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  1. Thanks for all the replies to my question. I'm thinking snacks too. I really don't want to have to make a trip to Walmart or such after we get there, so I think non melting ones will be what gets carried down on the plane.
  2. What snacks are included in the minibars in the rooms? Do most of you plan to include snacks in your OOT bags and if so, what are you planning to include? Any tips on what snacks got rave reviews and which could be left off?
  3. knitgirl, That last figure just looks like a typo to me. Of course, $180 + 10% tax doesn't equal 199.80 either, but it is closer than $180 + 10% tax equaling 599.40. Anyway, maybe she can clear it up with better math on her part.
  4. Melinda, I wanted badly to see your slideshow, but it wouldn't open. Maybe my server is just being slow tonite. Will try again later.
  5. So, who is next to be married at Secrets? My son's wedding is set for Oct. 22.
  6. Lynnea, What a beautiful wedding. I appreciate you going into the details that we all wonder about. I especially loved the fact that a lot of your decisions are ones that my son and future wife have also made. My future daughter-in-law is also not taking extra decorations with her to use. It is so great to see how everything just looked lovely the way the resort set it up. She is also looking for an alternative to paying extra for a rehearsal dinner and they are also having a legal ceremony. Your details were great to affirm that everything will be taken care of so well. You looked beaut
  7. I love the stick people. Is this a template that is available without having to have 150 posts? Not sure I will ever do that many. I have gathered lots of items to go in the OOT bag for my son's wedding, but not sure yet how my Daughter in Law will want to package it all up. Cute packaging!!!
  8. Dayla, I am from College Station. Not too long until your big day. How are the plans going? How many guests will you have and have you been happy working with the Secets staff?
  9. Her STD's go out this week, but not sure when the invites go out. She already knows everyone who is actually going to the wedding, so I guess these were done for the fun of the experience. Don't think anyone will forget to go to a wedding they have made reservations for and planned for for months. At least, I sure won't. I can't wait.
  10. Mlynnea, hope to see your review pop up soon. Will you be posting pictures of the day over in the review section? Can't get enough of looking at everyone's shots.
  11. Mlynnea, I see your wedding was in February. Was it all you wanted? Our group will be around 27, so maybe the World Cafe might work for it. Sounds like you lucked out and found a place that you didn't have to pay per person for. Great deal!!
  12. Thanks for that tip, mlynnea. Good to know that beach weddings take place on south side so I can ask for something not far from the action.
  13. Any suggestions for rehearsal dinner? Seems awful to have to pay per person for dinner for guests since they have already paid for all inclusive meals. Anyone doing anything creative to have welcome time for guests, but not pay for meals that have already been paid for?
  14. Does anyone have suggestions for which building to request for our rooms? The wedding will take place on the beach so wouldn't it be a good idea to request a building that is close to the area where the wedding will happen? Don't want a building that has "noise" issues (near club areas with loud music a constant problem) Anyone with ideas?
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