and Franc is great with hair. I would suggest going to their salon if you have the time. I had them come to me but it cost me $1,000 american dollars...i jsut posted about it somewhere else on here too. Again sorry i havent gotten back lately! Everything else went awesome. I was very concerned about lack of communication before i went, but Estephania is really great when you get there. She will do everything she can to make sure your wedding is how you want it!!
  4. I had my wedding at Dreamsvillamagna in November and i had Franc Gole for hair and Jesus for Makeup. I loved both of them. They do great work. I paid $1,100 american dollars for them to come to my hotel and that included them coming the next day for my after shoot too. They wouldnt travel for less than that but if you go to their salon it is MUCH cheaper. I would highly recommend using them. They were very professional. Arrived 30 minutes early each day. And even though it was way too expensive, at the end of the day it was worth it. My hair looked awesome and my makeup stayed all night and was the look i wanted. Good luck ladies!!!
  5. Hey margin, my post finally went through on page 14 so just wanted to make sure u saw the email to the spa on there... Also, if you google dreams villamagna on YouTube you can see some of their photography from weddings. It also has videos does anyone who has been here have feedback on the safety? What about the drive from airport to resort? Does it feel safe??I am sad bc I had two guests cancel because they are nervous about going with all the drug issues. I obviously don't want my friends and family to be in any harm but I feel like this will be a safe area as long as people are smart. But I have also never been and any feedback would be greatly appreciated, should I be concerned?
  6. any recent feedback about franc or elle?? I need to book someone asap for my wedding in a few weeks! thanks!!
  7. Hey Thanks! im excited for you too!! i just sent you a reply, i didnt see your other one! it didnt post yet because they said they have to review it since im new so it will be up soon probably...You are so welcome and im happy to send you a pic of my makeup trial! i know exactly how you feel!! I am deciding between Gold number 1 and Gold 4, so 1 has the steak and chicken i think. i will for sure let you know about that too, although im a vegetarian so you will have to go by my husbands tastes! (we got married last year and are having our symbolic ceremony in Mexico)... But i am trying out both when i get there and i am going to have two separate menus printed and just use the one i like best after i test them out. Crazy, i know! but i want to try it before i serve it to people. Someone on here said the carrot cake was good. I wish there were more reviews on menu What appetizers are you using? "canapes"... i cant decide which ones to use and we cant taste test those so i am torn!!
  8. Hey Margin! Ok so i heard back! Yeah!! I was very pleased with Estephanias email and she seemed to be very positive about all my ideas! She didnt seem phased by any of my ideas and i feel more confident that she will be able to implement all my ideas in the way i had envisioned...yeah! so thats good news! She has been really busy with other weddings.... Also, she gave me the email of the spa lady, i think its better to contact the spa directly since they are the professionals in that area...maybe they can help us figure out the makeup/experience....Heres the email she gave me let me know if you hear anything back. im going to email them about my trial, exc...will let you know what they say! spa.drevm@dreamsresorts.com orspa1.drevm@dreamsresorts.com Also just an FYI, she sent me a list of my totals for things, on the prices there have been no discretions about the costs of things. That is reassuring to me, i was worried from another review, but my experience has been fine so far and i dont get the sense that they are just out to rip me off at all. I will let you know if there are any surprize costs they try to add when i get back, but i think they are pretty good about keeping their promises, and correcting any mistakes when one comes up...(when i first tried to book a long time ago and there was a little bit of a problem getting them to stick by their original room rates, but they ended up honoring their word. Since then, Their prices have stayed consistent and once when there was an error on a price of 3 people staying room, i told them and Eunice was great and quickly changed it and honored our contract). I will post an honest review when i get back. Reviews are so helpful i think in these circumstances when we cant go visit our venue! Also, im thinking about doing fireworks...has anyone on here tried them?? I think they might be fun but want to know if its worth the money? Also does anyone have a gazebo that they used and would recommend, I am going with #3 and was wondering if people were happy w that?
