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  1. Hello I would love to see what you got from innovart!! alissadams@hotmai.com
  2. Ladies I got these location images from Claribel she also sent me a link to a decor company they use www.innovart.com.do. Also wanted to mention: We have booked for May 2012 with our Final Payment for the trip due March 2012.....I just recived an email from my TA letting me know that the resort made a change in the contract that the Final Payment is now due Dec 2012.....I am very upset with this change and am trying to fight to get it put back to March as this change will affect who will be able to come to our wedding because the new date is too close to Christmas
  3. Thanks Katusha!! Who is HDC? I am trying to decide if I wanna use the resorts, bring my own or hire a photog down their!!
  4. Who is HDC? Sorry I have tried to go back in the posts to see if I could figure it out but didn't seem to find anything!! Thanks
  5. Thanks for the info JB! I am a bit worried about my vision coming to life when I dont have a visual, so ladies all the pic posts help! I was reading about the fire pits, has anyone heard back from the WC to see if they allow/provide them?
  6. Hello NOW Larimar Brides!! My name is Alissa and we are officially booked at Now Larimar on May 9th 2012!! We are so excited, we have an estimated 40-50 family and friends joining us!! Wanted to know if anyone has pictures from the on-site photographer and ceremony locations?
  7. Hello I was wondering if someone could send me wedding pkgs and images of the different locations for a dinner reception!! Thanks We are looking to get married April 2012, any other brides booked then?? My email is alissadams@hotmail.com Thanks again!
  8. Hey we are also arriving Nov 26/10 for my friends wedding Dec 1st! We have a group of 60 people joing us! We are all getting pretty pumped.
  9. Looking for any information about this resort and to see pictures of weeding their!! Thanks for your time!!