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  1. I did finally pick my song that I'm walking down to though.....Heavenly Day by Patty Griffin.
  2. No, we really didn't pick anything....should I be worried? She basically emailed me confirmation and asked which restaurant we wanted to eat at. She included menus but no pictures of them or anything. I think everything is so carefree and then I see the stuff on here and I admire all of you who are planning so much
  3. Nevermind. I found it A-MA-ZING! You really put a lot of time and creative effort into your wedding. It looks absolutely beautiful. If I created a thread it would literally be less than a page. I don't know if it's where I'm going, but I don't even know what kind of flowers I have, what my cake looks like.....and I leave in 3 weeks!
  4. Brandy - where can I go to see your planning thread?
  5. I'm shocked to hear you guys know so much about your WC. Mine has barely even contacted me and doesn't respond for days when I respond to her. When she does respond, it's normally one or two words. I hadn't even thought of bringing her a gift! Is it pretty standard to bring a gift for the WC? What about photographer?
  6. Thank you thank you! They have exactly what I need and good prices!!!
  7. So....my resort said they would charge $4 for ribbons on the chairs. I didn't know I had to bring my own ribbon? Where the heck am I supposed to find thick guava ribbon??
  8. Brandy Wedding: April 2 Leaves: March 30 Beaches Turks & Caicos Teneshia (Tennyt1) Wedding: April 2 Leaves: March 30 Sandals Grande Ocho Rios, Jamaica lsmith211 (leah) Wedding: April 5 Leaves: March 31 Gran Bahia Principe Runaway Bay JA Char (bryanandchar) Wedding: April 5 Leaves: April 2 RIU Ocho Rios, Jamaica Christina Wedding: April 7 Leaves: April 2 Riu Ocho Rios, Jamaica Teira Wedding: April 7 Leaves: April 4 Dreams Los Cabos 3 weeks from today!!!!!! (not that i'm excited or anything lol ) Laura Wedding: April 9 Leaves: April 6 Riu Negril, Jamaica greysgirl(shelley) Wedding April 11 Leaves April 9 Maui, Maluaka Beach JWetli (Jenny) Wedding: April 14 Leaves April 10 Riu Palace Mexico, Riviera Maya Lesee(Elese) Wedding: April 18 Leaves: April 14 Paradisus Palma Real, Punta Cana, DR Meggers (Megan) Wedding: April 19 Leaves: April 12 Barcelo Maya Palace, Riviera Maya Mocha(Sherri) Wedding: April 22 Leaves: April 16 Moon Palace, Riviera Maya LisaDias(Lisa) Wedding: April 26 Leaves: April 23 Now Jade Riviera Resort & Spa, Riviera Maya Tris (Trista) Wedding: April 28 Leaves: April 23 Gran Bahia Principe, Runaway Bay Jamaica
  9. Hi Ladies! I haven't been on here a while, but thought I'd turn to my DW friends for some help & advice. We are getting married in 29 days and I don't know what song I'm walking down to yet!!! I thought it was going to be Somewhere Over the Rainbow, but that was the song played at my grandma's funeral and my family is suggesting I do not play it due to the memories. I need a backup plan.....anyone willing to share???
  10. I don't know about you guys, but this whole destination wedding has me feeling like I'm forgetting so much. I've helped friends plan their weddings before and they are SOOO stressed out and have SOOO much to do. I feel like I've done nothing and am forgetting something. I basically booked the place, invited my family, got my dress, booked a photographer (Sascha Gluck) and have done nothing else. I've made lists and feel like I'm forgetting so much, but can't figure out what. I have 1 BM and she got her dress already. Fiance is narrowing the options on suits. I have a few songs picked out and have NO idea how many I need. I don't know what my resort (Riu Palace Mexico) offers for receiption, but we are trying really hard to keep costs down, so not sure I'd pay for it anyway. (we have 4 girls between the 2 of us so $$ isn't just falling out of our pockets:) I was thinking of just bringing a docking station and setting up an ipod at the resort bar. Not sure if they'll let us, but don't see why not. I'm looking at discountmugs.com for gifts for our guests....anyone have experience with them? Where do you get your logo to personalize it? We're planning on having an AHR in August, so that is where we're incorporating our girls. I thought maybe I'd wait and do the sand ceremony when I can include them in it. I haven't done much with the AHR either besides book the place. We're having it at a large park in the area. Sorry to go on and on.....if anyone has any advice or suggestions for me, I'm all ears.
  11. Getting married April 14, 2011
  12. Getting married April 14, 2011
  13. Hi everyone I haven't used the site very much, so I guess I'm not very familiar with how to navigate around here yet. Sorry if these questions are already out here somwehere. I'm wondering if anyone has used Renova Spa at Riu Palace Mexico? I don't want to spend $100 and hate my hair. I'm super nervous about it. Also, does anyone have fun gift ideas for our guests? We're trying to keep prices really low but I want to get everyone a little something that will fit into our suitcase without putting us over the weight limit. One last thing.....can someone explain to me what they did for their sand ceremony? I'm looking for a nice poem for during the ceremony, but haven't come across many yet. Thanks in advance!!! Jenny
  14. I'm going to Riu Palace Mexico April 14. I just see all of the posts on here about music and reception, etc and I haven't thought about ANY of that. We weren't planning on doing a private reception, so I would think I really just need a couple of songs....walk down the isle and walk out, right? Makes me wonder what else I'm forgetting.... Thanks for the photographer suggestions. I LOVE Moments that Matter, but they are already booked for my day
  15. Hello Everyone! I'm fairly new to the site and I am SUPER nervous that I haven't done something. My fiance and I just got engaged in September, and we have April 2011 booked in Riviera Maya. We have 17 + us going, so a perfect size in my mind anyway I have my dress and my bridesmaids dress, scheduled alterations, and I am desperately searching for a photographer. It's been hard to find one thats open and doesn't cost a fortune. I'm actually quite surprised at what photographers charge in Mexico. Anyway....if anyone has any "watch outs" or "dont forgets" for me, I would greatly appreciate it. I feel like I haven't done enough to wedding plan.....
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