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  1. i think its a good place to cut costs wit no flowers on the gazebo, it reallyis great on its own. as for music at the rehearsal dinner one of the staff members hooked up his ipod for us and it was great! we got the steel drum for cocktail hour and sound illusion for the reception. they both were really good. i did orchid arrangements too..they were beautiful!! kerry actually sent me a list for the steel drum band, ask her for it or i can send you it too. also if you go onto itunes and just search steel drum music it will give you some ideas. as for photographer we went with sungold, and with an associate romeo. he was so good!! highly recommend. he even let us see shots as he was taking them. if you guys need anything else just holler!! and trust me everything is gonna go great..kerry is amazing!!!
  2. no none of those are mine..i really did not take a lot of photos! but my friends did so i have been waiting on getting those. what kind of theme are you thinking about? i went pretty simple..too be honest the place is so beautiful it does not need a lot to make it better. the gazebo is so romantic..kerry will even tell you that you dont need to put that much into it. i just did 2 floral sprays on the sides, and than some flowers on the ends of every other row of chairs. we used floral fantasy and their flowers were beautiful! and they lasted too..we had my bouquet and some the other ones in our villa all week after that. my favorite color is orange, so that was the main color of flowers, and my girls wore navy dresses. i will see how i can get you some photos..you can become my fb friend if you like.
  3. Jacki- you will not be disappointed for sure! take it all in and love it!! good luck with your planning!
  4. wow! i thought everyone was entitled to their opinion on here as well. and no i am not affiliated with mdc at all. i was just really that happy with everything they did for us. i did not mean to offend anyone with my post by any means. i was actually trying to make them feel better. and i guess this is the problem with emails, and message boards..you can never really understand the tone of what one is saying and things get taken out of context. i am not "fishy", thank you very much..just someone who had a right to post as long as the rest of you
  5. ladies, i have just returned from mdc. we were married last sat april 23rd. i have been reading these posts but not always posting. let me just say reading the last few weeks worth has gotten me upset. so let me please start easing some minds. there have been complaints on here about the price of the resort, the extras, the tent, etc. please remember that mdc is an small LUXURY hotel..it is not sandals. yes there are quite a few cheaper options out there that will include EVERYTHING...but they are also the same places filled a ton of people including children..and they put on five different weddings a day. there is no special treatment, im sure they dont even know your name there. at mdc you are treated like you are the only guests in the world! i can t even begin to tell you how beautiful the place is..but the best thing about mdc is the people!!!!! they are the most kind genuine and warmest people. the minute we stepped foot on the resort they knew who we were along with the other 50 guests we had there, they do not let you do anything!!! and the wedding..ahhh the wedding it was the most perfect thing i would ever have imagined. they did everything i wanted and more. no stress what so ever!!! Kerry is amazing, trust in her. she will get it all done. dont start panicing if she doesnt get back to you right away. she only needs a couple months to pull it together. remember she has other wedding before yours to take care of. she will give you all the attention you need once its closer to the date. she will not let you down. so remember why you choose a destination wedding to begin with..no stress!! as long as you book your photographer ahead of time..dont worry about everything else just yet. i will never be able to thank the staff of mdc enough for all they did for us. it was the most amazing vacation ever..we have already booked for our 5 year anniversary thats how much all our guests loved it. no one wanted to leave. so ladies relax and enjoy it all because when its over its over...Amy
  6. for some reason i can not open any of the pics? but i really appreciate you sending them! im gonna keep trying to open them. thanks
  7. Thank you so much for your review! I too am from Ny, reside in Chicago right now..we did not want all the hoopla as well. its crazy but most of what you descibed is what we picked as well. I too am doing starfish and shells, and i am also doing beachglass with the centerpieces as well. so glad to hear everything was you wanted, except for a few minor things. i still have 6 months to go and i can not wait. any pics you wanna send my way i wouold really appreciate it!! thanks again and CONGRATS!!!! awilk99@yahoo.com
  8. Thank you so much for all the info!!!! I too am going with Romy from sungold..now I feel even better about my decsion! So glad you had a wonderful wedding..Congrats!!!
  9. my concerns is that they say if they see its necessary..so if it calls for rain that day you have to get a tent, shell out 500 bucks and what if it never rains! and I dont know how they think you can just get a tent last minute or we have an extra 500 bucks to give out last minute. im getting very nervous since we are getting married in april...ugh
  10. oh and dont really expect to hear from kerry until its atleast a few months before, i think im annoying her asking questions so far in advance! i know we are all just eager ladies and want to get the planning done but they do alot of weddings and are used to putting them together with only a few months time.
  11. Kerry just emailed me back about it as well. she told me older bookings are not mandated to have it but if weather patterns tell them different they will advise accordingly, and than stick us with the tab basically. so everyone pray it doesnt rain! so i think in dec. you will be ok...we are planning on doing the rehearsal dinner there as well. they have not told me about paying for the chairs...so i dont know. i will let you know when i find out.
  12. well there are a total of 34 rooms available, 36 including you two. the price will vary depending on if you go off season or not. then there are villas and rooms. and they now do a european plan as well not just the inclusive. check out their website for pricing. we will be taking it over from april 20th til the 25th..cant wait!
  13. that is funny! we booked the resort from the 20th til the 24th..for our guests..than we will be staying til the 29th. hows your planning going? havent had that much contact with kerry yet..i know she has alot going on! how many people does the villas hold?
  14. rie2010, when in april? i will be getting married at the cliffs the weekend of april 23rd.
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