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  1. The tents were not from the resort itself but they work with a vendor...there's no outside vendor fee BTW-LoL-it seems they want charge for everything. The price was about 1200 for two tents...we had 7 tables so one wouldn't have worked. They were really nice, I'll def PM you.
  2. EVERYONE loved the resort...my sister-in-law bought a timeshare with the Royal..haha I have to say that the customer service was great and if I could turn back time I would still do it there. Let me also add that they are all about having a clean resort-they were always cleaning...late night they took carpets outside, cleaned the floors...we were amazed on how much cleaning they did. I just posted info on the menu choices-on the next page-if you have anymore questions let me know. I will definately PM you with pics...thanks, I would love to give everyone a "vision" of the wedding The million dollar question LOL-drumroll.....$12,000-that is with DJ & light up dance floor,fire dancers, cocktail hr, rehearsal at chapel & dinner after, of course the wedding reception which we also did the extended hour and the royal catholic package, ohh and the ouside vendor fee for the photographer.That doesn't include the photographer price or the flowers. If you'd like I can get u a more detailed break down. The rehearsal dinner was 30 people and the wedding was actually 50...I had posted 52 before-forgot 2 people didn't make it.
  3. U'r going to love the photographers...they're the type of people that you want to be friends with LOL and there pics are great. We had the rehearsal at the chapel and the dinner at the albatros b/c I loved the windows,so they set us up along them in a long table, now the food was good both nights but the choices for the rehearsal dinner were a bit better-we had beef fillet w/ pink pepper sauce and the jumbalaya rice w/ shrimp for the rehearsal dinner- we had 30 people for the dinner and they ALL raved about the appearance and the taste. For the wedding we had chicken casablanca (stuffed w/ seafood) and beef fillet w/ mushroom sauce. Again the beef w/ the pepper sauce was a bit better than the one w/ the mushroom sauce. In my opinion the seafood taste was a bit to overwhelming, so you really didn't taste the chicken. There are no choices for the cocktail hour-you get everything under the "hot and cold canapes" menu. Another bride offered to post pics...so I'll try PM'ing her with them and hopefully she can post them.
  4. Marvin's flowers were... nice, I can't say they were bad..BUT I know you read about my dilemma-the bouquet I used from the resort was full and perfect.I wish I knew how to post pics- you can tell by the pics the difference in bouquets-the fullness of the resort's and Marvin's. I guess it all depends on how important flowers are to you. If I could do it again, I would go w/ the resort. The prices for the bridesmaid bouquets range from 45-65 and my bouquet was 225-but he did take off like $40 b/c he couldn't get white peonies. My bouquet was all white...white carnations and large white orchids that surrounded the carnations.(Not as full as I would've wanted) My OOT bags & favors were a hit...again, I wish I could post pics-I'd fill up pages LOL I got drawstring bags which had a logo on the bottom right hand corner-I didn't personalize the outside b/c I wanted them to be used again... and put the usual in there w/ the oh shit kit, puzzle books extra drawstring bags inside for families-so each one could have their own bag, underwater cameras, key card holders, waterproof card holders, playing cards, aloe vera, zipp-fizz, tylenol, ring pops that said "don't be jealous of our bling you can also have a ring"....I can only take credit for putting everything together but ALL the ideas came from all the wonderful gals on this site! (I'm crafty but I wish I were that creative to come up with the ideas haha) My favor was a picture frame that I matted w/ an actual map of Cancun with the street names-which I printed off google maps-the frame was a chunky square...so it wasn't cheesy-I got them from IKEA for 3.99 each-gotta love IKEA And just printed out a mini note that said thank you for sharing our day and place a favorite Cancun memory in the frame-something along those lines, on card stock...people asked if I had extras LOL I did one per family.
