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  1. We just got married at the Colonial on January 10, and this couldn't be further from the experience that we had. Our wedding was perfect, and all of our guests had a great time. I wouldn't worry about that 1 review, your wedding will be great!
  2. I did the same thing...the doors have handles like the following picture, so I just put a fairly large hole in the top of the rack cards, and you could just slide it over the handle and hang it there, worked great!
  3. We have booked Michael Steingard for photography, I can't wait to work with him!
  4. Be careful what resort you are looking at, we went with the Majestic, but they require a copy of your marriage certificate to do the symbolic ceremony...so I don't know about other resorts, but I have heard the same from other brides on here that are doing symbolic ceremonies at different resorts.
  5. Congrats on getting a date confirmed!! Now all of the fun begins! I am getting married at 5pm in January, so can't help with your questions but happy planning!
  6. Thanks ladies! I have been following the weight watchers points system, I don't go to the meetings, just got the information and follow it at home. I have also been trying to get exercise in every day, and drink a lot of water...I think it also has a lot to do with the fact that I have a fair bit of weight to lose, so I think the first bit of weight will come off easier than the last! Not so sure how next weeks weigh in will go, this weekend has been filled with birthdays and a batchelorette for my best friend...have to get back on track starting tomorrow! Can't believe its been 6 weeks al
  7. Hi ladies! You are right this site is amazing! I actually switched from Dreams to the Majestic... Good luck with your planning!!
  8. Weigh in is done...Down a bit which is good, but the long weekend definately caught up with me. Hopefuly next week is better! Â Also, thanks Oryx for all of the info, I am going to try out the lemon as well.
  9. Great work everyone!!! I have a question about the Apple Cider Vinegar...I was in Walmart yesterday and they had ACV pills in the vitamin section. There was one bottle by Jamieson Vitamins that was like $8, and the one beside it was a "weight loss ACV" for like $20....would the pills work the same as drinking the organic ACV? I want to try it out, but I know I would have trouble bringing the liquid ACV to work and on the go, where the pill form would be much easier to bring along.... Thanks ladies!
  10. Totally interested and ready to start at ANY time! January is fast approaching and I am running out of time!
  11. Hey everyone, So far so good with WW. I also have the same problem with knowing if I am actually hungry...AND I have a hard time knowing when I am full. WW is great for at least making me aware of what I am eating. Down 6 pounds so far...and am starting to pick up the exercise now so that should help as well.
  12. Hey everyone, I have just started on my first week of WW, and would love to chat with other brides on the program! hat0112 - great job for sticking with it all month! Just these past couple of days have been hard for me!
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