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  1. Hey Ladies, its been awhile since Ive been on here. Our wedding was 8/5 and I feel like the last 4 weeks of my life has been a big fat blur!!! I promise in the next few days I will sit down and take time to write a short review, but all I can say for now is.....there is absolutely NO reason to stress about anything!!!! It was a wasted emotion for me!! Xhail was our planner and she was absolutely AMAZING!!! more to follow soon.....!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsC-to-Be Hmm I figured as much...So then any ideas on what you and your guests will do between the ceremony and the dinner? I figured if we have a 1pm wedding, that takes about 30mins or so. Then pictures, not sure how long that takes. I think I"m going with the coconut package too, and my guests (only about 8-10 people) will be just fine with entertaining themselves at the bar /beach until dinner. well, that is still up in the air, we have about 18 i think (still having people say yes, then no, then yes....) We are asking for the soonest dinner time (5:30 or 6), so im just not sure
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsC-to-Be Wow ok thanks. Also, the coconut package says its limited to I think 11am, 12, and 1pm....is that also flexable? I would love the coconut package at like....4pm or 3, I'd be ok with that. What time did you end up with yes, its 11, 12, or 1 and they are absolutely unwilling to work with you on this one. we ended up with 1pm.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by MrsC-to-Be Hi All!! Ok, sorta switching the topics here How about packages? what packages are you all going with? I'm still undecided. I am doing the 'legal' paperwork here at home so I wont be needing to pay for all the legality stuff for the ceremony. Therefore, I'm considering the Coconut Packages, which is stated as 'free' as long as you book 25 room nights, which is easy with 12+ people Has anyone heard of taking such a package like the Coconut, and adding something to it? changing it at all? I asked Victoria and she pretty much said you cannot change anything. I find this hard to believe. Anyways, just looking to see what everyone has heard from the resort on these packages. Thanks! We are going with the coconut package, and that is not true about adding to it. Xhail told us we could add anything we wanted, right down to choosing the cake design! I did have a fit today when she quoted me $150 more for an acoustic guitar than she orignally did. Needless to say, after I informed her I still had the emails with the quotes, she told me she would make sure it was the same price as quoted before.
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by Angelina Hi Ladies, Can't wait to get to know you all... We are getting married at the Barecelo Maya Tropical on November 18, 2010. Wondering if anyone who has gotten married here or will be soon got a choice of what songs they played for their live music at the ceremony? I was thinking I might ask to have the live music at coctail hour and just bring my own music for the ceremony... What are you ladies doing? Also, any ladies married recently bring an 'outside photographer' as a guest and get away with it? This no outside photographer thing is a real pain considering from what I have seen the resort photographer isn't fabulous. Thoughts? hey there, we are getting married on 8/5/10, we were told by Xhail the cost of live music was $250, which is for a 45min set. We are having the guitar and bass. She said, we need to pick out the music (what we want) and they will play it. She said at least 3 songs. I know that doesnt answer all your questions, but hope that helps.
  6. thats great Allison! We will be there 7/31, but leaving on 8/7 :-( if you havent been there, you will LOVE it!! we went there on vacation last year, it was AMAZING!!!
  7. Hey ladies, we are getting married on Aug 5th, and Xhail told us the same thing (two months to confirm). However, she did say, if we did not get our reservations booked within that two months, all we had to do was call/email her, and she would "re-hold" the time/date for another two months. We didnt actually have to do that, as well booked just within two months, but did tell us that. hope that helps!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by TheMeBride2010 hi not sure if you got his info yet but it is adriang1224@gmail.com thanks so much bride2010!!
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Sandra&Mario I had Adrian Guerra! He was fantastic to work with and did an incredible job! Hi Sandra! ---would you mind please sending me Adrians contact info? i would really like to see if he is available for my wedding day. thanks so much! email: etter80@aol.com
  10. Mrs.Smith


    Just joined the forum, wedding date is August 5, 2010 at the Barcelo Maya Palace in Riviera Maya. Have already gained some great knowledge from here! thanks!
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