  5. Hey guys, I had my wedding at the GCR 7/22/11this is just a tid bit for you wonderful ladies to get yet another idea of a GCR wedding-Royal Catholic wedding and the reception on the green carpet terrace and the cocktail hour, I had the rehearsal dinner as well. Had DJ doremix w/ the light up dance floor-fire dancers during dinner and tents over the tables which BTW looked great. For the flowers I used Marvin from maya floral and for photography- photos in cancun, and for make-up & hair the Royal which was included in the package. The rehearsal dinner was AMAZING they catered to you hand and foot and the food couldn't be any better. Everyone raved about the food. We chose the green terrace b/c we could do both the cocktail hour & reception there (52 people were at our wedding)-we used the tents which I was a little iffy about-but they really tied everything together nicely-plus having some shade was nice. The ceremony was at 4pm cocktail @ 5pm and reception @ 6. Food again was good...ohh I had the tres leches cake-delicious. Since it was hot & the problem with tres leches is that it melts I asked them to keep it in the kitchen till it was time to cut the cake. I actually chose a couture cake 4 layers- and the included cake in the package for the rehearsal dinner. Only thing bout the cake was I wanted it very simple all white box layers and black strip at the bottom of each layer and flowers at the top just b/c I didn't get around to getting a cake topper- I know I know how do u forget a cake topper...I was allover the place in the months leading to the wedding and it totally slipped my mind. But they put these fake flowers-that looked cheesy not only on the top but on the side as well. These are one of the things you just say oh well and move on. Can't say anything that hasn't already been said about the DJs they use-great!!! They're worth every penny. The fire dancers were great too-only thing was we had them during the beginning so it wasn't all that dark yet-One of the guys used some type of glow stick so it looked a lil funny haha-so of course his "part" would've been a lot better in the dark LOL The wedding day coordinator-Diana, beautiful, sweet and just don't have enough nice words for her. Andrea was the one I dealt with the whole year and she deserves just as much praise. She got back to me ASAP all the time. She stayed on top of everything.I was actually assigned to Flora at first but b/c of her reviews I didn't want to risk it so Andrea w/o a problem switched it. The cocktail hour was beyond amazing-there was a ton of choices for everyone-I didn't know that you don't choose the foods at the cocktail hour out of their "hot and cold canapes" they have it all! I had great communication with Marvin up until he dropped off the flowers-which my mom met with b/c I was doing hair & make-up. I asked over and over if he could get me white peonies and to make their bouquets full, I wouldn't have minded paying extra-his response- that's not a problem we get ours from Holland. And he knew that my colors were pastel pink and white. He told my mom THE DAY OF THE WEDDING AT DROP OFF TIME he couldn't get me white peonies so he had something else AND had purple peonies in my 2 of my bridesmaid bouquets..seriously...purple!!! That's not what I wanted...so needless to say I was pissed but had to move on. I did use the bouquet from the package for my maid of honor, and it was beautiful and full. I got my bouquet, 4 bridesmaid bouquets and rose petals for the chapel from him. He did lower the price b/c he couldn't get the peonies but in my opinion you just don't choose what he wants and not let me know about it. The make-up HORRIBLE-it was like caked on-she tried her best at fixing it but I was already late and was like whatever. My saving grace was my photographer's partner who is also his girlfriend, I knew she did make up but didn't want to pay more thinking "it's already in the package" She whipped out her mac brushes pouch, took out all her make up from sephora and some eyelashes and did a 360 on me...wish I would have payed for her in the beginning AND she touched me up when I needed it...couldn't have been anymore convenient-they didn't even charge me.The photographer was GREAT, the prices were unbelievable and he gave me ALL the pictures at the end of the night bout 3000 photos I just have to go through them and pick the ones I want edited.I've looked at them briefly and love his style. My nephew is actually getting married next year in NY and wants him as their photographer as well. If anyone has ANY questions please let me know I'll be happy to respond...I unfortunately don't know how to post pics here But I'll try
  6. Hi, I'm getting married @ the gran caribe but the same packages and rules apply, the wooden one is included and the acrylic light up dance floor, if I remember correctly is an extra 700-800, there are posts out there with the people that have used it and raved about how great it was, thats what we're going with:) If you google DJ Doremix, it will have actual videos of the floor at weddings so you can get the full picture
  7. Hi Chloeann, I'm actually getting married at the gran caribe but I loooove the idea of lounge furniture, you're so right, it creates a great look..so modern, I would love to rent some, depending on how the budget looks close to the end, I know I've read some packages can be pretty pricey. But with the size of your group you could get away with less pieces. I've also contacted Marvin, a week ago today and haven't heard back Keep me posted, maybe I'll write him again.
