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  1. Thanks dominiqueamber! That would be awesome if you could recommend a steel band and photographer for me. My fiance still has no passport! LOL! We are trying to go down in May for a site visit.Good luck and Happy planning!
  2. My worries won't go away until its all over too girl! I have to finalize a photographer, choose flowers, do a food tasting, choose wedding cake, and a walk through with the hotel. I also want to see the make-up and hair stylist at hotel spa and see their work first hand.
  3. It would have been cool if it was the same person! You are truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in you and your fiance's life, that are willing to bless you with their services! So you are down there already? We are looking for a steel pan player or duo ourselves, so let me know if your friend has nice packages. Yes I was definitely snowed in when you wrote me last, sorry to just be gettin back to you. It has been crazy up here for me! I hope to get down by May/June (prayerfully)!!!! I am 10 months out so its almost real to me...AHHH!!! LOL! Happy New Year by the way!
  4. Thanks Amanda! Your pics look amazing. Did you post them anywhere else on the site? I know your day was everything you dreamed it could be.
  5. @ dominiqueamber: We are definitely planning neighbors! My aunt's name is Blossom and she works as a nurse in Nassau. I need to go down there myself to see everything. It looks amazing in pictures, but I need to see it with my eyes. LOL! I know I am a crazy hands on bride, but I want it to be a good time for my guests and us. You definitely have a blessing with your FI down there already. Travelling down to Nassau for a couple days this time of year is going to be pricey so I am just trying to figure something out. Otherwise my FI and I have decided to fly to Miami and just paddle our way to N
  6. dominiqueamber: You are very close to me, my future sister-in-law is in Chesapeake, so I come down there ever so often. I am Jamaican and I have an aunt that actually lives there right now, she moved there from Jamaica. I also have some college friends that live there as well. Where in Nassau are you having your wedding?
  7. Dominiqueamber no worries girl. I did not take any offense to your tone in anyway! I love this forum because you get advice from people who could be insiders and can help you out. So I appreciate your advice 100%. The problem with posts is that you can't hear the person's tone. I am very excited about wedding and planning it is soooo amazing. October is going to be great not too hot, not too cold! I will miss the Junkanoo madness as well. Thanks again for the advice~
  8. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Welcome to the Forum!
  9. Congrats and welcome to the forum!
  10. Congrats on your upcoming wedding! Welcome to the Forum!
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