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  1. I know everyone, including myself, would most likely turn their nose when it comes to using the photographer provided by the resort but I saw pictures of a wedding on the Akumal side where the bride had posted the few pictures part of her package and they were VERY GOOD and she had regretted not going with this fellow. I saw this awhile back and silly me, I didn't write down the name of the photographer One of the pictures were from a far view in the trees looking out unto the wedding site while guests were arriving anyone recall the name by chance? I realize I may be taking a shot in the dark but I can't say I tried?
  2. I'm doing EXACTLY what you're doing. But the church one will be BLOOD only. Only people related by blood (with exception of my God parents, who are in Malaysia anyway and haven't expressed any interest thus far) will be there. Then straight to restaurant for some eats and I plan to come to my place straight after and doing the tea ceremony (I'm Chinese). I'll probably be the only one in my family to do all 3 things in one evening haha  What's your time lapse between your destination and church one?
  3. Two of my friends are graphic designers and I gave them idea that I loved making us into cartoons and here's what they came up with this!      And here's a picture of us for a reference  and the bike!   http://bondeddesign.ca is their website
  4. I said pink. He said no He said blue and I said "fine" so now we've compromised with blue with purple... But I'm still going to try to throw in some pink in there
  5. thank you everyone for contributing to the thread. I tried searching "Gazebo| and it was a little tough but that's how I found the list of all the resorts with gazebos and from there, I just tried to track down images from google and stole a couple from others' posts on the forum. This is a great way to compare gazebos if it should be important to someone now and in the future and Matt! Thanks for chiming in. It's great to get the inside scoop from a photographer and your examples were good. It is obvious you know what you are doing and you're not just some amateur (because it seems like EVERYONE is picking up a camera these days and calling themselves pro). It's obvious you put a lot of effort in your article(s) and swifting through your archives for examples... it's almost like we had our very own powerpoint presentation on forum spread
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by simba1234 Are you looking for all-inclusive resorts only? Well, I'm looking for all inclusive. But do you have any other options? I'm willing to look at anything - so if you've got any suggestions, by all means - and it'll be helpful for other Gazebo-hunters in the future
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by julieswedding My daughter was just married at Aventura Spa and used the Aventura Cove Gazebo, called Coba. It has been updated and made more beautiful now than the older photo you have posted. The Cove would be a great choice for you ,since it allows families and all of the adults can also use adults only Aventura Spa Palace. Here are some of my daughters photos. You can see what the Cove Gazebo looks like now: Shutterfly | View share Also, if you give me your email, I can send you lots of photos of the wedding gazebos at both Aventura Spa and Aventura Cove. The both have been updated and look differant than what you have posted. Thanks for the info! I guess that makes sense why I couldn't find pictures of one but yet the other. Here I thought they had two different ones, one for each resort. I'll PM you my email here, and thanks a bunch! I'm actually looking at ACP/ASP for the same reason you said, adults can choose between the two and there's a family option. I sent off an email to my travel agent to see what she could do for me
  8. Gazebo pictures round II El Dorado Seaside Suites (adult only resort) Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun (formerly Paradisus Riviera) Dreams Puerto Aventuras The Royal Suites Yucatan by Palladium
  9. So my hubby2b wants a gazebo overlooking the ocean and I'm having a hard time with our requirements (one being that it has to be at a resort that allows minors as my youngest sibling will be only 17 when time rolls around) so by being a "lurker" and searching on the forum (what a great forum, I must add) I decided to compile a list with pictures. If there is any information that isn't correct, please notify as I will keep editing. and if there's anything I am missing, if you could be so kind! Just want to make an Gazebo thread so I can share all the information I found to make others' lives easier when searching. All these images are hotlinked so we'll see who lets us use their bandwidth... Gran Bahia Principe (Tulum?) Royal Playa del Carmen (adult only resort) Aventuras Spa Palace (adult only resort next door to Aventuras Cove Palace) Aventuras Cove Palace Moon Palace Barcelo Maya Palace -middle of resort -not ocean view (?) -not private
  10. I wanted to avoid making a newbie thread, but it's telling me or I may get deleted - this site is full of awesome information that I can't have that happen so... 1. My name is Angie 2. Getting married in February 2011 and having a very hard time picking a place in 3. Mayan Riveria
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