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  1. Hi Kary, My wedding is not until July 2nd at Riu Palace so I can give you an awesome..hopefully...review when I get back as we are doing a private reception dinner on the beach for 40 people and will most likely be doing the private open bar as it really isnt that much more. Here are the brochures I received, it may help...the pricing for open bar is on the extra's sheet. We chose the Palace, I didn't really even look at the Sante Fe so I can't give you any assistance there...sorry! Kristin PRICES FOR EXTRAS 2011.doc private events Menu2010.pdf
  2. I am totally with you on the big "where do I start" question! The first thing I did after booking and confirming the wedding/resort was look into Photograghers and have booked that. We are using Juan Carlos Tapia, he is so nice and for what we want very reasonable and his pic's look georgous! Now I am completeing the wedding "Wedding Checklist" that Kaiulani sent me which is really good because it helps make some decisions on the wedding day but it is all overwhelming!
  3. I am also having issues getting a hold of Kaiulani and finally sent an email begging for someone to reply to my messages and she did finally reply. Seems she is overloaded at the moment and it is taking up to a week to reply to messages and she is probably replying to those whose wedding is closer first. , fi
  4. Sorry Lolita, work got crazy and I haven't been on here forever! I am doing the private reception and picking at least 2 dishes for the guests to choose from...probably beef or chicken. I need to see how flexible they are on that and on the menu's as some sounds AMAZING but others not so much! Â
  5. What an AWESOME idea!!! If you don't mind I think I will copy your idea, I have never really been to an all-inclusive so didn't realize. Thanks! Â
  6. Hello ladies, another Riu Palace bride is here! I am also grateful for this thread, we just booked our date, July 2, and need to book our rooms to get the final confirmation.
  7. Thanks for the detailed review! We are getting married July 2nd, 2011, I booked our ceremony for 6pm and am now very happy I did that! Â Can I ask about the party in the lobby bar? I was sad to hear 11pm was curfew for the reception as most weddings we all party until about 1am! How did the lobby bar work, was it planned or you all just went there? Did you have to pay more? Â Thanks, Kristin
  8. I just love this site, it's soooo nice to meet other Cabo brides! Â Have you ladies booked a photographer yet? Â
  9. Wow all georgous dresses ladies! I am trying to decide between two dresses, Â Â Â I would make the demetrios a strapless! Â Â Â pronovias.pdf demetrios.pdf
  10. Hello fellow brides, Â My name is Kristin and we have just booked our wedding at the Riu Palace for next July and cannot wait! I was wondering if any other brides did their private reception on the Baja Norte or beach location, how did it go? Also did you pay for the bartender service or was there a free bar close enough? Â Any help on planning with Riu Palace would be greatly appreciated!
  11. Thanks so much for the info! I ended up booking Riu as the Dreams WC would never answer my emails, hopefully it will be amazing!
  12. Hi all, Â My name is Kristin and we are planning for the first week of July 2011 and still deciding on either Dreams Los Cabos or Riu Palace Los Cabos? Can I ask some opinions of Brides who have gotten married at either place? I hear nothing but amazing reviews on Dreams but cannot find much on Riu...help! Â Thanks! Kristin
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