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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart I totally agree!! Me too! Don't care too much for the corset. But looks like there's a lot of different opinions on that so go with what you're most comfortable with
  2. Kapabel

    The Ceremony, Then...?

    Quote: Originally Posted by amzavala Do you think a cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres after the ceremony followed by a 3-hour reception is excessive? I don' think so at all. We're pretty much doing the same thing
  3. What about just black and white? Or as someone else suggests, use both gold and silver. Good luck
  4. Kapabel

    Sister in law help!

    Quote: Originally Posted by Stina4242 WOW! So my life too. My FI little sister is pregnant way too young... her and her BF celebrated there one year when she was almost 8 months pregnant. Anyways, they are planning on going after there baby is three months old! I talked them out of bringing him and was hoping the dad (who nobody likes) wouldn't go but they are planning on both going. I think this is insane to leave a three month old home while you go away! Since they are both in college and not living together most of the financial and physical responsibiliy will be falling on their mother. Still she got her an Itouch for Christmas.... even though she needs and can't afford maternity clothes (and the mom will end up buying these)! My FI got board games, HAHA! We don't ask for anything from her and she is just taking advantage and his mom is enabling her completly! It would be nice to get an offer for help once in awhile since we would actually appreciate it and not be expecting and relying on it! I hope the best for both of us! Wouldn't it be better if they brought the baby...? I mean, you say you talked them out of bringing him but at the same time you think it's insane to leave a three-month old at home? Or did I misunderstand something..?
  5. That's a great dress! This is mine: Pronovias - Regata - Project WeddingPronovias - Regata - Project Wedding
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by latoya1908 When asked, I tell people we simply have a tropical palette of hot pink, orange, green, and yellow. Whatever looks good at the time and depending on the item, that's what we're using. Same with us
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by KittenHeart LOL, OMG do you want to feel better? I invited two people, one of whom I just met a few weeks ago because we were having a blast together one night bar hopping... I wasn't even drunk, just buzzed and having a great time. What was I think?! I haven't heard anything from them about it but I realized it the next morning and was like... uh what did I do?! Haha, that's hilarious! And it DID make me feel better. I haven't done that yet, though my FI has. He went to a party and called me after a couple of hours saying "hey, we were supposed to invite xx and xx for the wedding right?" When I said that no, they're not on the list and we don't really know them he got really quiet and then it came "uhm, sweetie, uhm, I kind of just invited them. We were having beers and talking and it just came natural". Haha!
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by Tifany The ever-growing invitation list is my current stressor. It does stop growing, right? Yes, when it's so near your wedding that you feel it's too late to invite them At least that's what happened to me... Try to be a bit stricter than I was, and DON'T invite people spontaneously, I ended up inviting some people I really didn't want around just because at some point I felt bad there weren't invited..
  9. We included RSVP cars in the invitation that said "We have reserved X number of seats for you". for the singles who know people there/are part of a group we put a 1, for couples or people who were traveling alone (actually just one) we put a "2". I wouldn't have done this had I not known that some of these people were likely to invite everyone and their grandmother to join the festivities...
  10. I think dress number 1 is gorgeous on you!! Dres snumber 2 also fit you very nicely, but personally I like number 1 much better. Good luck on making your decision. And when you do, no more bridal stores for you!!
  11. Kapabel

    My Task List

    Do you need points to open it....? I just joined and am able to open attachments..
  12. We're doing a welcome sunset BBQ
  13. They're very cute! But will the male guests get these too...?