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  1. Hi Ladies... I got married in 2011 in the Mayan and was devoted to this website for ideas and sharing thoughts. Now I am heading to the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe in Punta Cana with my husband and two kids. When I got married in the Mayan, we brought along a photographer from Toronto, Ontario. I am on this forum wondering if anyone is getting married and bringing their own photographer from the GTA over the week of Jan 29 to Feb 5th who may be interested in a side job of family photography for an hour or two on any given day over this time period that he/she is not devoted to your party. If so, let me know! Thanks and enjoy your wedding down south...its awesome! Natasha
  2. We went one night and it didn't suit us. We are either hard core club "big city" types or classy "cigar" lounge types with atmosphere. But they do have music and pool tables and game tables. You can ABSOLUTELY have and ENGLISH legal ceremony. Rediculous that ppl cannot get this straight on the planning end. I had a WC that verified it was true and it also was true when we got there. My WC was Carolina thru Karisma.
  3. No - it was more unofficial. We just pulled out a bose speaker system and hooked up our ipod and they didn't bug us for a while. The bar and amplifier we rented still shut down but I am not sure if was at 11pm or if they gave us some give. we still got booted as the tables got deconstructed - but it was definitely after 11pm. Maybe you can pay to have it extended? Really - I think it wouldn't be worth paying extra for - there are other areas where bridal parties can keep the party alive if your crew is into it - mojito lounge and there is a place by the premium pool section (forget the name). Thats where we saw most bridal parties throughout the week as their receptions ended. But I guess it depends on what is important to you!
  4. Thanks for all the compliments on our pics from everyone on the forum - we can't wait to see the other 3000 pics - LOL - going through the proofs may prove to be painful!!!! The one with the umbrellas was taken in the lobby - photographer went upstairs to the spa/gym area and took the pic. We have ones with us up top too and photographer at the bottom. There are definitely some cool areas for pics - there is an area where there are some red walls too - not sure what the area is called but it is at the front of the resort and immediately right of the entrance. The alabaster marble stairs are also super stunning in the night. And inside Le Chique is beautiful - Miriam (Murmel) has some gorgeous pics posted on her photographers blog... We had tables of 6 and 8. We also had a head table that was rectangular - it sat 8 of us - i'm not sure if it was 2 tables together or what - but it was way way way to snug.
  5. Our photographer posted some pics to his blog! Have a look at all the entries for Natasha and Guy! http://thephotostudio.wordpress.com/
  6. I didn't chose - but I wasn't looking to chose. It was a judge. This is just insane! It brought tears to my eyes. All the ladies have already given you some great advise and I hope you are getting good info from past brides that got married at AB. We did simple - our names date etc in the form of a passport. No family names. We added family names to the ceremony fans. We got married in January. It was scheduled for 5pm but we got there late - closer to 5:30. It was dark immediately after my ceremony - that part sucked. I think it would have been better to have at least 1 hour of sunlight after the ceremony for pictures. Our private event went past 11pm b/c none of our guests left the site. Once the person who ran the amplifier for us left we just pulled out a portable bose speaker that was just as loud as the amplifier. I don't know exactly what time we officially got kicked out - but it was apparent as they started taking down all the decorations around us and closing the bar...LOL.
  7. I need to correct myself...if you are paying for your own private reception then the covered chairs and white bows are included. I had the free wedding pkg and added on my private reception. Sorry for any confusion.
  8. I did a legal ceremony. English is a second language and yes they have an accent and trouble pronouncing some things if it does not originate from their original script. I'm was just impressed and humbled that they offered it - esp considering that we are the visitors in a place where the national language is Spanish! When you do a legal ceremony they go by a specific script - I added stuff before and after the "official script" and had family members preform the "hand ceremony" and "sand ceremony". I loved everything! But I was also open to having the legal part preformed in Spanish if necessary - I guess it depends on how flexible you are.
