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  1. Sorry Diamondgirl!! I'm still trying to find the time to select the photos from my photographer!! I try and pop on here as much as I can to help answer any questions!! If you have any questions please go ahead and ask! I'm happy to help my fellow brides!!!
  2. The beach isn't anything great. There was a lot of seaweed and the water was not too clear. We did go on the beach a couple of the days but not many others were on the beach or in the water. But honestly the resort is so great that the beach didn't even matter.
  3. Put the entire song on the CD. When you meet with your WC when you arrive she has pieces of papers you can fill out with the song, track #, and at what part it should be played at. They have it all set up and play the songs for you. We only burned 4 songs. Guests, bridal party, me, and then the song at the end, It tuned out perfect.
  4. I don't have any yet. I just got married 2 weeks ago and Sascha told me they wouldn;t be ready for about 4-6 weeks! I can't wait to see them!! No, I'm not on his blog. I don't even know how to do that!! LOL
  5. For me the 5 hours covered an hour before the ceremony. Sascha was in my room and his assistant was in another room with the groom and groomsmen. And then the ceremony, cocktail hour, and some of the reception. He took group shots and then just shots of the 2 of us after the ceremony. And then during the reception he took us aside for more photos.
  6. Hi! I was just married at moon palace and did personalized koozies and they were a big hit!!! I got the ones for cans. At the resort the beer in the frig is in cans and if you get a drink at the bar they usually put it in a glass so i would recommend koozies for the can!!!
  7. I highly recommend him!! I just got married on the 23rd and he was beyond amazing. All of my guests were so impressed. I had him for 5 hours and it was perfect.
  8. Hey there. From what i remember the contract came pretty quick. I too like to keep track of everything and he was alway very responsive and helpful and the contract was pretty immediate.
  9. Hi ladies. I am back from my MP wedding and it was totally amazing! Everything turned out beautiful!!! If you have any questions I'll be happy to help!
  10. ok, so I can't help it but I'm starting to worry about the weather. My wedding is next weekend in Cancun and the forecast says nothing but showers. Doesn't look good. UGH
  11. I can't open any of your pics Can you email me them? Denine19@comcast.net
  12. Hi Marta, I'm also getting married on the 23rd!!! What time is your wedding?
  13. That's ridiculous. And $270 is a fee for the set up of the ceremony or the reception? Who is your WC? The only set up fee I'm beeing charged is for decorations for the reception.
  14. Hi girls. I was wondering something. If anyone is getting married legally before they go to Mexico and we need to bring a copy of the marriage license, can it be the copy we get that day from the judge or does it have to be the certified copy with the gold seal? I planned on getting married the day before we leave. Thanks!
  15. So close its scary!! I can't believe this time next month I'll be in Mexico and married!!
  16. Â We having a private reception at one of the terraces. But our rehearsal/welcome dinner is at one of the Italian restaraunts. El Manglar. Â
  17. Asbarret...we just miss each other. I leave on the 25th and head to Excellence! Â I would probably go with the discounted reception also. You might save more money. Maybe there is a bar close by that your guests can go to while you get your pictures. And I am freaking stressed! I feel like I have so much to do. I finally talked to my WC on the phone today for the 1st time so I feel a little better. I have all my locations reserved for rehearsal dinner, ceremony, cocktail, and reception. I'm going to make an itinerary for my guests so they know where to be when we get there.
  18.   Allison, I'm so glad you posted the iPod info. That was my latest dilema. Whether to do DJ or iPod. I too couldn't get myself to pay $1500 for 32 guests! I did not realize the iPod pkg came with a technician. I think I'm sold on that now!  I also just recieved an email from Deco Cancun and am waiting on prices but we seem to have the same style. Candles and lanterns.  Wow, 2 weeks!! I leave in 4. Can't wait to hear all about it  How many guests are you having? Â
  19. Ummmm, nope. I still have plenty of stuff to do! I'm getting the complimentary pkg so any extras I'll take care of when I get there!. Right now my dilema is should I have a DJ or not. MP $1500 price tage is just outrageous. But I don't know about having an iPod either. I'm so stressed and overwhelmed. How are your plans???
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