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  1. Hey Diva, what difd you use for centerpieces? did you bring it from the US or use their flowers? im still debating!
  2. Diva, im so glad you loved it! i honestly feel so relieved that you thought it was great.. im still two months away but im SOOOOO excited! congratulations! also, any reviews on the photography and DJ? thanks!!!
  3. congrats!!! i bet you're super excited!!! cant wait to hear your review... im still 3 months away June 4th!! i look forward to any info you can provide us!
  4. *Le Sigh... Why does Excellence have to be one of the more expensive resorts? im feeling soooo guilty about having my wedding there because everytime i look at booking prices online.. they go up and up and up.. i could imagine my guest cringing at the price in comparison to the prices of the other resorts...there are already some guest not going... some staying at another hotel.. both are completely understandable.. except i invited only the CLOSEST people to us and i honestly expected all of them to go. Im not mad or being a brat.. im just sad some of my guest arent going...this place better be worth it! .. im exactly 4 months away today. On a side note/question.. any idea if any photography vendor (including the ones ive chosen, photosouvenir) have any experience or provide live streaming online for weddings? prices? experience? I have some nieces and nephews as well as the guests that wont be able to go that i'd love to provide live stream to during the ceremony. Thanks ladies..
  5. Atrott, not sure if its my computer acting loco but i dont see a response, it says you quoted me but i cant see anything you wrote!
  6. Atrott, i dont think i ever thanked you for the pictures?! so sorry about that! Your pictures are soOoOo lovely! congratulations! I was wondering if you or ANYONE.. had any recommendations about tipping the vendors? Is it expected to tip how we would here in the states? 15-20% in gratuity? I'm planning on tipping the WC, DJ, Photographers.. but should i also tip the officiant? I dont want to under tip i just have no idea what the ettiquette is for tipping overseas!.. thanks!
  7. Atrott, where are you! =o( im desperately waiting for your review!!!! ahhh!!
  8. Hey Diva, I've actually stopped looking at trip advisor, my invitations are done and should be here any day, so there is no turning back now! I would express concerns with your WC. tell her you've been reading some not so good reviews from trip advisor and that you're concerned. Im not sure what more they can do, but maybe they might be extra courteous when you arrive there. I was hoping to have a bachelorette party there as a spa day the day before the wedding, i havent asked about packages or prices yet. I hear the spa is ok, some seem to think its not worth the money. good luck!
  9. this might be kind of late, but im actually doing goody bags with all types of dominican candy (we make tons!) That way everyone can share it with co workers and friends and family back home. I'll be purchasing the candies there but i'll be taking the baggies with me from here.
  10. anyone know the etiquette for tipping vendors in punta cana? i.e photographers, officiant, coordinator? Is it the same as in the US, 15-20% of total? is it less? more? thanks!
  11. LOL March will be here before you know it! im excited but nervous i want everything to be perfect!
  12. Aumuller- thanks for that info. Im wondering, if im getting legally married there does pastor york do the ceremony and then the judge comes at the end to sign the paper? does the judge say anything before the signing of the papers?
  13. mdb, thank you so much! I emailed pastor york yesterday and he just responded this morning. You're right the price is $300.. significantly less than an officiant here in NY ( i was going to get married here and decided to go to dr instead) I think im going to go with him, i dont want to have a 5 minute ceremony.. more along the lines of 20-25 minutes which is what pastor york is offering. My side of the family is pretty religious so i would like to incorporate that so my mom doesnt chew my ear off lol and its pretty important to me as well... so pastor york is it! Thanks for the info on the decor.. im sure when i get there 3 days before i will have plenty of time to figure things out im just such a worry wart. i want to control every little aspect.. the DF has to constantly tell me.. RELAXX its supposed to be less stressful.. lol yeah right! atrott- thank you i will definitely ask the WC for the buffett menu. Your wedding is in DEC? *squeal! congrats! im still 7 months out and i get nervous just thinking about it.
  14. HI everyone im scheduled to get married June 4th, 2011 at excellence. I've been wondering why alot of punta cana brides are having pastor york preform their ceremonies. The judge doesnt do anything besides the signing of the paper?
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