  9. NO! I wish... was so bummed about that, but honestly the answers are never thorough, so i wasnt surprized. It was really important for me to know that too and i asked a couple times about it and about the training that they have and this was the answer i got... "You can have it at the Spa, so you can feel comfortable we will give you a trial before you make the decision. And I think these way you can see if you want to have the service at the Spa or if you want to make it yourself. We don`t have a online profile so you can see the works of the girls Spa". Hope that helps answer your question... Sooo...i just made my own conclusion that they dont really get into makeup brands like we do here in the states because otherwise it would have been a simple answer. But i will be your guinea pig and get a trial and let you know how it goes and email you a picture. Who knows, maybe they are amazing and will totally surprize us. I understand your frustrations because i was just as worried about it too... Im getting so nervous! I leave in 3 weeks and sent out an email on saturday and a couple in between and still waiting to hear back. I know they work weekends so i dont understand. when i booked the resort they told me i would always hear back within 24 hours so I was ok with that. I just have SO much to do to get ready for the wedding i dont have time to wait 2-4 days for a response on the details. ughhhhh I guess im just used to immediate responses within the hour when working with people in the states.... my recommendation to you is dont wait until the end because its VERY STRESSFUL!!!!!!! Expect anywhere from 1-6 days for a response... I just hope its better when i get there. Also, how have they been with you on keeping their word on costs of things? ive heard that they try to rip people off at the end,...im getting nervous about that but im just gonna have faith that will all be ok because i realy cant stress over that too right now... i just sent an email out totalling up everything so i will let you know how that goes. Hopefully it will go smoothly and i will let you know what they say!! Are you renting a tent? I am going back and forth...our wedding is on the beach and reception cocktail on terrace...where is yours? Are there any other DVM brides out there that are going anytime soon?
  10. Thanks for posting this! It looks very empty! im having my wedding there and it looks like basically NO vegetation! ughhh the whole reason i wanted a destination is for the beautiful scenery, hopefully we can just focus on the beach! Thought there would be more flowers and palm trees, wished they would have invested in some landscaping and some umbrellas. Do they ever bring out umbrellas in case you want shade to eat lunch or anything?
  11. She just emailed me back! And answered all of my questions so happy!! So I think I'm gonna play it by ear with hair and makeup and get a trial when I get there! Wish me luck!
  12. Oh and I am going with the first package because my friend is giving us photos as a gift so we don't need that. I'm just adding the services I'm using. But if you are using a photographer I think the other packages are good
  13. Awesome! Mine is in a few weeks! I asked about hair and makeup last Thursday but am still waiting to hear back. Honestly I will probably not use them for makeup but I am also very picky with makeup and don't think they will have the brands I'm used to and that I like. I'm kind of a makeup snob I guess. If they ever answer my questions about it then I will set up a trial for hair and see how they do. I wish they would write back more quickly its so hard to plan when I don't hear back with in 24 hours! I just sent a long list of questions so well see how long it takes to hear back I'll let ya know! If I do use any of their salon services I can always email you some pics if I thought it was any good!
  14. oh great! Thanks!!! i asked that too but havent heard back yet so Im curious to hear if you find out!! Im glad Estephania has been good to work with for you. she seems really nice so I am hoping everything will work out and that i hear back from her soon! Is your wedding coming up?
  15. I am having our wedding in a few weeks in DVM. I am excited but also getting really nervous. Cynthia no longer works at Dreams and she was who I was working with a lot and she was so Helpful. Estephania is who I also have been working with but she takes too long to email back. Rodolfo is now taking Cynthias place and he seems very nice too but it makes me nervous that Cynthia isnt there anymore. Has anyone ever used the hair stylist or makeup artist at dreams? I am very picky with my makeup and very nervous about using their person without any referalls. Of course the hotel will tell me they are good but i would love a referal with some pics!
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