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  1. We had 35 people! Check out the pics: http://all-about-photography.com/my-website/brooke-korey/ceremony/index.html Click on the top of the page to go to the different parts of the ceremony/reception/ect Mama Mia was awesome...we made our rehearsal dinner there, as our reception was at the Thai Beach. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. Although we spent the night at the Thai Beach huts, we then went to the disco---its fun, esp if your whole party goes there. Wear your dress!
  3. Try this Link http://all-about-photography.com/my-website/brooke-korey/preparation/ We used our own music/ipod for both. We just made catagories for each event ie...wedding,dinner/reception, special dance, reception dance. It worked perfect. Sandra had everything set up. All you need is the sound system ( and Sandra had it all set up.). I think the reception was so much better without a DJ because we had a person just contol it during the dances, and then just let is select random from our Dance list. The Thai beach is the best place. Can't put it into words, but the best reception ever! One cool thing we did, was schedule our arrival ahead of everyone, had alone time....and then, as people arrived, we schedule a different dinner at all the restaurants with the new arrival people for that day. Worked out great, and we got to spend a lot of time with small groups of family and friends. Best thing is, no matter what, Sandra has a back up plan, so you are covered! I can send the pics to your email if you wish. Also, there is a Group facebook page that you can get a lot of info from as well. We used Peter from "All about Photography". He was awesome....plus you get all digital photos! We were not interested in prints...that what the print shops are for in the US. Just look at the pics, see for yourself. Ask any questions, we are GSP experts
  4. Please take a look at our pictures! After seeing all available to have a reception. We witnessed a few there. Please only have you reception at Thai Beach....Awesome. Awesome buffet, open bar...beach...excellent! Our wedding was August 28. Ask any question, as I did! http://all-about-photography.com/my-website/brooke-korey/preparation/index.htm
  5. Don't worry. They will most likely upgrade you to whatever you want. Keep an open mind! Once the guest arrive, you will be in the room for a few hours to sleep. They upgraded us to the villas...excellent for wedding shots! http://all-about-photography.com/my-website/brooke-korey/preparation/index.html I had the same worries..but don't, everyone there is awesome. Tell them you are getting married...95% of the people there will bend over backwards. And to whoever said something about having room items ripped off---never a problem. In fact I left My phone on the bed by the villas for hours....forgot...and then returned 4 hours later in the dark to find the pool bed made with my phone on top. Relax and have fun---many things to do! We toook a party of 40 to CongoBongo and they rented the whole 3rd floor for us---awesome a must when your guest arrive! Have fun!~
  6. We choose to get married at 4, because you get the Thai Beach from 6-10...however we went til around 11. Then on to the disco for the real partiers! No DJ. We actually brought our our stereo equipment, as I was growing tired of the $$$add ons. We programed the Ipod and it worked perfect. It actually was more personal for us that way. We introduced each special dance song and it went very smoothly. There is an option I think to get the speakers for around $250 there to rent. Not sure how much for the DJ.
  7. We just back from the Grand princess sunset! We had 35 people and actually changed our location from the beach to the Gazebo. Not sure about the beach reception, although we did see it set up by the gazebo. We listened to sasse75 and had our reception at the Thai Beach Club! Way worth the extra money...trust me, reach down, find the funds and do it there. The food was great, and they let you set up any way you want too. We have a few pics, as everyone was partying to much to take pictures. We have to wait another week and we will have our pics from Peter from All about photography http://all-about-photography.com/. We loved how professional and how much he enjoyed setting the style of our pics. Also, he downloads everything to a website, and there are no gimics with having to buy multiple portraits in a package. This also makes him much more reasonable. We had our rehearsal dinner at Mama Mias---Awesome choice. Ask any questions, as I did here before we went! Thanks to everyone!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Suzy-Q This a great review! My fiance and I are in the process of finding a resort and this definitely influence our decision. On top of this, my friend's sister got married at the GRP this past November and I've heard a lot of great stuff about it. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us. Hi Suzy-Q....check out the following if you haven't already! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...7/#post1283438
  9. We are getting married at the Grand princess Sunset in Playa in August...so far some really good stories! I found this posting which give a great overview: http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...7/#post1283438 Good luck!
  10. Looking for anyone who has had a reception here and if they have pictures we can look at to see what the set ups are like Thanks!!
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