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  1. Hi. Congratulations. I had the vacation dollars applied to my wedding package on my wedding contract. Before they would apply the vacation dollars, they have to confirm that you had paid for your hotel stay.
  2. Is anyone wedding plans being affected by the current ongoing violence in Cancun? I myself am not too worry about it and do not want to focus on that when planning my wedding. I have one of my bridesmaid call me up and telling me that she might not want to go to my wedding for that reason and will let me know her plans in two months. I'm sorry but I got upset and told her that I don't want to hear it and if she is too scared to go then don't go but I can't wait on her because I would have to find a replacent bridesmaid. I know everyone's concern regarding the situation in Cancun but it is really dampening this wedding planning thing. Is anyone else going through the same situation where family/guests/wedding parties are bringing negativity to your wedding? My wedding is scheduled for March 25, 2011 at Moon Palace and I definitely don't want to change it because the fear of "What If". Sorry, I just needed to vent
  3. Hi, Â My wedding date is March 25, 2011 at MP
  4. I will be wearing Alfred Angelo style 810
  5. Hello Brides to Be, I am also getting married at the Moon Palace. I requested March 26, 2011 but it have not yet been confirmed. Happy planning everyone