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  1. http://www.cabomax.com/events-credits.html
  2. "http://www.cabomax.com/events-credits.html"
  3. http://www.cabomax.com/events-credits.html
  4. http://www.cabomax.com/events-credits.html
  5. "http://www.cabomax.com/events-credits.html"
  6. Cabomax is the best band in Los Cabos http://www.cabomax.com/events-credits.html
  7. Hello brides, I would like to offer our band Cabomax is the best local entertainment choice. Our repertoire includes soft dinner music, Rock & Roll, 70s, Motown, Billboards Hit Music, Beach, Latin Music, Merenge, Salsa, County, and much more, every type of hotel setting and off- site venue in the Los Cabos area be it a ballroom, a beach or a restaurant. Audio Visual Company as well http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cabomax/230412460319363 http://www.cabomax.com/
  8. Hi Everyone, Â Just to clear up things,first - the regular rate is $750 per hour.(2007-2008-2009-2010)- ( Cabo del Sol upcharged their comission) play list was not provide by the client. we recomend to review our song list and select the songs you prefer for your wedding . more details at www.cabomax.com we did't play longer because the Cabo del Sol Management didn't allow Us to keep playing (all events at Cabo del sol Golf course finishes at 10:00 because of the home owners association) Regadrs The Twins
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