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  1. Wow that sounds really beautiful! I would love to see a picture of it I will PM you my email address.
  2. Oh awesome! Sounds like you've really got everything planned! Where is your reception going to be? My ceremony is at 1pm and we're bringing a photographer down so we want a lot of time for pictures, then reception will follow at about 6! As far as centerpieces, I may just bring my own, and for food I'm thinking the royal seafood salad and beef fillet with chocolate shell for dessert. How about yourself? For music I have my cousin coming who is a DJ, but I really want the cold fireworks that everyone seems to talk about when they hire the DJ. I also really want to upgrade to the royal for a few nights! What kind of centerpieces are you bringing down? I read on here that someone brought their own in from a florist, meeting them down the street. I wonder if they will charge you the $300 vendor fee if you bring it in yourself instead of having it delivered!
  3. Hi ladies! I'm getting married at the Gran Caribe on July 26th, ceremony at the chapel and reception on the rooftop terrace with the green carpet. Will anyone be getting married around the same time as me? Do you have any backup plans in case there is rain? I also want to know if anyone has prices of how much it costs to upgrade rooms, or even upgrade to the Royal? Happy planning everyone!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by allyson779 We are also getting married in rainy season. I researched all options including renting a tent, oceana, and the ballroom. I am not sure how many people you are expecting but if you plan on renting a tent on the beach... it is super expensive. To give you an idea how expensive it is... we received quotes from the resort and two other vendors for a simple waterproof tent to set up on the beach for around 80-100 guests... the pricing was anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000 on up (and that was including a simple tent and flooring.... not even a dance floor). If you were having the reception at Las Palmas I am sure the cost would go down dramatically because you don't have to worry about the sand and flooring. The ballrooms were very pretty and as mentioned above they have a perfect area for cocktails. Plus it is very private with their own restrooms. (which is an added bonus) In the end we decided not to take a chance and worry about having a back up plan ... so we picked Oceana for our reception. The rental fee is expensive, but to us it was worth it. Plus at our reception we can enjoy the beach setting rain or shine. Thanks Allyson for the great info!
  5. That really puts my mind at ease for a rainy season wedding! And the pictures of the ballrooms are beautiful... just as nice and nicer then the hotel ballrooms in my town that drove us away from getting married at home! Great to know that there's easy access to the ballrooms, and there could be a possible cocktail set up in the foyer. Thanks so much for the reply!
  6. That was really a lot of great information, and answered tons of my questions! I'm very thankful for this forum! Congrats to everyone! Dreams PV seems like the perfect place for my fiance and I to celebrate our marriage after reading such positive reviews! (Wedding at Our Lady of Guadalupe). One thing going through the thread, I didn't notice anything about people having a wedding at Dreams PV in the rainy season (June-September) & backup plans. My fiance and I really want to have our Reception at Dreams PV, but unfortunately for many reasons we have to get married in July! (I know, heat, humidity and RAIN)! I was wondering if any of the previous brides have experience in talking to Rebecca about possible backup plans? I read somewhere that you can rent Oceana out for $3000 and it's covered but I was wondering if there was another backup plan that you don't have to pay extra for. Is the ballroom at the back of the resort a backup plan that doesn't have extra cost? Anyone have experience with tents as a possible backup plan, how many people they cover and the price of those? Thanks!
  7. Wow, thank you so much everyone! I've already found such helpful and useful advice on this forum, it really is a life saver, thank you!
  8. Hello! A newbie here, wanting to get married at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church PV and have a reception at Dreams Puerto Vallarta, July 2011. Any general tips? Thanks so much, can't wait!
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