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  1. Hi ladies, I wanted to see if anyone else has been able to find an luau-like entertainment services on Maui. Merkabah Fire Prod. looks awesome, but we were looking for something more Hawaiian. Any other suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Hi SydneyFitz...I'm so curious as to how your hair trial with Karine went?
  3. I'm also seriously considering using Karine. Has anyone on her used her?
  4. I checked out the Hyatt too and it looks amazing but...a bit out of our budget. Do you, or anyone else know of any other nice play to stay for our Honeymoon? We're open to hotels, cottages, or condos as long as it's set at a decent price....less than $250/night...and is a nice place. Thanks!
  5. Hi Ladies! Could anyone recommend an entertainment company on Maui that would provide live music, hula dancers and fire knife dancers for our reception? We thought it would be nice to have a private show for us and our guests. Thanks, Sharon
  6. Congratulations Jackpot82! Â Memorial Day weekend sounds like a great time to go! I'm so relieved. How long before your trip did you make your travel accomodations? We're now trying to figure out when would be a good time to get the best deal for buying our flight tickets and book our hotel...and we'd like to recommend it to our guests as well!
  7. That makes me feel sooo much better! Thank you! =)
  8. HI ladies...just wondering what your wedding day timelines look like. Our coordinator is recommending a ceremony at 5:30 since the sun sets around 7:00, but my fiance and I just feel like that doesn't leave us much time since music has to end at 9:30pm. We will be having a cocktail hour, live entertainment for half an hour through dinner, first dance, father/daughter, mother/son dances, toasts, and cake cutting. We probably will have to have our ceremony at 4:30??? Would any of you care to share your wedding day timelines, or can help me please figure out mine? Thanks!
  9. Because of other important dates around that time, it looks like our wedding date will have to fall on either the Thursday before or after Memorial Day weekend. Have any of you ladies been to West Maui around that time? Do you think the prices for flight and hotel would be higher, and the island would be much busier/crowded? We plan on getting married and staying on Ka'anapali Beach. Any advice?
  10. Thanks fallfromgrace! We're shooting for May 20, 2011. We had originally planned to get married at home here in San Diego but the costs kept racking up so we just decided destination wedding it is! This feels more like us anyways and are really happy about this decision. But since we're within our 1 year mark already, I've been desperately trying to find a venue asap so we can give an official date to our friends and family.
  11. Thanks for the insight ladies!!! We're really considering either of these two now. Our original choice is still on hold for a possible booking with someone else, so we wanted to make sure we had a good back up. All of our friends and family are really anxious to know the plans so we're trying to get this part figured out asap. Thanks again!
  12. Any thoughts on Ka'anapali Beach Hotel or Royal Lahaina Resort as venues? I've never been to Maui, so it would be great to get some feedback on either of these locations if any of you have been there. Thanks!
  13. I saw the Lahaina Estate where you had your wedding and it looks beautiful! But I think it's too small for us if you were able to fit 30 comfortably. We plan on staying in West Maui, and I think our guests will likely stay in that area too....so we were hoping to be able to find a ceremony and reception location in West Maui as well. That way people won't have to drive an hour to the South Side. However, I have seen several gorgeous one's in South Maui, so we may have to rethink this if we can't find anything in West Maui. There was one other estate I saw called Kalaeokai'a Estate in West Maui
  14. It's me again... Still trying to find a location for our private wedding & reception and putting this forum to full use. Anyone know of a condo or estate rental (other than Olowalu) that could accomodate a wedding of 50-60 people or so?
  15. Anyone out there use Romantic Maui Weddings/ Justmauied.com as their WC? I haven't found many reviews on them and their yelp.com reviews were Closed, but they are listed in "Maui Revealed". I guess I'm hesistant about them because their website looks SO outdated! But it looks like they have some really great prices! Any feedback?
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