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  1. Wow Tammy, beautiful wedding! That is exactly where I want mine! I am going to be married at Dreams, Cabos as well. I am trying to decide on a photographer. Did you like Juan Carlos? Thanks!!
  2. wow, very awesome review. It is great to know some of those fine detail prices. I was just wondering whether or not the welcome bags were worth it or not! You def. answered my question
  3. wow! absolutely beautiful and inspiring. Were all the pictures done in one day? day of the wedding? or did you do some of the last pictures on a different day? I am going to be married at Dreams as well! you're an inspiration...
  4. Hey, this is Rachael! Well I am just getting started on planning for a future destination wedding at Dreams, Los Cabos, Mexico for next June 17, 2011!! I am super excited and already super stressed about all the details to get right, but I know it will be worth it when my perfect day is in the prettiest place ever! I have to say, I'm not a fan of blogging sights like this, but I read the long review written by Vdaybride on her Los Cabos wedding and I was inspired and excited that it was all possible. So thank you and I look forward to getting all the facts right from women who have been there, done that!
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