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  1. Jenise - No I didn't have TTD. Not sure how to put pictures on here but I can send you some pictures if you let me know your email address.
  2. Forgot to say.....we used Michael Weiler for photos and video. Pictures are fantastic and the dvd is wonderful. Would recommend him the everyone, money well spent.
  3. Hello ladies, Finally returned 4 days late due to the volcano. Was nice to be stuck for those extra days eating, drinking and enjoying the weather. We got married on 15th April. What can I say.....you plan and plan but sometimes mother nature takes over. All day the sun shon until 4.30pm then it rained, and rained!!! My 5pm wedding in the gazebo ended up being 5.45pm near Himitzu under cover. Disappointing but what can you do other than enjoy the rest of the day. It did stop raining shortly after so we managed to get out down to the beach for photos but it's sad when you see the gazebo and dream of marrying there. Our reception was moved from the Borrdoex terrace to Tiame?? (can't remember spelling) room which worked out better for us, although it was a bit hot inside, it was nice and private with plenty of room for the kids to run around. All in all it was a nice day and the hotel & rooms are beautiful! Catherine
  4. I have been having very strange dreams aswell, usually about my dress. Last night my dress was see through?!?! Other dreams my dress has been too big or I'm wearing rags. What do they mean??
  5. Kim, your wedding photos look amazing!!! Thank you for sharing them with us all. I do hope my wedding pictures look as wonderful. 2 weeks today and i'll be married. We leave on wednesday and I'm starting to panic about packing everything (hopefully not forgetting anything) Any advice on what to bring or what you wished you had brought with you would be grately received. Thanks Catherine
  6. Hi Eliana, Your photographers package sounds extremely reasonable. How did you book him? Can you give me any more information? Only 4 weeks till I go and need to get this sorted. Resort photographer or not? Whats everyone else doing?? Thanks Catherine
  7. Hi Jenise, Can you please email me the pictures of bouqets and price lists of packages. Or if anyone else has anything useful to email me that would be great. msg4catherine@yahoo.co.uk Thanks Cath
  8. Firstly Eliana thankyou for sending email of wedding decoration ideas, they are wonderful. Tara - I fly in on 7th April and leave 21st April (wedding 15th @ 5pm) So I will definitely be there to see you get married. I would love to see your reception in Himitsu and thank you for your kind offer of using some of your decorations. Very generous of you. If every bride could help the next it would make everyones wedding that bit cheaper! Not sure where we're having our reception yet, have emailed Carolina to find out. Jamie - I'll be at DPC on your wedding day too. Maybe we should all meet up? Cath
  9. Hi ladies / brides to be I'm very new to this site and enjoying your posts. I'm getting married on 15th April (Ah 8 weeks to go!!) If anyone has any advise or anything they can email me as I am unable to open attachements my address is: msg4catherine@yahoo.co.uk I want to use the gazebo and need some ideas for decorating it. You help will be greatly appreciated Cath
  10. All in all we've got 18 adults and 7 kids coming. Some for 1 week and some for 2 but they will all be there for our wedding.
  11. Congratulations to you!! You review was wonderful and has put my mind at ease as we're getting married there in April. Did you book your photographer through the hotel or separately?? Your photos are wonderful. Cath x
  12. Hi all, My name is Catherine and I live in the UK. I am getting married in Dreams Punta Cana in Dominican Republic on 15th April 2010 and would appreciate as much information and advice as you can offer. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you Catherine x
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