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  1. Thanks guys for the advice and words of encouragment. I love him so much and I know that this is probably a test that were facing. It was been hard financing the wedding primarily by myself and I think I just got so angry I just said forget it. I feel like he was trying but I htink that its off and hes facing what he could have lost hes trying even harder. So maybe the fire under him is making him realize how important stabilty is to me. He had an interview yesterday here in Atlanta and he said he think it went well. So im praying that he gets it!! I know that all relationships go through issues and finances is a big one and to answer your question I dont think it had anything with him not having a job at this exact moment it was the fact that I was scared to commit to unsecure longterm relationship. And during these two weeks Ive realized that I dont want another man!!! He loves me unconditonally and for me flaws and all. He has everything that I would ever need in a man other than being financially stable at the present time. When he was working he would give me his last and always just wanted to see me happy and this isse has brought a cloud over us and I just want everything to be back how it use to be. As far as the counseling goes im looking into it now and hopefully we learn a lot in it. Now my thoughts are on our canceled wedding day. Everything is paid for in Cancun nad our flights plus are parents flights are paid. What do I do? Do I see if he gets this job then we just go and get married, do I change the date, do I move it back in the states and just go down there for vaca? I really dont know... I just know that I want to be with him for the rest of my life I just hate that this happened to us right now. This was suppose to be the happiest time of our lives and now were faced with these difficult decisons. We told everybody it was cancelled so if we got married then people that we wanted to be there wouldnt be able to come because it would be too much to get things and money paid for them last minute. Its not their faults excuse misspelling on a 15 min break!!
  2. This has been a long few days for me because I recently cancelled my wedding. My fiance has had issues with finding a job. And recently he lied to me about paying his truck note. I honestly thought hard and this was the hardest decision I have made in my life thus far to cancel the wedding. I love him with all my heart and want to see him succeed and be financially stable like me, but his deck of cards has just been bad lately. I have so many emotions right now I'm angry, sad, and embarrassed that this has happened to me. I know finances shouldn't break a home or two people that love each other but its such a biggie to me to be stable. And honestly I was scared to marry him with having this issue. Other than that I don't we never had any big issues. I need some advice please help
  3. what link did you select to create your tag on vistaprint I cant seem to find it!! Thanks
  4. I saw these cute glass vases at the nail shop today that I can make centerpieces out of from the $1 store!! It had acrylic rocks filled half way with water and floating flowers!! So cute, simple, and inexpensive to make So we only booked our wedding for 5 days but we are going to add 2 more days for our honeymoon are you guys staying at the resort, another palace resort, or a different resort period? Any suggestions?? Preferrably adults only, beautiful beach, and in Cancun
  5. My wedding is at the Caribbean Terrace too I will look out for your post on the reviews for the upgraded lights!!!
  6. I was assigned one on last Friday. I guess my WC was tired of me asking her questions that she couldnt answer so she was like let me see if I can get you a hold of a WC in a couple days and it was done the next day. Valeria always emails me and answer my questions along with my Miami contact Michelle Farinas.
  7. Yeah mines are booked and I dont get married until September...I thought like you did I didnt want all the places that I really wanted to be booked. Your paying your money so make sure you get what you want...It will work out!!! Anytime I have a thought im emailing and calling my Miami WC or my MP WC LOL
  8. I saw dancing on the pictures that I saw, I think my guest will be doing more drinking than dancing at the cocktail hour though.
  9. Yes we are the reception will be there and the cocktail hour at the Caribbean Terrace because if I do it this way its only $6 a person vs $12. So I get the best of both worlds by doing them both!!! Im hoping to get the unlimited as well, but if not im not doing them lol Dinner at the restaurant will be the obvious choice its really expensive if you dont get the amount of rooms needed. And Im not trying to spend any extra money if that was the case I would have done traditional, you know what I mean!!
  10. Also like southernsweetie asked what is the upgraded lighting package? Southernsweetie I do have some pictures that they sent me but I dont know how to upload pictures on here ;( Advise me and I will post them lol
  11. Thanks for the info!! When are you getting married? So did she tell you how much the set up would be for the ipod tech? That would save us hundreds of dollars Are you letting Zuniga decorate or are you bringing your own decor?
  12. Thank you mochamakes3!!!! Do you think it will be hard to do the ipod set up? Do you know how much they charge to use their equipment? Are you going to have someone in charge of the ipod?
  13. OK so I just got an email from Valeria this is how my set up will be.... 1. Wedding at Toucan Gazebo 2. Cocktail hour at the Caribbean Terrace (set up fee $6 a person) I think I can swing this 3. Reception at Moon Grand by the pool I'm soo super excited!!! I'm bringing my own decor for the tables such as center pieces dried rose petals, tea lights...My aunt loves to arrange flowers as her hobby so this works out great for us. We have an outside photographer so now I just have to think about am I going to use DJ Mannia, MP DJ set up with the speakers, or just the simple ipod set up.....
  14. @mocamakes3 and diamond girl where are you guys having yall rehearsal dinner?
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