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  1. Hi guys - sounds like everyone is rocking and rolling now! I am getting married on Nov 24th at AB and am doing the mad dash to get it all sorted. Couple of Answers to recent Q;s: - AB does offer white table cloths as standard - They have informed me that they do round table on the beach with max of 8 people - They do not allow outside florists, thatis one of the vendors where they are psycho strict - From all my research I recommend paying for an outside vendor for music such as DJ Doremixx or Mania, they seem to have it all down and get great reviews - I am using Claudi Rodriguez for photos and her husband for video, researched them as well and am excited to have that dynamic duo - so far they have been great to deal with and very personable. - My Wedding Planner is Elizabeth Riff from Karisma and I think she is a rock star!!! - Food is outrageously expensive if you try to mix and match - especially if you want anything off the Asian menu (stay away!!!) Questions I would truly appreciate your help on!!!: - Has anyone used the under table lights? Lomas charges $50/table and I can't seem to find cheaper online? - If I have 12 tables of 8, how may chinese lanterns do I need, which LED lights do you recommend and how many sets of X-mas lights, how many feet? - Has anyone done the paper bag lighting on the beach? If so, have you tried battery operated lights vs candles? Does it matter? Thanks in advance and have a great week-end! Marianne
  2. Wow Melissa! Your video is amazing and truly brings out the emotion in the event. Makes me realy excited for our turn in November! Congrats! Marianne
  3. Talk about girl power! By reading through these posts and sticking together, we pushed Karisma to let go of their ridiculous ban on DJs and Photographers. The $800/vendor fee is egregious but at least we can hire who we want. As for paying a few hubdred dollars more to get a great DJ and an amzing photographer - I say it is definitely worth it, it's something you'll have forever for you and to show the kids The only way for the fees to be lowered is if people stop booking Karisma - which will happen if the weddings aren't up to snuff. Hopefully all of our weddings will be as incredible as the brides who are helping us get through this. You guys ROCK!!! Hugs, M
  4. BigBogonthebeach - beyond being gorgeous, you are simply glowing and your Dad looks so young! Thanks for your words of assurance and I am trying my hardest to get the DJ info - we have even negotiated an amazing Rate at both the Barcelo & the Iberostar, where we can have Doremixx and whatever photographer we want on the side, in case Lomas doesn't come through. It would be a shame to move...so keep your fingers crossed! Wishing everyone a happy hump day M
  5. Hey there! Congrats on your wedding! How was DJ Julian in the end? Would you recommend him? Tx Marianne
  6. 911 Calling all AB Brides! DJ Situation...Has anyone used DJs other than Doremixx & Mania and were happy with them. If so, please respond here as there are many of us who are SOL and need our sisters to come through...Thanks, the yet to be's - just posted this in the Sensatori thread as well, thinking the wider I cast this net the better
  7. 911 Calling all Karisma Brides! DJ Situation...Has anyone used DJs other than Doremixx & Mania and were happy with them. If so, please respond here as there are many of us who are SOL and need our sisters to come through...Thanks, the yet to be's
  8. Happy to chat with you Maritza and will repond to your PM - looking forward to connecting! I am still limping along on the DJ front though which I will post separately here... Hoping for a miracle!
  9. Hey there - would youi mind adding me? MandM 2011 - Nov 24, 2011 (Azul Beach) Thanks!!!
  10. Excellent! I will start with my Q's on this thread so other brides to be can enjoy...but may PM you later with other things so thanks so much for the offer I went to PDC in April and did a bunch of site visits with my fiance from Puerto Morelos all the way down to Tulum. If money was no object we would have loved Hotel Esencia but the prices are INSANE but the beach was stunning. We liked Ceiba Del Mar but the food was terrible and the sea grass in the water and on the beach was bothersome, plus walking the beach beside the hotel proved very fruitful as there as garbage all around and looked like it had been there for a while which brought us to Azul Beach which has such a gorgeous beach (although small), the food was awesome and they just had their act together - plus the price for our guests was right...we wanted to take on the big expense and try to limit costs for our guests since they are coming from around the world and vary in incomes. So far 39 rooms (68 adults and 18 kids) have put a deposit down which they can cancel for a small fee until end of August - WAY more than we were expecting but some may cancel. We plan on having a beach ceremony with the reception at the Blue Terrace but now they are suggesting one of the new ballrooms. Q's for you (sorry but so few AB Brides vs AS on the site so I feel like I hit the jackpot : - Was the construction bothersome and when do you think it will be over and done with? - Did most of your guests stay in teh Deluxe suites on the old side and were the rooms OK? - How many guests did you have, where did you have it and would you do the same all over? - Did you do a close to sunset wedding and was it really windy (to veil or not to veil ? - Who was your DJ and were they good (they no longer allow Mania or Doremixx)? - Who was your photographer and were they good? I also heard that Paul from Playa Weddings was a great videographer, maybe cheaper than Cancun Video... - What did you do for the meal at the reception and was it good? - Anything you would warn us to avoid or push to ensure we include/do? Thanks so much and congrats again on a gorgeous wedding! Marianne Quote: Originally Posted by melfaybik Thank you so much!! Have you been to AB before? Have many people are you expecting? Where are you having your reception? I would love to help you out...Let me know what questions you have!
  11. OMG - the Maracas are awesome! Do you mind if I copy them? Brilliant idea. Mel, I am having my wedding at AB as well and would love to connect to get some tips and tricks if that's alright. MB
  12. Congrats Mel - you look STUNNING and so happy We are so excited for our big day - dunno if we can wait 5 months Although we go to Montreal for our legal/religious wedding in 5 weeks - yeehah!
  13. Sherylle - your video is awesome! Captured the emotion and the great time had by all, especially the young MJ dancing up the floor! How was your DJ? Would you recommend them?
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