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  1. Sephora waterproof eyeliner is the one recommended in one of my magazines as the "best".
  2. We did the ATV excursion through cancun-discounts.com and had a blast. They pick you up, ride avts to cenotes (2 different ones) lunch (YUUUMMMM) and then snorkeling. Then return you back to Dreams. It was a fun filled day with 15 people from our group. It was $104 PP riding single. It covered a bit of everything. Very nice and accomadating company. Then we did the dolfin swim through Dreams. Good but pricey. The younger ones were suppose to do the bar crawl, but after talking to locals on our ATV trip, we decided a safety issue was there. They did not recommend it at the time we were there 6-10. We took their advice and stayed at the resort.
  3. jwashing, While weddings are gorgeous, there really isn't any night life to speak of. They had carribean night and brought in vendors, that were EXTREMELY rude. We left it quickly. Mexican night is good, but it ends early. So if you are looking for night activites, this is not the place.
  4. Sorry for the delay, we did NOT have to pay extra for the El Patio. We all just met in the lobby and went on in. It was PERFECT.
  5. There is absolutely no privacy on the balcony. Not only do your next door neighbors see you, so do the ones across the garden area. The plunge pools are the same, NO privacy.
  6. We had our welcome dinner at El Patio with 15 people. It was a blast. We just got there when they opened and we had one big table. They let us order whatever we wanted and then they brought lots of appetizers and different drinks. It worked out fine and we worried like crazy before we left.
  7. The wine room is awesome. You can order from the French or Italian restaurant. The food and service was fabulous. We used it for our rehearsal dinner. We had 15 people and it was very cozy. Let the waiter make suggestions on food. Ours brought different things that what we would have ordered and it was wonderful. Nothing negative to say about the room or meal. Just pay attention to the wine you are ordering. Make sure you check the list and not let them pick it out. They are a business and you may be surprised by the price at the end. We were!
  8. We took chair sashes, cloth colored napkins and maracas. The were all put in their palce for no extra charge.
  9. There was no limit, but they had quite a few bottles that were like $40 or so and when you use your coupon it is not to bad. The one that ordered, stepmom, didn;t look at the list, she just let them recommend some. It is fine if you pay attention to the list and prices. We only had 15 people in our group. It was greatm it was just our fault for not paying attention to what we were getting. Of course they want to sell more, you just say no. We had the mexican trio, because it was in the package. I do not think we needed them. They played at cocktail hour and it was loud and almost in the way. Just my opinion, you may like it. We were on the balcony by Desires lounge, whick was real nice, but like I said, I wish we had not had them. We also did the ultimate and there is a difference between menus. We ended up mixing and matching menus. Since the ultimate is the higher end, we had no problems picking off the gold too. I think we could have gone with the wine cellar the night of the wedding and then everyone orders their own dinners. GREAT FOOD They order their own drinks and you order the extra wines. And they did not rush us out of there either. I think you would be happy with that.
  10. We used the wine room for our rehearsal dinner. You can order from both restaurants like lilly129 said. The food was out of this world. BUT the cost of some of the wines are $$$$$$. One they suggested was $275 and we did not check the price before hand. So be aware of what you are ordering. It ended up costing us $475 for 3 bottles of wine!!! It is nice and private, you get GREAT service too. The first night all 15 of us went to the mexican restaurant and had no problems getting a big table. Wonderful time and at no extra cost. It seems a bit carzy to pay for food and drinks that you actually have already paid for. We had the reception in the Asian restaurant. We did it as a private one, and it was real nice. The air conditioning was a plus. The menu was picked ahead of time, but all the food was delicious.
  11. The garden area is gorgeous, it is in the middle of the hotel, but there is not much traffic there. While we were there for the week we never saw an actual wedding there. alisonjimmy, we were never able to get ahold of Ana for any details after the deposit was taken. BUT, with that said, we met with her the day before and set all the detail up. From food to flowers, music and final decorations. Ana is very effecient with all your details. She has a check list and covers everything and pulls it off wonderfully. The girls had their make up and hair done in the salon also. The hair was just like the pictures they took with them and the makeup felt "heavy" but looks amazing in the pictures. They are not cheap, but they looked gorgeous.
  12. The gazebo is NO WAY near private. The beach location was and the set up is beautiful. The terrace is ok, but it sort of defeats the purpose of the beach destination wedding. IMO for what that is worth.
  13. The jacuzzi area is beautiful. It is in the center of the resort, like a garden area. The restaurant worked well for us, either way Ana makes the setup gorgeous.
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