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  1. GORGEOUS!!! Do you have a price list for Sara? I have 6 BMs too. Did she offer a discount since there were so many girls? We are hoping to cover the cost for my BMs, do you mind sharing how much it was for everyone total? Did she charge a travel fee? You look stunning!! Wow. Calee
  2. Miconnelly, I'll be arriving the evening of the 18th and getting married on the 21st! Maybe I'll see you partying the night away when we arrive! Calee
  3. Great pic! Did the girls get their hair and make up done at the resort too?
  4. Has anyone heard of Waves Salon with Trevor in Playa Del Carmen? Any reviews? What about airbrush make up? Is it waterproof...tears,humidity and perspiration? Thank you!!
  5. His prices online are a bit higher than what others have quoted on this board. Maybe he's raising prices a bit? Like the last posts I'm looking for some reviews and pics! Thanks, Calee
  6. Does anyone know if you can get a screen and lcd projector if you book a private reception on the beach or in the royal palapas? If so, do you know the cost? thanks!
  7. It all sounds amazing!!! Thanks for your review! Â I thought you had to dinner there if you rented the royal palapa. I'm so glad to hear you can just do the reception there. Did you have drinks and music? If you don't mind me asking, how much did it cost to hold the reception there? Thanks!!! Â PS beautiful pics!!!!!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by nucci Hi! I'm getting married in Riviera Maya April 16. Thats a really great price!! You're the week after us. Our TA is saying the prices are high because of Easter. Did you run into this problem? Did the price drop for the airfare or the resort? I'm going to wait and hopefully there will be a sale!!! We also booked Claudia Rodriquez and in the process of hiring DJ Doremixx for the reception. Isn't it so exciting planning a Mexico wedding!!! I'm pumped for Claudia!! It was a group rate our TA got through Signature so I'm not sure which part, hotel or resort, dropped in price (Sunquest was a bit higher). My TA hasn't mentioned running into high prices b/c of Easter...maybe because we're getting a group price?? She just found rates on a number of places then we chose Sandos, but other places were comparable. She's a local TA in my town. How did you find DJ Doremixx? Good luck with planning!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by janapana So, I took my mum shopping yesterday to look at that dress, and she MADE me buy it!!!! It´s a la sposa (or something like that) by pronovias, lit fits like a glove, well a snug glove, but that´s ok cos i could do with losing a few kilos, iand i got it for half price at 545€ Winner! and i didn´t want a wedding dress! I´m under strict instructions from FI not to even look at another wedding dress now, two is enough apparently. Fair point i suppose, but what about ttd? (just kidding!) I bought a Pronovias dress too!! Hebra I think it's called! I'm getting married on April 21st, 2011 in Playacar Mexico. The Barcelona design flare I thought was great for a Mexican Spanish wedding Here's a link of a real bride wearing the same dress Used Pronovias Hebra Wedding Dress | one of 5165 gowns for sale | PreOwnedWeddingDresses.com I'm not sure what to do with my hair....I've got long, thick, straight dark hair?? Any advice? I've been reading the posts between the lot of you girls. I'm laughing aloud! I love it!
  10. We're also looking at heading off the resort after our dinner reception to "Fusion". They have an amazing beach bar and fire dancers and live salsa...pretty authentic Mexican and we wanted something a little different than the resort bars that we'll be hitting up all week on the resort. A bride in another DW forum recommended it (Sandos Brides forum)!! I love this site!!! Playa Del Carmen Mexico Beach Hotel Bar & Grill
  11. Oh, we've also tentatively booked Claudia Rodriguez Photography. They have portfolios online. They look great! Claudia Rodriguez wedding photography
  12. Hello everyone! I'm an April 21, 2011 bride. We're getting married at Sandos Playacar Beach Resort in Mexico. I'm sooooo excited!! I find it so much more real now that we've booked. We've just got a great group rate of 1390 taxes in (April 18-25). We lucked out because two days before we officially booked, the price dropped from 1600 to 1390! We're booking with Signature, and they offer a one time price drop gaurantee. It probably won't drop again, but we're covered if it does We needed 10 people to book with us to get the group rate, but that was no prob...my family is huge! So excited!!!!
  13. Still no luck with Kodak...thanks for the repost though! do you have links to claudia photos yet? So exciting!!!!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by keilag ok. So I just returned from my wedding at Sandos. It was perfect. We did the ceremony on the bech then a cocktail hour with appitizers while the steel drum players played. Then the itallian buffet. I opted out of the disco but found a great back up. We took a 5minute cab ride to Fusion. They have a fire show and salsa dancing on the beach every night. I bought one round of drinks and 3 orders of chips and salsa. for 20 people it was $85.00 everyone had a blast and it was so romantic and autentic. Playa Del Carmen Mexico Beach Hotel Bar & Grill Maria did a fantastic job.....I used Claudia Rodriguez for pics and the video. They were amazing as well. Let me know if you have any questions Keilag, do you have any links to photos??!! I've also booked Claudia Rodriguez Photography - Citlalli is coming for me. Congrats again on the wedding! Calee
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