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  1. Hello Ladies, I just got married at Iberostar Tucan, in Playacar Mexico which is in Playa del carmen Mexico. It's a gated area which mean you can leave the resort and be in its own community. its beautiful there. There are many wonderful resorts to pick from. I personally been to the Tucan 4 times and love it, but my husband and I did go to mexico to scout resorts. Tucan, is the connected to Quetzal they share the property. I sugguest you contact Gabriela at weddings.playacar@iberostar.com.mx May is a very busy month for wedding so please give her a few days to respond. Trust me she take care of everything for you and her team is wonderful. When i first contacted her it almost took a week but when i told her we were coming to visit she made sure everything was set for us to see halso we went there for someone else's wedding she made sure our room was setup with fruits a mattress pad on our bed. Most of the beds are hard but you can always request for a mattress pad. This resort is a 5 mins walk to a plaza that has starbucks and little shopping needs... as well a 5-10 $7 cab ride to playa del carmen which is were the majore shopping clubs and places to eat are... Well, Good luck ladies...Please remember , its your wedding and yout cant make everyone happy. You and your furture hubby should be all that matter on this day and your guest will realize this. please feel free to ask me any questions. GOOD LUCK!!
  2. Hello mandm2011 I jsut got married at Iberostar Tucan, Great location children friendly and the beach is great for a wedding. we had 45 guest. I am not a picky eater so the food was good to me. but i tell everyone resrot food is resort food... you dont go to mexico for food unless you want to eat what they have locally. Garbiela is the WC name and she is great... You should check them out. This iberostar is two resort which shar one pool so its big but much smaller than the other Iberostar and Riu... If you have any question please ask, there is so many great things i can tell you about this resort. Customer services is fantastic. its also located In playacar which is in the gated area like the RIU.. we scouting many resorts even the Riu Palace and we did not like the beach location for the wedding it was right in the middle of everything on the beach so you see people everywhere. I hope this helped GOOD LUCK!!
  3. Hello Kali628, I just got married at Iberostar Tucan. Love it there. I enjoyed the food but some of my guest did not. they said it was same all the time. but I have been to many resorts and normally that is the case.. As a bride i know trying to make everyone happy is hard, so in the end you must be happy. I would recommend contacting Gabriela at Iberostar Tucan. The price is great and the staff is amazing. Prior to getting married my husband and i did some scouting. We visited the Royal(which is the sister hotel of Gran Porto Real )and it was a beautiful resort but its adults only and the WC wasnt as nice as Gabriela. Their beach at the roayl isnt as nice as Iberostar tucan but I did hear their food is great (my friend stayed in that resort for vacation) Tucan does have ocean front suites they are slightly larger than the regular rooms, They have the presidential suites which are amazing and very clean. The beds are hard but you can request for a pillow top to be placed on your bed. Good Luck!
  4. Recently Married at Iberostar Tucan in Playa car. We hired Lu Luna to do our wedding pictures... We can't wait to see them.. from what Jonathan showed us, they looked amazing. Him and Melissa were great and super friendly. I contacted them via email and they responded quickly each and every time. All of our questions got answered. Great people to do business with. I have already recommended them to two other getting married in the area.
  5. This is a review of:

    La Luna Photography

    Pictures last forever

    Pros: Style, characters, professional, great people to work with.
    Photographs was the one item which we spent the most on. Pictures last forever and capture your moment the way you want to remember it. Every penny spent was worth it. We still had a budget because my husband and I paid for our wedding. I wish we had more money to tip them because they really help make our wedding memorable.  La Luna Photography has amazing people working for them. Melissa is very responsive when emailing and always got back to me quickly answering all my questions.  Jonathan
  6. This is a review of:

    Iberostar Tucan


    Pros: Gabriela WC- Staff at the resort- Beach
    Cons: Food is okay
    Iberostart Tucan, is an amazing resort with fantasic people who work there.   I only wrote food as a con because for me it was good, but i am not a picky eater. For some of the other guest they were not to happy about it. But I didnt go to mexico for the food, i want for the perfect wedding and that is what i got.   Gabriela and her team are the best. When i first emailed her I would get a response but with in the week. Now i know it was because she was so busy. When it came closer t
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