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  1. I have to say that everyone really really enjoyed the meal. i was actually surprised at how good it was lol. We chose: - caesar salad with chicken - beef bisque soup (DELICIOUS) - choice of Beef Sirloin or Grilled Salmon - Pineapple Cobbler for dessert + our wedding cake We paid $20 extra per guest in order for them to have the choice of a main meal (sirloin or salmon) Ended up not being worth it because only a few ppl choice the salmon, but we still had to pay $20 for everyone at the reception. But we still wanted to give them the choice. we did have open bar. We chose the International drink...so we could have Bacardi, Absolut, and Jack Daniels for example instead of just the local brands. It is ABSOLUTELY worth it to have open bar. we didn't want our guest to have to trek to the reception to get a drink! eventhough it it pricey, it so worth it. Hope this was helpful. just let me know if you have any other questions Good luck, Sheri
  2. Hi there, i was just married there in November. We had originally reserved the Garden Grill for our private reception as well. But when we went for the tour, we realized that it wouldn't really work for us because right in the center of the room, was a large grill buffet station....right in the middle of the room! we were having a DJ, and we know we were going to be doing tons of dancing, so our coordinator suggested the Italian "Cappricio" resto. It is the exact same as the Garden Grill but much more of an open space which was perfect for us. But we were able to keep the menu of the Garden Grill which was what we had wanted. Just thought I would suggest it. With a private reception, the room is reserved for you and only your guests. Don't worry, they do not charge for napkins, tableclothes, or covered chairs with sashes...they things were all included. I did bring my own table runners in our wedding color just because i didn't want to pay for them there. They even provide menu cards with your names on them, but you can bring your own too if you want something a bit more special. Hope this helps
  3. Hi ladies, I just got married at the GBP in November. I used their spa for my hair and make up. I was also really nervous about this, not knowing what it would look like lol. i actually was really happy with it. My package came with a free hair trial, which helped. They didn't speak English very well, so bring pics and practice your hand gestures But they are really good at what they do I had my make up done as well. Did my own touch ups after, but I was happy with what they had done. It was $50 for make up and I think it was $70 for my hair. Good luck!!
  4. Hi Girls, Yes we did travel on Saturday, and we left from Montreal. We were booked with Sunquest vacations in the club diamond section....great section by the way. For our guests it was $1200 per person. As for the cost of the wedding, it was approx $5700, for everything we paid there (wedding dress, husbands suit ect not included) That would be for the wedding package itself, extra flowers, photography, cocktail hour, private reception for us and our guests, openbar with International drinks, and centerpieces. I hope that was helpful
  5. Hi there! In Punta Cana, there is only one Gran Bahia. You can kind of think of it as being one resort divided into two...the left side and the right side. They are mirror images of each other. You have the gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana (offered from some travel companies such as Air Transat, Westjet vacations ect) and Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro (offered from Sunquest for example) We went for 2 weeks from Nov 13-27. We travelled with our friends and family for the first week and then we stayed a 2nd week. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! You will be busy for the first few days, with finalizing details. It goes by so fast, so it was so nice staying a second week for some alone time with your new hubby, and enjoying your honeymoon We as well wanted to have the feeling of a "real" wedding, with a reception and all. We certainly had that! The coordinators are so helpful and can help you stick within your budget. They gave us options for centerpieces which were gorgeous and not expensive, open bar or not. We had an open bar or we would have had a riot on our hands LOL, full menus, and the service at the reception was simply incredible! We had a few kids and babies, and the staff at our resto and the wedding coordinators entertained and played with the kids, and rocked the baby to sleep so our friends could enjoy themselves... above and beyond! We as well had the DJ and he was great. We didn't want to have to worry about playing music ourselves, so for us it was well worth it, we even had the staff joining the party and dancing with us, because the music was so good ) I could go on and on, just wanted to give you an idea of what they offer. Again, if you have any questions at all, just ask away!! Take good care
  6. Hi ladies, just had my wedding last month at the Gran Bahia Principe Bavaro. I cannot begin to tell you what a fantastic day we had!!! Everything was better then we could have hoped for. We had a beautiful beach ceremony, full reception, and partied it up at the disco after ) Our friends and family are still talking about it. If any of you ladies are thinking about having your wedding there, or have your date reserved and have questions about anything...feel free to ask! Happy Planning !
  7. I too, am getting legally married in Montreal, and having our symbolic ceremony at The Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana. It just seemed to make more sense and less of a "hassle" Â Good luck
  8. Thanks for the review. Looking so forward to our date in November! I was actually just trying to decide the other day about centerpieces. They provided something nice for you? were they expensive? Congratulations!!
  9. Congrats!! Doesn't it feel great to get your date confirmed?? I'm getting married there as well on November 17th. So exciting! Enjoy it!!
  10. I've been looking everywhere for the contact info for DJ Mannia for my wedding at the Gran Bahia Punta Cana...and I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does anyone have his approx prices or contact info?? Thanks so much!
  11. Hi there, I am a travel agent so I know these hotels really well. My personal opinion would be one of the Barcelo's or the Ocean Turquesa. It is all a matter of if you are looking for a hotel with a beach as well. -The occidental literally has NO beach. It has a tiny man made "pond" in front of the hotel. The hotel itself is really nice and is pretty much located on a national park called Xcaret. - And same goes for the Grand Sirenis...No beach...well it does have a beach but it is quite murky and has a lot of seaweed since it is in a peninsula. I'm kind of biased since i'm a beach girl but the Barcelos (Palace just being a bit newer and a real 5 star) would be my first choice Hope that helps a bit Christina Good luck!!
  12. I was wondering the same thing. I think she deserves it for sure, but I was wondering what is appropriate? Good luck on your Big day and enjoy every moment
  13. I am with you girls on this one! She is super nice, and quick to reply to all the questions that keep popping in my mind Good luck with the last of your planning ladies!!!!
  14. We choose the Blissful package...was so hard deciding did you chose yours yet?
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