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  1. We used the resort DJ and we loved their service. We went with the "full" DJ, which included the DJ, a MC, and lights for the dance area. If you want people to dance, I highly recommend the full DJ service. The MC was really fun and got everyone energized and on the dance floor. He did a great job of making sure all the things we wanted to happen did so on schedule. The evening really flies by so it was great to have him taking care of what needed to happen and when. Nothing was overlooked, he played all the songs we wanted him to, and they even surprised us with a bubble machine blowing bubbles on our dance floor. I have absolutely no complaints about the resort DJ.
  2. We were married at Secrets last month and overall we were very laid back about the choices so we did not even think about sampling the food before hand. But we were very pleased with the meal, and our guests raved about it. Overall the resort food is amazing, so we were not concerned and just made our selections based on what we felt most people would enjoy. We did not choose to upgrade our cake, but Cecilia surprised us by giving us beautiful square two tier cake and added flowers that matched our centerpieces all without our asking. It was much nicer than the small round one we were expecting. We went with tres leche, and it was TASTY! We used the resort DJ and MC, and they were great! We traded out the value of some of the package options that we were not using (hair & makeup, resort photographer) toward the DJ costs so we did not end up paying anything extra for the DJ. We went with the "full service" DJ, so that included the DJ, the MC, and lights for the dance area. I highly recommend this option if you want to have dancing at your reception. The MC was great, he really got all our guests out on the dance floor and having an amazing time. They also had a bubble machine blowing bubbles on the dance floor which was a really cute surprise. We only had 16 guests, but it felt like a big party because of the lights and DJ. The DJ also came to our meeting with Cecilia so he was aware of all our wishes and plans for the ceremony & reception. We also choose to use the sound system for our ceremony so he was at our reception to run the music for our ceremony. He did a flawless job. We did have the bonfire with bar & canapes the night before our wedding, it was a great night. Everyone went to dinner before hand so it was nice to have little treats available as a light snack. But I am not really sure people ate very much of them. The smores are not really smores, more like little cookie sandwiches. Delicious, but not like smores at all. They do a great job of creating a nice area for your group on the beach, they surround the area with huge white flags and pull up beach chairs in a circle around the fire. They set up a full bar on the beach and have some tall tables were they had the snacks.
  3. Hi maroma brides! We just returned from our amazing wedding at secrets. I'll do a full review soon, but I just wanted to say we had a perfect wedding at secrets. Cecilia was excellent and pulled off the day exactly as we imagined. We had a beach wedding, beach cocktail hour, and the reception at the "pool terrace". I would not have changed a thing! The only call out I have about the resort is that the Mosquitos were fierce! Bring lots of bug spray and itch cream for you and your guests. We included them in our welcome bags and our guests were so grateful.
  4. Linda- I am not suer about the shells, I really want to take some as well. They are the only thing on my list that make me nervous.
  5. Linda- We flew into Cancun in 2009 to stay for a week at Secrets, and we took an entire case of wine with us as checked luggage. It was very clear what was in the box as we had several people who worked at the Cancun airport ask us what we were celebrating with all the booze. Unless things have changed since then you should be able to take your water as checked luggage if you really wanted to. And from what I can tell most of the brides do take sand for their sand ceremony as well. I know on the Secrets shipping page they encourage bringing the items as luggage instead of shipping, this is probably because of the issues you are experiencing. We are planning on taking everything with us as a separate checked bag.
  6. While I did not have the romantic dinner myself, I did see people having the dinner and it looks VERY romantic. A small table with a white tablecloth on the beach, candles, the crashing waves in the background, personal service. I was a little jealous, it looked very VIP. The food at the resort is really pretty good everywhere you go, so I would not consider the food the cost of the meal, its really about the experience. I have also heard that having dinner in the wine cellar is also very romantic, and indoors, it can be pretty windy on the beach at night depending on when you go.
  7. beautiful pic!! I have a question about photography and timing: how did your schedule go? Did you take pics during cocktail hour? Was that enough time? We are trying to nail down the schedule for the photographer right now. Thanks!
  8. Sarah2wed My wedding is in August, not sure what if much we are taking down there, but any decorations that we do take we are most likely not bringing back, and I am happy to share.
  9. That is so stressful Linda! Hopefully some past brides have some advise to share. I have not heard of that happening before. I'm getting married in August, and I am looking forward to seeing how you handle this situation.
  10. Hello Secrets Maroma Brides! Our wedding at Secrets is tentatively scheduled for August 6, 2011. We are filling out the questionnaire this weekend and hopefully will be confirmed and have our date locked down next week. Anyone else marrying summer 2011?
  11. This is a review of:

    Gonzalo Nunez Photography

    Captured our day perfectly

    Pros: professional, great value, very responsive, all around fun guy
    Cons: none
    We booked Gonzalo for our destination wedding based on his blog and website, and while initially we were nervous booking a photographer without meeting them in person first, Gonzalo's professional yet fun demeanor put us at ease and we never second guessed our decision to choose him.    We received our pictures today, and I must say that Gonzalo is a miracle worker. My husband and I are quiet possibly the least photogenic couple ever to grace the sands of the Riviera Maya and somehow Gonza
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