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  1. My wedding was last week, and we used HDC Photo for our photos, video, and TTD. They were awesome. Their photographers got great shots, were so easy to work with, and really made me, my guests, and my groom feel comfortable. Their service was nothing short of phenomenal. I was really happy with the finished product, and their turnaround time was amazing. My family loves the photos, and I absolutely love them, too. Some of the shots are so striking, that I just find myself looking at them over & over again.
  2. I also wanted to add that I would recommend you email your WC a few days before you go, just as a reminder that you are on your way and include the date you will arrive and request an appt to discuss your wedding plans and preferences.
  3. Hi All, I didn't post much when planning my wedding, but I wanted to share my experiences with you all since I am now back. My wedding was last week. 1st, the entire experience was magical. My guests had a great time and truly enjoyed their vacations. I think some would have preferred a resort with a bigger casino, dreams has one but it is very, very small. The kids club was great for families, there were lots of dining options, and the resort was small enough that you would run into each other from time to time, but large enough that sometimes you had to really hunt people down if you were looking for them. Everyone was able to do their own thing. The wedding ended up being great, but I will say that I really felt like things could have run much smoother with a different wedding coordinator. I had Gara and I felt like I really had to chase her down for a lot of things, including setting up a meeting to arrange things after I arrived and trying to obtain my luggage that contained the wedding decorations, etc after the wedding. Ultimately, 30 mins before our departure, my husband had to get the concierge to grab our bag from the wedding coordinators office. Some things just didn't get done, like including recognition of our wedding on the daily Dreams newsletter. The wedding and reception were absolutely beautiful, but these things were hassles that a bride just doesn't need on the days leading up to and the morning of her wedding. I used HDC photo for my pics & video and I can't say enough great things about them. I would recommend them to anyone. Oh, and re: reception music, I would say just go for the ipod speakers. They worked out great for us. Hope this helps. Happy wedding planning!
  4. Love those!!! You are making me re-think my centerpiece idea. That is just gorgeous. Congrats on the legal day- wow, your trip is right around the corner! How exciting!!
  5. Oh, wow, I just noticed- our weddings will be on the same day!
  6. *Subscribing* My wedding is next May and we don't have any guests booked yet, but ideally I would like to plan a group excursion for our guests (provided we actually get some ) A few weeks ago, I casually perused Trip Advisor for some of the excursion reviews.
  7. Hi Shelly, We arrive on the 25th, so you will be a Mrs. by the time I arrive. I'll send you a PM. This is so exciting.
  8. Thanks, ladies. I don't mind being a Monday bride at all. Thanks for the tips re: invites & STDs. I actually worked on my website and STD design today. I figure as a courtesy I should show them to my FH before I push the submit button to place my order, but I am so eager to have something done- that I don't really want to wait (trying very hard to be good, though.)
  9. Congrats! I'm a Monday bride, too- Monday, May 30, 2011- but I figure it still close to the weekend, for guests who don't want to take a lot of time off of work. Plus our date is on a holiday weekend- which creates another dilemma below. What to do next i.e. Save the Dates or Invites. We sent out an email with the dates, info on the resort, how to book, etc. My mom says skip the Save the Dates and get started on the formal invites, but I feel like this may be too early to send out the invites with a reply card (because they will get lost, people will procrastinate, etc). I was thinking maybe right after Christmas- so then maybe I should send out paper save the dates now. What to do???
  10. Thanks! we did get the date. So, we'll be arriving May 25th. Enjoy your wedding
  11. Their pics really are beautiful. I am considering them also.
  12. Thanks for the info. I am now almost officially a Dreams Punta Cana bride, my travel agent confirmed that they had an opening that day and I faxed my reservation form to her, so now I am just awaiting confirmation that Dreams has accepted it. Â I am way excited! Crossing my fingers that we'll be getting married May 30, 2011
  13. This is the dilemma I am currently facing, also. We had basically settled on Dreams Punta Cana, but we are having some difficulties getting a date that I think will work for our guests- so, I'm opening my mind back up to Cancun/Riviera Maya. However, now FI kinda has his heart set on the DR. I don't know what to do.. I'm scouring the DR forum looking for alternate sites, and waiting patiently on a date confirmation from my travel agent.
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