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  1. One more thing!!!!! When I put my hubands ring on his finger on our wedding night, I could barely get it on his finger! Well he went snorkeling the next day and came out of the ocean looking like he was attacked by a shark, well the ocean ate his ring. I felt so bad for him he wasn't even able to wear his ring for 24 hours. Anyway our jeweler warned us of this before we left, he figured it wouldn't fall off because it was so tight So tell your future husbands about this because it can happen
  2. Hey Ladies, We were married on May 25 @ 6pm. We traveled from May 21-28 with 23 of our family and friends. Resort: Love it! We got a plunge pool and everyone partied in it the first day that the waitors kept coming by all week even if I was just sitting outside alone. The resort is a great size because you will always be able to find everyone and do not really have to search that big of a resort. We just got everyone's phone numbers when we got there just to coordinate dinner and be able to see what everyone was up to. The majority of us paid for the preferred club so we were all in the same building. I think the preferred club was worth it and it was in a great location. Restaurants: They were all pretty good, hibachi was the best! (5pm is when they hostess gets there to start taking reservations) Beware that pretty much every single restaurant that is inside (besides buffet) the men had to wear long pants to, which started to get annoying towards the end of the week. We thought it was crazy that they couldn't wear shorts and a polo. OOT bags - were a big hit, I forget where I ordered them from but the were woven palm gift bags (everyone used these as purses to carry their things around for the week). I also made the key card holders for each couple and I put their names on them (again these were a big hit) you can slide your room key into the holder and keep it there all week because you just hold you room key up to the door to open it (you dont have to slide it anywhere). The pepto, immodium, aloe!, chapstick, tylenol, tums people all used as well. Wedding - PERFECT!!!! I honestly wasn't crazy, I didn't make myself crazy because they do everything for you. The only things that I brought down were my table cloths, bows for the back of the chairs, my favors for the tables, steel drum cd and OOT bags. We purchased the ultimate package. We also got the DJ (we didn't want to deal with an ipod) - DJ Maurico Neri - AWESOME! Last minute I wanted the light up dance floor - which I think made the party. Our wedding coordinator was Veronica (such an amazing person, so sweet and soooo on top of everything) Our wedding was @ 6 pm, we had a symbolic ceremony (the minister was there on time, Linda, she was great). Everything started on time. We chose a wedding steel drum cd to bring instead of trying to pick songs and again worry about and IPOD. We absolutely got the sound system so that everyone that was there could here us saying our vows (thats why they came ) The wedding was maybe 15-20 minutes at the most. From there we did our group pictures and the cocktail hour began at 7pm-8pm right on the beach next to the ceremony so people did have to leave. Our reception was from 8-11pm on the pool deck which was amazing!!!!! We chose the carribean buffet which I heard was good. And our cake was swirl with white frosting which was really good as well. Anel from adventure photos - AMAZING - Everyone keeps telling me how they think our pictures look like they are out of a magazine. She truely did an amazing job!!!!! Flowers were amazing - I sent Veronica a picture of my bridesmaids dresses to color coordinate. Video - Uhhh we paid I think $1100 extra to have the videographer there for our wedding/reception (30min wedding which was included in our package) and then paid the extra money to have them from 8-11PM. So they were there from 6-9PM, they came up to me at 9 and said they were all done. We didn't even do our speeches or father/daughter, mother/son dances yet. They did stay for them which we really nice. But instead of paying the extra money I would have rather just had our ceremony taped which was free!!!!! Our video came pretty quick but we paid $1100 for them to tape the entire cocktail hour of people eating and anel taking pictures of us! What the heck was the point. I feel bad because they did do a great job but who wants a video of someone taking pictues of us, we have the pictures! I let Veronica know my frusteration and she said she would forward my email to the videographers but haven't heard from them go figure. So we all stayed sat to sat, when our family left on sat we transferred to Excellence Playa Mujeres for our honeymoon for another week. Honestly I wish we would have went home with everyone on sat and waited a few months to go on our honeymoon. 2 weeks at an all inclusive sounded wonderful but by Monday of our honeymoon we were so corona'd, vacation'd, pool bar'd out that we came home on Thursday just to get settled back in at home ans have a few days to re-coup from drinking and eating for almost 2 straight weeks. Excellence was nice but we would have enjoyed it more if we had just gotten to mexico. We couldn't wait to get home to have a freezing cold coors light! We actually went into cancun and went to margaritaville one day where they had coors light so that was a nice treat. So ladies please don't stress, I would have not done it anyother way! Everyone had such a great time! And now that were back home to reality we wanna go back Enjoy it, it only happens once Lauren Our Slideshow http://250511pasqueal.dreamsriveriacancun.adventurephotos.com.mx/ Any questions feel free to email me @ LaurenR1564@yahoo.com Ill be quicker to respond.
  3. Hey everyone....who do you all plan on tipping (wedding coordinatior, dj?) and how much?? Thanks, 26Days!!!
  4. I hear ya! We leave in 30 days and no CJ now. I really want Julian because he was very receptive to our needs and quick to respond. Sucks!!!
  5. Past Brides.....what did you use for lighting on the deck? I was told I could get the paper lanterns and she recomended 10 which would be another $100....anyone think its worth it?
  6. Missy1, I have the ceremony scripts....email me @ laurenr1564@yahoo.com and I will email them to you
  7. Hey Guys....we are using the sound system for our ceremony....can you tell me what songs I will need, I have no idea...I don't think we are doing the sand ceremony...just basic as possible. And any ideas would be great I am clueless!
  8. They are awesome!!! Thanks, could you email it to me LaurenR1564@yahoo.com Keycard holder.ppt
  9. LAURERN1564

    Is it too late to plan an AHR??

    Hey girls...were getting married in May and also buying a new home at the same time....we are planning on having our AHR @ our new house this summer....for our invites do you think I should include AHR/house warming party?
  10. Hi Everyone....I wantd to do the traditional wedding invites, we only have about 25 people coming so I didn't need a big order...I ordered from Zazzle.com who has great coupons on the internet and through their email....it was only $20 for about 20 invitations and they turned out amazing!!!!
  11. LAURERN1564

    Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

    Went othis hotel when it had just opened - Moon Palace...its amazing and huge...we always had a pool to ourselves and the food was soooooo good....good luck brides its awesome!
  12. Does anyone have a template for the DIY key card holders?
  13. Cute, I wish I had the extra money to do something like that!!