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  1. Great idea....Mother of the groom. Now Jade Nov 08/2012
  2. Hi ladies, I just did a site visit at the Now Sapphire, it was lovely.My son is being married at the Now Jade, but I did take alot of pictures of the Sapphire. I will try and post them here. OK, this is taking way too long..LOL, please send me your e-mail if you want all the pictures and I will send them to you.
  3. Hi Ladies, yes I took tons of pics and videos, but I am not sure how to post on here, I will try, but if you are anxious send me your e-mail and I will just send them to you. The Hotel is so Lovely, the only thing I was surprised about was that preferred Club is in a separate Building, with a smaller pool, and all the restaurants are on the side that is not preferred. The food was great, we ate at Castaways for Lunch and the Japanese for dinner, very good. The beach is in a bit of rough shape, and I am not sure why, but I believe it will be fixed soon. All the locations for ceremony and reception were great, hard to choose actually. Two weddings going on while i was there, very nice. The rooms that I saw were all beautiful. This is a smaller resort and was crazy busy with the weddings the day I was there, but everything seemed to run like clockwork. I have friends that live in Playa Del Carmen and they are going to find florists for me and anything else I need, so once I have all the info I will certainly pass it all on to you girls. Please ask me specific questions, as I don't know what else to write LOL...
  4. Hi Kimmysue, Where are you coming from? Looks like we will be there the same time. I just got back from checking out the Jade, if any one needs to know anything let me know or e-mail direct cindyfries@telus.net
  5. Where are you departing from and how many. the reason that it is so high right now is because the air schedules are not out yet so they are quoting you high just in case. You can send me a personal e-mail and I can explain this more in length if you like. From Mother of the Groom I will be visiting the Jade next week so I will ask alot of the questions I see here and let you all know.
  6. Hi K, Nice to hear from a Vancouverite! Just booked the Jade for Nov. 4, 2012. Just starting to do all the research now. All your info was very helpful, Thank You. I am going down to see the Jade in about a month, so I will let you know what I find out. I will definitely be looking at the Seaside area as well. Anything else you would like me to check out while I am there, let me know. Luvthatsun
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