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  1. My vote is for the Toni dress! Gorgeous! But you cant go wrong with either one!
  2. How is the Ritz wedding planning going? I am getting married at the Marriott in Feb and have the same questions as you. Let me know if you have any advice or suggestions!
  3. Where are you getting married We are getting hitched there in Feb!
  4. The Ritz there is gorgeous!!! We are getting married at the Marriott which is right next to the Ritz. Check out Cayman Airlines - they fly direct into Grand Cayman and flights are a lot cheaper! It is a large plane and a great trip! Good luck!
  5. Kelly - how is the Cayman planning going? Getting married there in Feb at the Marriott.
  6. Congratulations!!!! Getting married there in Feb cannot wait! Any advice, suggestions?
  7. Cayman Bride! Getting married February 19th 2011 at the Marriott Beach! I love love love the idea of the Rum cakes in the welcome bags! Great suggestion! I was also wondering as to where to have the reception dinner. I have never been to the Wharf but everyone seems to have positive things to say about it - any other suggestions, inputs, advice?
  8. Feb 2011 - and yes started planning! Feel like we have so much to do in only 8 months! Oh man
  9. Also Celebrations is a great wedding planning company!
  10. Grand Cayman is amazing! We are getting married at the Marriot Beach resort in February - I would absolutely recommend having a party there. We will be having around the same amount of guests!! Everyone there is so nice and so great - it is right on 7 mile beach - cant beat it!
  11. Someone has to fill me in - what is a starfish passing?
  12. Jackson2121


    Hi! My name is Stephanie and I am getting married February 19th 2011 in Grand Cayman! Very excited!
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