  9. Hi Miriam! Welcome back! Did you get delayed by the snowstorm on Wednesday???? Great pics! Can't wait to see ours! XO Natasha Originally Posted by murmel So our photographer has posted a few shots on his blog: http://www.taylorjacksonphoto.com/blog/destination-wedding-at-azul-sensatori/ I can't wait to see the rest, and the TTD session! I had them double as centrepieces. I loved them. Free wedding pkg worked best for us. I created a spreadsheet and compared what was offered in each one compared to what I would still have to add. In the end - the free wedding suited us much better and saved us money. My bridal studio packed the dress full of tissue paper to keep the overall shape. My dress was a simple silk gown and it looked like a big ball gown by the time it was fully packed!! The airline did the best to try an accomodate the dress in the overhead compartment (yuck) but it still was folded in half. I pulled it out the day after we got to the resort and it looked absolutely perfect! The bridal studio I used told me not to steam the dress - just to hang it near a bathroom and run the hot shower - I didn't need to do this. Also - if you are really worried - the resort offers same day steaming/pressing for brides - and I remember thinking it was cheap. I used powerpoint for our brochure: Natasha_and_ Guys_ pre_ travel_ brochure 2.ppt
  10. OMG...I totally feel for you. We used them and experienced a couple of the same things you did. We are now married and so happy to be done with them. Oddly enough - they are quick to send a follow-up email to see how your wedding went and asking for photos. All these months of nagging, lack of response, inaccuracies and then they have the nerve to send a followup email asking for photos????? The main thing I want to tell you is that once you are on the plane - they will be the furthest thing from your mind. You will have amazing service at your resort and at your wedding. Our hotel showed us amazing hospitality, were very attentive and made sure that anything we wanted got done. This includes reservations that were often impossible to get. Good luck!
  11. I rented the tall glass vases with flower arrangements included. From the lomas website you go to the "Bouquets category" and then click on "decorations and set up". They were 60$ each and were transferred to the reception for use as centrepieces after the ceremony.
  12. Everything is transferable. Of course they charge set up fees - but its cheap. 100-150 depending on how much work you give them. I had my tall glass vases, bows, hanging corsages etc etc all sent over to the reception site. I also had them do a number of other things - set up of things I brought down myself. It cost 150 (cash). I added all these details to the comment section of my detail sheet so that it could not be missed!
  13. I think it could work for either occasions the way you describe for that amount of people. At your reception - 41 guests will not likely be dancing at the same time anyway. Just keep in mind that all your tables will be between the palapa yoga and the sea as there is no space directly beside or behind it for tables (but there is plenty of space!). The area is well lit up already. I did not note electrical connections - but my guess would be yes - it should be something the WC can answer for you easily.
  14. This is absolutely awesome news! I'll look into it. Well - on my detail sheet we agreed to 7pm farewell dinner at spoons on our last night. First I was told it had to be at 6:30pm. Then I pushed for 7pm and it was "accepted". At the resort they still thought it was 6:30pm but in the end we got there at 7:30 (which stresses the coordinators out - LOL). I think you have to look at your group - most of ours were mid-30s with some older (50's) party folks who didn't mind grabbing a snack (aka mojito or two) before hand while they waited. If we had lots of senior family/friends attending or families with small kids - I think they would have been grumpier about our late eating habits. Cocktail party was 6-8pm 2 days after we arrived - I still like that time frame b/c people came out dressed up - could grab some drinks and bites followed by dinner after if they chose! I also like 6pm b/c there was no one left on the beach and we didn't intrude into peoples "sun time" during the day.
  15. Spoons dinner for your reception for sure!!!! After the welcome cocktail party we threw eveyone still went to Tapas for a late dinner. Honestly - people really loved the food at Spoons for our private farewell dinner and it was substantial. Everyone loved the canapes at the coctail party - but it wouldn't be enough to keep people going in my opinion. If you have money left over - I think a cocktail party in the form of a welcome is totally appreciated by guests. For one - it looks like you are organizing more than one thing in honour of them joining you and it also introduces new friends and family in a casual laid back environment. Hope this helps!
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