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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by ebernard4985 For those of you who have already stayed at the resort.... is it true that the beach bar closes pretty early? I was hoping to have my guests hang out here while we take pictures instead of paying the extra money for the cocktail hour. Also, I read on trip advisor ( i know, i need to stay off that site ) that there are armed military patrolling the beach at night, and you are not allowed to walk around the resort after dark.... how accurate is this? I know my family members were hoping to swim at night... is this not allowed I just got back last Friday and It was amazing. My friends did see an armed military one time during the day quite a ways down the beach. The resort does have security out all night checking the beaches. You can be on the beach my husband and his friends were out at around 2 am they don't care they just don't want people in the ocean. The pools closed at around 8. We had a plunge pool however so we could swim whenever. The jacuzzi's are open until around 10 or 10:30 I think though, depending on the weather for the day they could be chilly or super hot since they are not really hot tubs. It was raining the whole first week we were there so they were pretty cold, but when it was sunny out they where almost unbearably hot. Its fun because around 5 or 6 they put out a bottle of champagne and 2 flutes for whoever is there. Hope this helps!
  2. OK ladies I am off at 4 am this morning! Wish me luck, and thank you for all your advise!
  3. It was really helpful for me to read through the forum Laura posted. You will find out so much useful information, and as the members have gotten married there have been some great reviews! Good Luck if you have any questions let me know if I can help!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by Terls Hi, i'm Terls. My proposed wedding date is April 29th, 2011 at Dreams Cancun or Los Cabos in Mexico. I'm looking for feedback from anyone who is getting married or got married at this resort. Were you satisfied with the package? I will be getting married in a couple of weeks at Dreams Riviera Cancun. I am having a small wedding (12 guest) and am not that picky so it has worked out pretty well. The responses from the WC tend to be very slow, so this forum has kept me sane when I needed to find something out. You should check to see if there is a thread specific to your resort! Welcome and Congrats!
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by AlisonJimmy I need to find some affordable beach totes for my OOT bags....any ideas?? I got mine from Vistaprint and was really happy with them. They were pretty reasonable and you can upload your Monogram or picture that you would like to use. Also, if you don't want to upload on they have designs you can pick from.
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by amberm410 Juan Navarro is actually a DRC resort approved photographer so once I let Ana know I wanted him she booked him for me. She actually gave me him as an option but I know sometimes she doesn't mention all the options sometimes so if you just ask she can arrange him for you. Another girl had him as her photographer the day after mine. I just paid the resort and they paid Juan. I believe (can't remember) it was the exact same price as the resort based photography company. I stuck with the package 4 which was $1050 USD and we received a book with about 96-100 photos as well as some 8 X 10's and some 5 X 7s. We also got a cd of all these pictures. Then on top of that we paid extra after the wedding for cds that had over 1200 pictures on them with all rights for us to print as we need etc.. It was a really good deal and they did an awesome job. Oh thank you! I just emailed my TA to email Ana for me to see if it will be possible to get him! I am going to cross my fingers!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Shoesiesluvr Thanks for posting this link...youre a total lifesaver!! Ive been searching and searching the web for these ID badges and cannot find them anywhere for such a good price...I just ordered mine. Thanks Again!! No problem I am just glad I could help someone else out. This site has given me so many ideas. I could not find them online for the life of me either it prolly took me a couple hours! I can't wait to get them finished they are such a great idea!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by amberm410 Hey girls! I just returned from my wedding there on the 10th! I will post a full review later in the week but have no fear once you get there everything comes into place! Ana and her assistant Yasmin are on top of it. The best part of my wedding is the awesome pictures. I would highly highly suggest Juan Navarro. His crew did an such a great job capturing every part. I have 3 cd's of pictures. Some are color, some black and white, some black and white with just flowers or somehting in the picture being color and sepia photos. So creative. We had so much fun. Here is a link to a few of the pictures on his site. JEFF & AMBER DREAMS RIVIERA CANCUN 10 APRIL’10 Juan Navarros Blog Also if you just go to his site you can check out his work. www.juanphots.com Full review of the resort and wedding etc.. to come within the next few days! Happy planning! I don't quite understand how using Juan works. Did you have him booked far in advance? Did you then have to pay for his services since he is no longer the resort photographer? I love his photos compared to the resort photographers but I am trying to keep my cost down. Thanks and Congrats I LOVED your Dress! So beautiful!
  9. 25 Business ID Card Badge Holder w/ Zipper Vertical ZV - eBay (item 250612703367 end time Apr-19-10 18:46:57 PDT) These are not the ones I got but they are just like them and a good price. I wanted to make sure they had a closure if peeps were putting money in them!
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by tiffaneyh I am not sure if this will work. I have never tried to post pictures before but if it does... here are my 2 logos. I am not completely decided between them. Tough choice they are both great!
  11. No problem!!! I will hopefully get mine done soon so I can share photos with you! Good luck!
  12. We booked an oceanfront plunge pool room for our trip, and that is a bummer that they are not truly oceanfront. Oh well I am sure that the view will still be amazing and we won't really be spending that much time in our rooms anyways! By the way I leave in exactly 1 month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I am making the ones that have been on here with the zippered pouch so everything can stay in safely. I bought them on ebay for about $10 for 15. I haven't actually done the inserts yet but i am just going to use word. You can go into the label maker part and pick some business card or name badge ones and it will set up a template for you. Then just do you design. You can usually buy business cards and such at wal-mart or staples for a reasonable price. If you search key card holders on here you can see some good examples and they usually have templates attached. I do not have enough points however to download them. I know that a lot of people ordered the coil keyrings from oriental trading for cheap. We do not have many guest so I am just going to go to the hardware store to get mine. Also, many people ordered there business cards from vistaprint. I would if I had a lot to make but since I only need 13 I will just do them myself. If you haven't used vistaprint they are very good. I used them for my bags and I am super happy with them. Hope this helps I know it is a little jumbled! Let me know if you have specific questions!
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