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  1. Whats the difference besides location?
  2. Hey ladies!! I'm considering the RIU PALACE also! Whats your dates?? And did anyone get prices yet???
  3. Moe

    Hello Brides

    Welcome Maur!!! I am newly engaged myself!!! And my heart is set on Dreams Riviera Cancun!!!! But the choice is yours!!!!! Lots of info on here!!!!!GL
  4. I'm looking for reviews left by brides that have walked the aisle in Riviera Maya:) I'm trying to pick a hotel and I'm hoping the reviews will help me:)
  5. Moe


    Thanks!!! I feel the love!!!!!
  6. Moe


    1. Hey I'm Moe *waving* 2. Haven't set a date yet.. But I'm thinking April or May 2011 3. Riviera Maya, Mexico!!!!!! P.S. You can catch me @ the EXPO this SUNDAY!!!!!