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  1. Hey girls, just wanted to share a find with your all. Bath and Bodyworks has hand sanitizer for $1.00 each, and if you enter code new25 at checkout any order over $25.00 costs only $1.00 to ship. Just bought some of the mango margarita hand sanitizers for my OOT bags
  2. Thank you vlynnw, I actually go it from another bride - they are soooooo cute, even my fiance thought they were funny. Thanks again for answering my question!
  3. Does anyone have the template for the wedding survival kit? Looking for the 4 stick figures that say too much sun, too much drinking, etc.? Found it on DIY forum but I couldn't download it.
  4. Maur

    Dreams Tulum

    Thats the way I feel and someone said they are very slow with the sit down meal. I am going with the buffet for more dancing and dj time!
  5. This may be a dumb question, but does anyone know if you have to bring the table numbers with you for the reception?
  6. Barbiegirl - best of luck, enjoy your wedding and I hope it turns out to be everything you have ever dreamed of!
  7. Having my reception at Seaside Grill, what are everyones feelings regarding sit down vs. buffet style dinner?
  8. Maur

    Dreams Tulum

    Having my reception at the Seaside Grill, what are everyone's feeling regarding sit down dinner or buffet style???
  9. My girls are wearing gold dressy flip flops for the ceremony on the beach and whatever they want for the reception.
  10. Maur

    Dreams Tulum

    I am getting married at Dreams Tulum on April 22, 2011...maybe we will see eachother, I am not getting there until the 19th though
  11. NaM, I just hired Fernando for my makeup and hair for my April 2011 wedding in Cancun. Just watched your wedding phots from DelSol, I have to say you were one of the most beautiful brides. Your photographers did a great job, I only hope my wedding is 1/2 as beautiful as yours was. Thanks for sharing
  12. Vlynnw - thank you so much for that information. I had been looking for somone to come to the room for my bridesmaids and I did think that the prices for flowers by dreams were a little pricey. For some reason I am having trouble viewing the website you posted...do you know where else I can see pictures of her her work - either flowers or makeup?
  13. vlynnw where did you find the flower lady from, and if possible would you be able to give me her contact information please. Is she doing your bridesmaids flowers as well?
  14. Well said, I agree with you 100% - just like if you were to have a wedding in the States you would be paying for everything and anything - don't expect something for nothing.
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