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  1. Hi Doreen, Yes, my mom just got back from there today and I am so disappointed =( She said that the Steakhouse was beautiful, but there is a bug problem! They even had to move a wedding from there because it was so hot/humid/buggie! I love this resort, but they do not have an indoor location for the reception.
  2. Hi Megan, You said you sent out 200 invitations--that is about how many I will be sending out. I know 20 people ended up going, but how many of the others sent you an envelope (if you don't mind me asking). Just wondering... Thanks!!
  3. Tami, Thanks for the info! I am worried that choosing the PPR will be expecting too much out of my guests (Cheap Caribbean quotes at 1500/pp for aug 2010 (I am looking at 2011, but just chose 2010 to get an idea)...the PPC is quoted about 1,100, Dreams as well. Everyone I talk to says the PPR is breath-taking!! but...I also have reservations about all the extras and nickel and dime feel!
  4. We are thinking July or August 2011...My mom is going to the Riu Palace next month for vacation and I am going to have her take lots of pics!! I will share when I get them! I am in the very beginning stages of planning and just deciding btwn Riu Palace PC, PPC, PPR, and the Dreams.... Soo many decisions and extras!
  5. Hunieduew

    Punta Cana 2011 Bride--Confused!!

    Stefani--I want it in the Gazebo because I don't want to bother with the sand and wind. I also really like the extra flower arrangements and the decoration of the Gazebo. Tracy--Thanks for the advice on the guests! We have a list of over 200, so I was assuming 50%, but maybe not even! hmmm...I would love to choose the PPR, but I am scared of how expensive it will be for my guests (I just looked for this coming Aug. 2010 and it is more than 1,500/pp---as opposed to PPC and Dreams which are about 1,100/pp) I was hoping to find a TA and work with him/her on those details of package pricing. Also, the PPC offers a reception (to rent out a restaurant) with up to 70 guests and open bar for about 5,000 (which I believe is affordable). Do you know if PPR has that option as well? Yea, we are inviting children (my FH has 8 nieces and nephews and many other children in the family so we feel obligated). Tracy—Did you choose a package for PPR? I was thinking of just doing the fantasy and then the reception and other things a-la-cart. What do you think?
  6. I am looking to book with Jen in the summer months (June to Auguest). I live in Bayside, Queens. Anyone interested in doing a group session??
  7. I am soo excited! I never thought of doing these, but I live in Queens! I am going to contact her today! When do you give these pics to your FH? Does Jen put them together in an album? How many pics is strandard to order? I also saw her engagament pics, but was not as impressed, would you recommend her or someone else? Fab pics!!! Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Hunieduew

    Punta Cana 2011 Bride--Confused!!

    I just got engaged less than 2 weeks ago and I am soo super confused! I managed to get my list down to the Dreams Punta Cana, Paradisus (but just found out that the Gazebo will not fit my 100 guests to sit), and the Riu Palace Punta Cana. I really just chose these becuase there is a lot of info on them. My requirements are really just to have an off-the-beach ceremony (Catholic) with a sit down provate recepetion and open bar...Doesn't seem to difficult, right?? I am finding that the EXTRAS are really confusing and are adding up fast! I will take ALL suggestions!! =) Thank you!!
  9. Hi!! I have the prices for the Caprice 2011 and it says for 40 guests? Do you have something different? Thanks!!