  8. Hi bride2b, Our wedding is the 22nd of July, almost one month after yours, so exciting yours is just 3 short months away!!!! I have a countdown app on my iphone...cheesy I know, fam makes fun of me b/c even though yesterday was 124 days to go I'll still look today to see 123 days left LOL So what r picks for food, centerpieces, and everything else. (I love to read about all the details :0) I hope Ivan's prices aren't too steep, I looked at del sol and it was like 2400 for like 4 hrs i think, a little too steep. Trying to save by bringing centerpieces, originally I was going to pick the box of roses that was tied with a bow but for 180 per table (6-7 tables total) would be a bit much to say the least. (We have about 65 guests)
  9. I'll be having the reception on the terrace with the green carpet. That's great that your DJ and photographer are taken care of...we're going with the resort DJ and most likely the light up dance floor, as for photography we're kinda slacking, I'm going to try and contact Ivan Lucky, I've heard really good things about his photography. We're doing the avocado salad for appetizer, I originally was going to have the beef fillet with mushroom and chicken stuffed with seafood but I think I'm changing the chicken, we asked the WC what it was stuffed with and it's salmon shrimp and something else...after I heard that it didn't sound that appealing,so most likely the jumbalaya rice with shrimp. Dessert-I'm thinking just plain cheesecake maybe-not to sure. I can send you a pic of the centerpiece, I'm doing lanterns with 3 different size candles in it, got them at ikea,(I love candles but had to think about the wind factor) showed friends the ccenterpiece and they couldn't believe it was all for less than $25. Two small white circular vases which I'll have to get orchids to put in them and a photo frame which will have my dog's pic with the table # (had to incorporate my lil girl somehow And river rocks surrounding the centerpiece. My colors are black white and light pink. I'm pretty sure that you don't pay the outside fee as long as they don't enter the resort so you can meet them-couple of brides did that.
  10. Hi Karen972 I'm actually getting married July 22nd-4 days before you, I'm also doing the chapel and the albatros terrace, I'll be bringing down my centerpieces and contacted Marvin for flowers so waiting for a response. We'll be arriving on the 18th.The ceremony will be at 4pm, we're lucky to have a close family friend who will be ordained in May so we'll be the first couple he marries. The cocktail hour will be after and the reception will be at 6pm.Have you decided on food,cake or centerpieces? Would love to hear your plans. As far as upgrading...not to sure, I'm working with a travel agent for my guests and I.
  11. For the BM 's-beach bag, robe (personalized),coach passport cover,victorias secret after tan lotion, sarong, possibly a pashmina scarf,underwater cameras, they like the wine and cheese thing so south moon under has a mini cutting board for cheese and a spread knife each with their first initial Jr BM-beach bag personalized & converse sneakers (she's 16) GM-Jet skiing for an hour in Mexico MOH-I know she'll get everything the BM's get but don't know what I'll be doing extra for her yet...I'll just keep stalking this site and get ideas :0)
  12. Congratulations!!!! Thank you sooooo much for the info I'm sure you put a lot of ladies at ease, especially me, I'll be getting married in July-chapel for the ceremony and albatros terrace as well for the reception. I hope you decide to put up pics, would love to see the details.
  13. Hey I had the same concern when I started planning, and after speaking with the coordinator I found it to be cheaper to go through a travel agent. The rate the hotel was giving was a little pricey, I did check out expedia and they were a little cheaper but they never stay at the same price, sometimes they're higher and you have to book it asap. The agent we used got us a great deal locked in the price for the hotel stay, we did have to put down a hefty sum to hold the rooms but we get it back as everyone starts to book. They do have to book their own flight. I also like the benefit that everyone can pay a bit at a time and they don't have to come up with it all at once.
  14. Hey everyone! Im getting married at the gran in July 2011 at the chapel. This is my first time posting, im not to computer literate so let see how this goes. Im still learning how to navigate, this website is GREAT! I was wondering if anyone had any info on the menus...i heard something bout being able to have 2 choices for the guests as long as there was a way for the staff to tell?? Im doing the cocktail hour and reception on the albatros terrace, b/c we can do both right next to eachother, well that's if i dont change my mind again hehe...i keep rethinking the green floor, Im also planning on having tents, anyone ever heard of it? Id like the chinese lanterns hanging from above.
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