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  1. Ah brides! You must take a honey moon suit!!! Regular rooms are below average ;( clean but very very simple and old-fashion with old furniture - so honeymoon is a must! Also recommend your guest to book rooms with view on the pool as other are facing a fence and are dark and if you have a choice ask for the rooms in building on the left if you are facing the ocean
  2. Hi Brides! I got married at Ocean Blue and Sand on Nov 27th! It was fantastic! I had 65guests we all had fantastic time! For music we used DJMannia- info@manniapuntacana.com - highly highly recommend!!! We dances non stop from 6pm till 3am - good music is everything! 110% worth the money if you have many guest coming. Resort provides very little decorations which is a huge problem if you want a beautiful wedding. You choice either bring your own or hire a decorator. I hired a decorator and she decorated beyond my expectations I used Mayte. If you have lots of guest its great resort but you need to do lots of homework. Please feel free to email me at Natalia.k.ny@gmail.com if you like more info here are few photos taken by a friend https://picasaweb.google.com/116849360628579162008/BrideAndGroom?authkey=Gv1sRgCOm8mZ7JlJnoogE&feat=directlink https://picasaweb.google.com/116849360628579162008/NataliaIgorWeddingBySergioVassioPhoto?authkey=Gv1sRgCMGHj8W3yazGFg&feat=directlink
  3. Dear Ambeato! Thank you so much for great review of Ocean Blue and Sand! I am getting married there on Nov 27th. Had so many problems with WC so far every time new person replies to my e-mail ( 2 weeks later! ) Please e-mail any photos you have at Natalia.k.ny@gmail.com Did you like the restaurant? How is the photographer? It's so wonderful you got a chance to go there and see the hotel!!! Best of luck in planning and my best wishes !!! Natalia
  4. Hi Brides! Just got my wedding confirmed for Nov 27th at Riu Palace Punta Cana!!! Starting research but so hard to find info and photos ;( If you have any pictures please email me at Natalai.k.ny@gmail.com thank you soso so much for all your help!!!
  5. Natalia.K.

    jellyfish resturant

    I am doing my wedding there on Nov 27, 2010 !!! 50 people - only starting to plan now please let me know any tips
  6. Natalia.K.

    Ocean Blue & Sand 6/19/10

    Congratulations!!! I just booked my wedding there too for Nov 27 2010 Only starting to plan!!! Very exciting but so much work Which wedding package did you chose? Are you bringing your own photographer or using theirs? Will you be bringing extra flowers? Will you have DJ or music? Sorry million questions thank you so much for your help!!!
  7. Hi Dear Sheri! Congratulations on your wedding!!!! I just booked my wedding in Ocean Blue for Nov 27, 2010 Only starting to plan! If you can please email me some photos natalia.k.ny@gmail.com Which package did you chose? Did you have private reception? In which restaurant? Can we pick restaurants or just the one they give you? Did your wedding finished at 11 or did you stayed later? Oh so sorry have million questions so hard to plan from far away thank you so much for your help!
  8. Natalia.K.

    Hi all brides ;)

    Thank you thank you thank you for such a warm replies!!!! Love this forum already!!!
  9. I am getting married there on Nov 27th 2010!!! Which restaurant did you chose for reception? Do you have any photos of restaurants? Are you having a beach or Garden reception? Do they have wedding gazebo there?
  10. Hi Ladies! Just booked my wedding in Iberostar Bavaro on Nov 27 2010 very excited but don't even know where to start to plan ;( Which restaurant to chose for reception? DJ or Band or bring your own music? Do you think it's important to go there and arrange all in person? Do they even have wedding gazebo or it's set up in place of your choice? If so what is the best place for ceremony in IB Bavaro? Oh so many questions!!!! Please let me know if you have any info thank you in advance! Also is there discount on rooms if you book 20-30rooms? So far I had travel agent to call but they offer no discounts ;( Is it best to book flights now? they are 530$ kind of price ;(
  11. Natalia.K.

    Hi all brides ;)

    So happy I found this forum! It's so hard to plan destination wedding - definitely need help I am getting married on Nov27 2010 in DR Punta Cana in Iberostar Bavaro. Hope can find someone who is getting married there too