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  1. Retail $1800. Selling for $449. Excellent condition. Looks new!!! Here is the link to my listing. Please contact me if interested http://www.preownedweddingdresses.com/dresses/11942/Pronovias-Rio-from-San-Patrick-collection-Size-4.html
  2. Here is the link to my listing Please send an email if you have any questions or would like additional photos! http://www.preownedweddingdresses.com/dresses/23327/Lazaro-3750-Size-4.html
  3. Classadiva- Thank you so much! That info helps so much! I am definitely going to contact those DJ's to see what they say. Our ceremony is 3pm-3:30pm (which I want music for) and then we are having a 1hr cocktail hour right afterward with music. So should I ask for 1.5hrs of DJ service? or half h of audio and an hour of DJ? Â Thanks for the Mandara info. I iwll probably end up not doing the Wedded Bliss pkg because I don't need a mani/pedi. I can't get a straight answer out of Shakeria there either in regard to what the pkg includes. It says shampoo+style but I need an updo. So I asked her if "style" is considered a "bridal updo" because they are both listed separately in their menu. She keeps skipping around the answer. I don't want to spend $220 on a bridal pkg if it doesn't include an updo, which is listed as $85 and up! Â Was Alphanique just as sweet in person as she is via email? I just LOVE her! She told us we could ship items to her for the wedding if we wanted. So I will probably ship out my programs, cocktail table centerpieces, etc...because we are arriving by cruiseship, so we can't bring that stuff on the ship. Â I can't wait to see pictures!!!!
  4. classadiva- congrats again! What DJ did you end up using? I was going to use Matthew Sweeting's DJ service. He is also our officiant but I haven't seen any reviews about it. Thanks!
  5. classadiva- Congrats!!!! my wedding at Atlantis is getting so close. Just 10 short weeks away! Would you recommend Mandara Spa for hair/makeup? How did yours turn out? The woman there sent me info on the bridal package. Is that what you did, for $220ish? I can't wait to see some of your pics
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by classadiva First of all...Congrats!!! The Cove Beach is gorgeous and much more private than West Beach where I am getting married. I had no idea that they allowed anyone who was not a Cove guest to get married there or have a reception there. In any case...consider yourself lucky!! Alphanique is also my coordinator and I LOVE her!!! Just an FYI...you have no choice but to purchase your cake from the Atlantis. You can't use an outside vendor. That should be in your paperwork. The prices are from $13 and up....ask Alphanique to double check but I'm fairly certain I am correct about this. As for the spa, it is a great spa. I will be getting my hair done there but not my make-up. A friend recommended someone on the island...we shall see. If the person turns out to be good....I will be happy to share the information. Hi there! Thank you so much for responding! We actually had Palm Point chosen but Alphanique checked to see if we could use Cove Beach since we are only haveing 20guests, it's on a Tuesday afternoon and we aren't having a reception. It's just the ceremony on the beach then a cocktail hour right there. Yes, please let me know how you like the salon....and any other great info you can give me -Shawna
  7. Hi there! I am so excited to find this website because I am an Atlantis bride too!!!! Getting married there 11/2/2010 I was dying to find other brides that are getting married there to get some advice. We are actually taking a cruise there with our guests and getting married on Cove Beach at Atlantis with a beach cocktail hour afterwards. We also rented a room in the Royal Towers to get ready in! -#1: I DO NOT want to spend $20pp for cake since we are having a DW to save money Please let me know if any of you find any cheaper cake options or vendors. -#2: Do any of you know who is doing your hair and make-up for the wedding yet? My coordinator is Alphanique at Atlantis and she said that I could go to their salon called Mandara. Anyone have experience with them or are you bringing someone in? I would love some recommendations! Thanks so much!!!
  8. I am brand new to this site. I actually just found out about it! I am a very active member on projectwedding.com and I felt the need to rave about the wedding photographer that my fiance and I hired for our destination wedding this November in the Bahamas. Other brides NEED TO KNOW about her!! What an amazing deal we got and I can't even describe how sweet she is! At first, we were planning a wedding here in our hometown of NY with about 200 guests....budget sheet traveling upwards of $30,000.00. We are both full-time college students (FI in pharmacy school and I am in nursing school) and we are proud parents of a 2.5yr old little boy. So $30 grand on a wedding was not even an option. We explored our options and decided on a destination wedding with just a few guests. Those that we are extremely close with. It sounded better and better to us everyday. So we began to plan... The first thing we both talked about was photography. It is probably one of the most important aspects of the planning. We want photographs that capture our love in a unique and true way. We wanted the use of natural light and creativity. We wanted photojournalism and most importantly, we wanted a photographer that we could communicate with, that had a great personality so we would feel comfortable with her on our wedding day and one that was able to deliver all of those things without a hitch. I stumbled upon the wedding photos of member "Tovaqt", who is also a friend of mine on project wedding. I literally cried when seeing her photos and I knew it was exactly what we were looking for in a photographer. I contacted Melissa McClure immediately, expecting to get some kind of resonse email about 2weeks later with an astronomical price quote to travel to the Bahamas. Well................. It was the opposite. The next day, we received a pleasant response! Her cost was LESS than what we had ever thought possible and that price was for all travel and accommodation for her AND her assistant (who is also excellent) to take a 5day cruise with us and our guests to the Bahamas and photograph a BONUS TTD session the day before the wedding and full-day wedding coverage!!!! It simply blew my mind. I thought she was kidding....but she wasn't! Her cruise is booked and we are all set. My emails to her were replied to almost immediately. We have been unable to meet in person since we are on opposite sides of the US, but between email and facebook, I am in love with her already! She is so sweet and so talented! I cannot wait to see what she will do with our photos on our special day and TTD. I am beyond excited!!! I can't rave enough. If you are looking for a destination photographer or one in S.Cal, send her an email at: info@melissamcclure.com and this is her website with her blog: Melissa McClure - Destination And Southern California Wedding Photographer I will post pics as soon as possible after our wedding for all to see! Happy Planning!
  9. I am getting married in the Bahamas in Nov and we hired Melissa McClure who is based out of S.California. She is a destination wedding photog and the price she gave us for all day wedding coverage and a BONUS TTD session, with all travel fees for her and an assistant was extremely affordable. Her photos are to die for and she has been one of the most amazing vendors I have dealt with thus far!!! Check out her website+blog! Melissa McClure - Destination And Southern California Wedding Photographer
  10. Hello! I am getting married at Atlantis, Paradise Island in the Bahamas this November!! We are actually taking a cruise there with about 20 guests and getting married on one of Atlantis' beaches with a cocktail hour afterward. It was right in our price range!
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