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  1. kad1010, oops, I see my original reply to you got posted twice... d'oh! One of them was "pending" so I posted a second one... oh well, the joys of being a "Noob"... haha. Here's the menu that Lizbeth provided us with when we did our site inspection... there are three options... I was told that if you like something from "No 1" but you selected "No 3" (for example) you can make substitutions. Ultimate Package Menu No 1 Tropical Martini shrimp cocktail served with brunoise of Avocado Puff pastry field with Salmon and wild mushroom served white wine sauce Cream of mushroom with baby shrimp Beef tenderloin filed with vegetable julienne served in red wine sauce "OR" Chicken breast filed with spinach and provolone cheese served with saffron sauce Peach cheese cake served with strawberry Couli No 2 feuillete of escargot served with doble cream bordelaise sauce Spinach salad served with duck confie and balsam vinaigrette Cream of broccoli with parmesan cheese Chicken breast filed with spinach and provolone cheese served with saffron sauce "OR" Penne with Provencal sauce serve with shrimp and grill scallop millefeuille of wild berry served with Irish cream No 3 Mussel sauté with champagne serve with threes cheese sauce Snow crab cake served with avocado and tomato dressing Cream of leek served with fish quenelle Sea bass feuillete served fresh asparagus and Portobello mushroom and beurre Blanc sauce "OR" Lamb Wellington served with mushroom duxell and demi armaniac sauce Timbale of with and dark chocolate served with vanilla sauce
  2. Kad1010, yes, DRC does offer sit down dinners. The menus vary depending on which wedding package you booked. Which package are you going with (Love, Gold or Ultimate)? I have copies of the menus but am unable to post due to my Noob status it seems. I can retype the options here if you let me know which package you booked
  3. Yes, they do have sit down dinners. I have a PDF copy of all of the options offered for the Love, Gold and Ultimate wedding packages which I recieved from Lizbeth when I did my site inspections back in April. I can't seem to really post them here but if you would like to take a look at them.. if you would like to send me private message with an email address I can reach you at and I would be happy to forward them to you .
  4. Hi ssapper and SharonMydung! Thank you and congrats to both of you as well I am in the same boat re having children at the wedding. Otherwise, my decision between DRC and the Royal would have been a seriously difficult one! SharonMydung, I almost did the same thing re giving a deposit to Azul without seeing it as the "adults only" section really appealed to some of my guests who are coming without children. I am really glad we did the site inspections! Honestly, it's hard to believe that Azul has an "on the beach" ceremony option given their beach is very far from picturesque! ssaper, rest assured that you made an excellent decision in choosing DRC! It honestly looks even better in person than on the website or in photos on tripadvisor and whatnot. I went to a couple of other properties before DRC other than the ones I mentioned in my earlier post and was starting to feel like maybe I had made the wrong decision in selecting the Mayan Riviera as the location for our wedding. I was feeling really anxious and discouraged with what I was seeing in other resorts! From the moment we arrived in the lobby of DRC, I breathed a sigh of relief and literally said "Yes!! This is what I was expecting! Let's book". haha. Congrats again to both of you!
  5. Hello everyone! I am pretty new to this site but am happy to announce that we have booked our wedding with DRC for April 19, 2012! I can't wait!! I was able to go down to the Mayan Riviera a couple of months ago and did a few site inspections in order be sure about my decision. I was really torn between DRC, Azul Sensatori and the Royal. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to go down and actually see the property, rest assured you all made a WISE decision to have your wedding there! The property is beautiful. The rooms, restaurants, pools and spa looked EXACTLY like they did in the pics I found online if not better! The beach is perfect as well. White powder sand and not at all rocky. I met with one of the managers there as well as one of the WCs, Lisbeth, and they were both extremely helpful, friendly and welcoming. Lisbeth emailed me all of the DRC wedding package information right away and was quick to reply to my questions (unlike what I have read about some resorts where communication with the WCs is verrrry slow). I was actualy disappointed with what I saw at Azul Sensatori... Their beaches were not at all like those at DRC... very rocky and not even close to as "pretty" as DRC (not at all where I would want to have a beach ceremony). The resort itself felt gigantic far too spread out. We were given lunch and I found that the food (well what we had at least) wasn't very good. Everything looks much nicer in the photos online then when you are actually there. However, their WC was very nice and gave us a great tour. During our trip, we stayed at the Royal in Playa del Carmen and also visited the Royal in Cancun and I must say, it's a BEAUTIFUL resort for honeymooners and well worth your consideration should you be looking for an alternate resort if you are extending your stay! We are booked at the Royal in Cancun for ours. Beaches at both are amazing and the food was delicious!! Happy planning to all!
  6. Hi all! My FH and I are looking at resorts in the Riviera Maya in April 2012. Very excited!!
  7. Sorry, I should also mention that wedding will be in April 2012...
  8. His photos are fabulous! Does anyone have any feedback on his communication skills? I have noticed that some vendors are not so great at emailing back when you contact them...
  9. Hi all. I have been a member for a few months but really had no clue where I wanted my wedding until now. We are meeting with our TA/WC this weekend to go over some options. Dreams Riviera Cancun and Azul Sensatori are my top two choices. Boy oh boy am I having a hell of a job trying to make a decision here! Does anyone have advice on the decision making process? Thank you and congrats to all!
  10. Thank you for posting pictures! Since I am still a Noob I really appreciate being able to look at photos without having to be at the correct member level to do so.
  11. I too have tried contacting the WC at DRC and received no reply. I have decided to go through a TA who is also a certified wedding planner instead of trying to book it all on my own. DRC was my first choice after reading loads of threads on this site. I was speaking to my TA about DRC and although she said I will be very satisfied with all DRC has to offer, she spoke very highly of AS. She said that AS was her number 1 choice for DWs and that she has had nothing but positive feedback from brides who have had their weddings there. And now and I torn... ugh. Has anyone ever visited either resort? A few of our major concerns when making this decision are food, rooms and beach. Food-wise I have read that DRC is top notch but I have not read much about AS. I absolutely LOVE the way the rooms look on the DRC website but sometimes pics can fool you. I saw a review on tripadvisor.com that DRC's beach is "rocky" and has "lots of chunks of wood in the water" but you clearly can't tell from the pictures... Any comments are very much appreciated. Thank you and happy planning to all!!
  12. Wow... sounds like quite the debacle! The good news is that you looked fabulous ) Thanks very much for this review! I have been browsing the net for photographers and you never really know what you are going to get even when the pics on the site look good... This has been really helpful!
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