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  1. I just went back and read everything! Thank you so much for all the answers. Did you not have a reception dinner?
  2. Wow it sounds wonderful! I am so happy everything worked out perfectly for you!! We are now down to less than 6 months and I am starting to put the pieces all together. I have a few questions.. Did you have a rehersal? And afterwards a rehersal dinner? With the welcome party, is that something you thought of or does the wedding coordinator help and give ideas on things like that? How long was the ceremony and what time did you have it? Did you do a cocktail hour? Did you bring any of your decorations? Were the tables in the reception round or sqaure? My TA was just there and mentioned the new restaurant as a place to hold the reception. I like the openess it offers but was concerned with size. Did you have someone controlling the ipod or did you just have a playlist? And one last questions, did you use their photographer and video? I am so excited sorry for all the questions!!
  3. Hey everyone!! Â Its been a while since I was on here! We just finsihed up with our invitations and wedding website! I am so happy with both. Â Brianna~ Because we are staying for 7 nights we were eligible for the sweet wedding package. With that it includes a free dinner for 20. Bc we are having close to 50 we couldnt use this room. SO i asked my travel agent what I could do and she said that they can offer us 20% off the total for our reception. But with our reception we plan on having it in the Sabores restaurant and are going to have to pay per person... Â They also have a complimentary dinner reservation during your stay at one of the restaurants that we are using for the rehersal dinner. Â I looked into silk flowers and they can get pricey so I asked a friend and she suggested trying to use a wholesale place... I havent looked into further than that but as soon as I do I will let you girls know Â
  4. Well yes and its for 3 nights. I really appreciate it! thanks
  5. Tila (maromabride) If you dont mind, can you let me know what you find out about prices. Our guests are getting charged 640 for three nights...From what I have seen,as soon as May hits, it ususally goes down. I am curious now....I am hoping they are not offering me all these specials just to end up putting the "savings" in other areas...
  6. We should be getting the contract on Monday. I believe they need money for each room you have blocked. My travel agent is taking care of that and once people book a room she will take the deposit and use it towards our room. With the new beach restaurant, is that the one that only holds 50 people?
  7. I didnt even know that there were bags in the water? So from what I read they are to keep the water calm? I love the water and it was one of the main reasons I picked EDM. I never gave thought to a afternoon ceremony and reception...It is cheaper? We have a 5pm wedding ceremony start time...But i am thinking about starting earlier... I have not considered Sabores. Have any of you been to the resort? I would love to be comfortable in any dress and an inside reception is a great way! I think we are considering the chapel instead of the beach for the ceremony. Do you know if you have to decide before hand? We plan on arriving 5 days before the actual day. I know some resorts let you chose once you are there. And also I heard they only have one wedding a day!! That is a huge bonus for me!! We were planning on doing a catamaran cruise for the reheasal dinner. This way we would not have to pay for everyone, just the parents and the bridal party. We then thought about having everyone meet up afterwards, when we were done, around 8 at the bar/restaurant that is open until 2 am with music. This way some people had sometime to themselves to have dinner alone or do whatever they wanted. We also thought about treating our guests to a excursion. We will see what that ends up costing... Is anyone having a welcome party? or a reheasal dinner? I thought we had to do a cocktail party in between the ceremony and reception just to give our guest something to do... But after thinking about it, maybe not I mean it is all inclusive and there also is a beach bar....what to do... Yes, back to the slik flowers..I had a friend get married in atlanta and her in laws owned a flower shop. They used real greens and silk flowers..It looked beautiful...But for us and customs, I dont think bringing anything living would be a good idea. I am going to contact a local florist and check prices and also seeing what it would cost for a DIY. I have a question about dresses...does anyone have a designer they have come across that specializes in destination wedding gowns? I love going to the bridal salons but have had a hard time finding something that is light and beautiful. I have one in mind but I am not so sure it is "the dress".
