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  1. Another idea, just put the playlist on shuffle and see what comes up! If you have some must haves play them first then do the shuffle thing!
  2. We are doing the ipod thing too. Thanks for the app, I'm totally going to check it out. I've been trying to get our guests to email us songs and have even put requests on facebook for ideas....not so much yet but hopefully will get more. I think between this site and our friends, we'll come up with a pretty good playlist. As for the docking, our reception will be on a boat and they are equipped with a system for the ipod.
  3. Great thread thanks! We are two months out and I haven't started at all. we are doing the ipod wedding thing so I need ALL the help I can get!!!
  4. I am having 3 showers. One is being hosted by my MOH and one of my other BM's. The other 2 are being hosted by friends of my FMIL. For the shower being hosted by my BMs, I had already planned on giving them their BM gifts (beach bags with sunscreen, candle, necklace, personalized wine glass, flip flops, and shawl) as well as their dresses (all of which I purchased). I think for the two that are doing most of the hosting of the shower, I will get them something extra and put it their bag...I like the idea of the shower gel with note saying From my shower to yours or Hope your shower is as good as mine. My MOH's MIL is helping as well so I will probably get her a potted plant or flowers. Then for the other two showers, someone on here directed me to Willow Tree Angels. I think I will get each one of those and maybe a plant/flowers. My FMIL did say though that she would help with those gifts.
  5. Thank you for introducing me to these....my FMIL has friends who are hosting two different showers for me and I think these will be perfect!
  6. Hey ladies, Living Social has a deal for $50 of Vistaprint merchandise for only $10. Check it out http://livingsocial.com/deals/25954-10-for-50-of-office-supplies/social_share?ref=addthis-share5&amp%3Brui=22066853
  7. Love the signs and the shell strands! Too bad they are gone!
  8. I've thought about laying beach mats down the aisle so I can wear heels. I am getting married on the beach for the scenery not to be barefoot in the sand. Plus I am really short and love wearing heels. I like the idea though of wearing platform heels. I have to make a decision soon though as I am having my dress altered next month. Hmmmm decisions, decisions!
  9. Those bags are great! Love the logo on the outside! Also love the facebook! I think we will definitely have to do that!
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