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  1. I can send you a proposal please send me your email to alrls@hotmail.com
  2. If you can send me your e-mail so I can send you our proposal.
  3. Could you please be so kind to send me your e-mail address so I can send you some options that we have. We are a wholesaler in Punta Cana and can send you our brochure. My e-mail address is alrls@hotmail.com
  4. We offer this service. If you can saend me your request to alrls@hotmail.com so I can send you the fees and all the information required.
  5. If you want to get legally married on Dominican Republic you need to have this paperwork done and ready beforehand and bring them to your wedding coordinator. I will suggest you to send the information to your wedding coordinator after you received them by fax so she can make sure everything is fine. If you are having just a symbolic wedding no paperwork is required
  6. The closest supermarket is Pola but I am not sure if they have good champagne options.
  7. I can checked this weekend and send you a list of prices.
  8. I can send you some pictures with prices including Dominican Rum I live in Punta Cana and I can bring it to your resort, you can send me your e-mail so I can send the information to you. Ana
  9. We do have local florist what type of flowers you want. I work with some of them so I can send you pictures and a quote.
  10. We do not have La Sirena In Punta Cana. What type of liquor are you looking for?
  11. Hola Elizabeth  This is Ana again! I have seen El Tronco work and they are really good! what type of flowers are you trying to have?
  12. Hi Susana  I am really sorry it takes me so long I have had a crazy week at work.  I am from Argentina, I do not mind that you asked at all, at the begining after hearing all this stories I was really nervous as well.  As I lived here it was so much easy to notice the difference. As Elizabeth said it is not nice to Stereotype but usually is the employees of the entertainment team at the Resorts, or guys that approched you at the beach.  Again there are really nice guys and mine is a great one but you better have your eyes open.  We were together for 6 years! and got married on December it was a dream wedding. How did you met your men?  Good luck by the way my name is Ana
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