  8. Hey Everyone I went to do a site visit and really liked Azul (except for the water). Let me say that the staff and wedding cordinators at Azul were outstanding. I know that they all seem to work together so I am thrilled!! I came home and talked with my fiance and our travel agent. I explained what I liked and didnt and our TA suggested this place. My fiance is crazy about making sure everything about the resort is perfect. I think he looked on every single website and never came across any bad reviews. I think that alone is pretty impressive. We booked the swim up for seven nights so that we could recieve the Sweet wedding package. I think someone on here already posted what this includes but if not I will. Since I did a site visit to one of their resorts we also receive $1,000 credit. so for any of you that did that be sure to ask about it About the swim up room.. It isnt all that private during the day. But it is tons of fun! When I did my site visit to Azul we stayed in one and it was awesome. You have shades that cover so no one can see in. On the back patio area its open. But this was at azul and they have a much biggger resort. I dont know if that helps any.. As far as the DJ I am having mixed feelings...I was considering treating a cousin of mine to come to the wedding and asking him if he would want to control the music and mic. My brother also plays guitar so that would be a nice touch! I didnt even think about that! One other thing I wanted to suggest, I am thinking of using artifical flowers for the bridesmaids. I know some people may not even give this a thought but there are some beautiful slik flowers out there that would end up being much cheaper than the bouquets they offer...Just a thought
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by maromabride Hello! I am getting married at the Maroma in Aprill 2011! It looks like no one has responded to this thread that has gotten married there, yet. How is everyone's wedding plans going so far? I'm just getting started - ordered save the date cards earlier this week. I have been corresponding with Valeria at EDM as well. Hope to hear from someone! -Tila I am getting married there May 16th 2011 How long after you filled out the application did you hear from Valeria? Thanks
  10. We also are getting married at El Dorado Maroma!! I am very excited. I did a site visit to their other property, Azul Sensatori. I like the resort but the water was kind of brownish and it bothered me. I am bringing a few people to Mexico that have never been and I want their experience and my wedding to be perfect Any advice on the planning would be awesome! We are just at the beginning stages of planning. I was also turned off by the vendor rule. I would never imagine spending 1,500.00 on a DJ. We are considering the ipod but dont want to have to worry about it or put someone "in charge" of it. I was looking through the photographers they offer and they seem okay. If anyone has any personal experience on them I would love to hear it. I had a friend get married in the same area and I plan on checking his prices and taking into consideration the fee. I havent spoken to the WC at the resort yet. I have been dealing with my TA only. Once you fill out the wedding app is that when you hear from the WC? THanks for any info!!! May 16,2011
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Missy1 I've been trying to book April 23 ,2011, for over a week now..still no response. Are there any other April 2011 brides booked at the Dreams Riviera Cancun and if so were there many dates available when you booked? I just recieved a list of open dates for April and May 2011 and April 23rd is not available on my list But I guess you never know.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by ktchi Hi, I had my wedding at the Now Sapphire and put my review in the Wedding Reviews Section. That might give you some information about the resort. Thanks so much
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by amcferron I am a little concerned with the fact that EVERY single thing is an add-on and seems to be pretty expensive. Dreams seems to be a little more standardized with their prices.....It doesn't seem that people have to pull the "brides on BDWF only payed this much" line at DRC. Though I spoke with my TA today and I really trust her as she has booked me at multiple other resorts and I have never been disappointed.... She really feels that AS is MUCH better than DRC. I have decided to let it go and move forward with Azul Sensatori!! I figure the reason I did a DW was to not stress about the details, so I am just going for it!! Trying not to stress and second guess..... Hey do you mind me asking who is your TA? Only bc my TA is also pushing the AS and I was just curious. Thanks
  14. We are going through the same problem But one thing I suggest to do is go on to YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. and see the resorts from some of the guests point of view. Our TA is pushing us in the Azul Sensatori direction bc she has dealt with them more and has never had any issues. The sky wedding is pretty interesting! So is the lazy river outside of your room. But I have had friends of friends tell me that DRC is amazing~!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by SDbeachgirl I absolutely LOVED my wedding at DRC. I would highly recommend this. I went for a site visit in Novemember and the resort was a little too crowded but it was PERFECT in May. I think it depends what time of year you are going to get married. The service was fine. Originally there was only one coordinator, but there is an assistant who is quickly getting up to speed. By the time you get married, I'm sure she and Ana will be able to split the work. I wouldn't worry about that. There were a couple of communication issues that I had, but I'm sure it was the language barrier and could happen at any of the resorts. Just know that this is a lovely resort and the location of the ceremony on the sand was actually VERY private. I was originally concerned about this, but found out that I shouldn't have worried about it for a second! I hope that helps. Oh it does! thank you so much! BTW I loved your personalized tote idea! One quick question did you have a hard time in the beginning getting in touch with the WC? Also did you go through a TA? Howmany days before did you arrive? SOrry for all the questions!
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