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  1. Hi Karen, Can you send them to me also? Thank you so much. surfnvolley3@yahoo.com
  2. I love your second dress more than the first but the back on the first one is stunning. Either way you will look beautiful.
  3. Thanks Crystal! I think we are going to do the same thing. How much was the welcome bonfire? We are going to do that but I haven't received a quote yet from Rebeca. Did you get any rates on a buffet dinner instead of a sit down? I read on here somewhere that it was more expensive which is strange because I think they would use less staff etc. for a buffet.
  4. Are you having a sit down dinner? Can I ask what they charged you for the reception per person?
  5. Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone is choosing the package that comes free with 7 nights stay and choosing the rest ala carte? I originally booked the ultimate package but since I am going to have over 20 guests and they charge more per guest for food over 20, it doesn't seem to save much money using the package. We are using our own photographer so we don't want the resorts or the mariachi band or the spa extras. We may just take over a restaurant instead of a sit down dinner but I do want a cocktail party and dancing. Did anyone just pay for a cocktail service? I was going to ask Rebeca how much they charge for just a cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres service.
  6. Hi everyone, I just booked for June 18th at Dreams PV. So excited. Looking into photographer and like Eva Sica's work. I did get rates for rooms from a TA and the resort itself but not for airfare packages. Happy planning!
  7. Hi Crystal! Not very far in my planning. Getting ready to design the STD's this month and send them out. My future sister in law had a destination wedding (Moon Palace) and has been a great help in answering questions. etc. I'm going to block the rooms thru a travel agent soon. Did you get a good deal on the rooms? Where are you in your planning?
  8. Thank you Phoenix friend! What area of Phoenix are you at? We are at the base of South Mountain. The pics are great.
  9. Hello everyone, I just booked my wedding for June 18th and Rebeca just told me the terrace was not available. Has anyone had their reception on the beach? We are having the ceremony at the gazebo. I'm concerned about renting a floor etc. It seems no one on here has had a beach reception. The bonfire idea is great. We may do that Friday nite. So excited and nice to meet everyone and share ideas. I have read a bunch of threads and this website is awesome. We are now getting ready to do our STD's and search for photographer. I was going to hire Fur "the rockstar photographer" but his prices are too expensive for us. Please let me know if anyone has had a beach reception. Thanks!! Aimee (and Jason)
  10. omg KarenM! Your review was awesome thank you so much. PV is my first choice and you really answered some of my questions. Your wedding looked beautiful! Thank you..thank you.
  11. Thank you everyone for the info. I'm waiting to hear back from the resorts but it appears that the wc's are very busy and won't return emails? After reading a bunch of posts it looks like I will have to call them. Has anyone had problems securing their wedding date? I know mine is 11 months away but June is very popular.
  12. Hi everyone, My name is Aimee and I am trying to decide between 2 dreams resorts...they both look great. Wedding date is June 18th..too far away! I will enjoy reading about either destination and can't wait.
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