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  1. I'm following pretty much the same overall timeline except my ceremony starts a little earlier. 5:30-6:00 Ceremony 6:00-7:00 Cocktail Hour 7:00-11:00 Reception I just guessed about the reception timeline. I asked Pilar for her advice on this, but she didn't really answer my question. I hope this isn't too rushed, but I wanted to keep everything moving along. Any advice from recent brides would be great! 7:00-7:10PM GUESTS ARRIVE AT BAMBOO ROOM AND TAKE THEIR SEATS 7:10-7:15 ENTRANCE OF BRIDE & GROOM 7:15 FIRST DANCE 7:20-7:30 WELCOME/BLESSING 7:30 – 8:15 DINNER 8:15-8:20 CHAMPAGNE TOAST 8:30 CAKE CUTTING 8:45 FATHER/DAUGHTER DANCE MOTHER/SON DANCE FOLLOWS DANCING FOLLOWS 9:30 BOUQUET TOSS MORE DANCING FOLLOWS
  2. Could anyone advise on what cake flavor they had and how it was? I'm trying to decide on this now, but would love input from the recent brides!
  3. Thanks! Good to know about the buffet!
  4. Hi Everyone, I've been reading the forum for a while. Everyone's info has been SO helpful. I'm getting married at Now Jade on July 9, 2011 on the beach with the reception in the Bamboo Room with about 30-40 guests. I'm trying to decide between a buffet and the sitdown dinner. I like the idea of a sitdown dinner, but I'm worried it will drag on for a long time. Does anyone have advice/experience with this? I would also love advice on ceremony time. We are currently scheduled for 5:30 and plan to have short ceremony, but I definitely want to have time for plenty of photos in daylight. Does anyone have advise on this? Thanks, Margaret
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    Now Jade Resort Wedding July 2011

    Hi! I am getting married the day after you on July 9th! Maybe we'll run into each other!
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    New to this

    Hi! My name is Margaret and I am just getting started planning my wedding in the Riviera Maya for summer 2011. This looks like a great place for lots of good info. I'm looking forward to getting started.