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  1. Thanks Janine! I am slowly finding out details like this. Like the Modelo beer place will give you free tables if you buy a certain amount of beer from them. I love it! Should be interesting putting this all together.
  2. Patti and Kelli, I would be happy to give you a link to my Flickr page with pics from my trip to Todos Santos Dec 2007. You may have to weed through a bunch of family pics, it will give you a sense of the area. Just send me a note and Ill send you the link if you are interested. Jen
  3. Hi JPickell, Thanks so much for the links. I actually checked out your CalyCanto website recently. And let me say, congratulations and having one of the most thorough and helpful TS websites out there. Good job! Your casitas look amazing too, but yes, I thought it may not work out for us. However, they are gorgeous and look great for a group vacation or a private little romantic getaway! I am trying to avoid hiring a wedding coordinator for a few reasons. We are really on a tight budget and also I have a very good friend who is an event coordinator (here in LA) who will be by our side. Im just having difficulty finding contact information for vendors. I may have to cave and hire him. It seems he may be my only hope.
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    Hi. I am planning a Feb 2011 wedding in TS. We are looking to do it at Flora del Mar B&B since that is where my fiance proposed to me. We are looking to bring in tables & chairs etc., food, drink, and mariachis. I am having trouble finding vendors online. We aren't looking for anything fancy in the way of food. Mostly just local (organic if possible and some vegetarian items), Mexican style, homemade, and someone who is sensitive to the gringo stomach. Can you suggest a caterer, bartender, party supplier, and/or mariachi band?
  5. Hi Jessica, I've done that drive, though it's been many years. I remember it being not so great. And pretty unsafe. There's a big section where you are on the the side of mountains and there is cliff going up on one side and cliff going down on your other side. The only thing separating you from driving off the cliff was a little ditch and there's not really any shoulder room. Also, you never know when you are going to turn a corner an see a cow in the middle of the road. Also, not much in the way of towns or gas stations, so you have to be prepared for that. If you got a flat or something happened to you car on the way- you're kind of screwed. They had a group of people called "The Green Angles" that I saw every now and then (In a big green truck full of car parts). They drive up and down that road to help people in need. Also, not that beautiful of a drive and it took us more than 24 hours. Like I said it's been years since this trip (approx. 20) and things may have changed since then. However, I was down in Cabo San Lucas 2 years ago and drove up to Todos Santos (about 1 1/2 hours north of Cabo) and the roads were looking pretty much the same and we even saw a cow standing in the road. If you are set on doing it. Please just don't drive at night, bring an extra full gas can with you, get Mexican Insurance (you can get it at almost any gas station in San Ysidro just before the border), put some extra blankets and food in the car, and don't rush. Good Luck!
  6. Hi! February 2010 in Todos Santos! I love the internet. I would love to keep in touch and share found info. We are looking into staying, and having the wedding/reception at Flora del Mar B&B. My fiance proposed to me there while we were on a family vacation a couple of Christmas's ago. It's now coming full circle. Anyway, the owner of the B&B had her daughter's wedding there recently. So, Ive asked her to send me contact info for party rentals, mariachis, and caterers, etc. Ill let you know what I find. Have you been to TS before?
  7. Hi Everyone. We are planning a wedding in Todos Santos, Baja California, for February 2011 with about 40 guests. Im pretty sure we have the venue picked out. A small B&B on the ocean. But, I need information on vendors. We are going very casual and rustic. We have an officiant and photographer. We are looking for a party rental place for tables chairs, linens, glassware, table ware, etc. We also need a good caterer. Nothing fancy. No lobster or filet mignon. We want more local, rustic, homemade, delicious Mexican food. And we have several vegetarians in the family. We also need to find a mariachi band that will play for about 2 hours. Oh yea, and a florist. Same idea, nothing fancy. Maybe just some small centerpieces for the tables and a bouquet for me. We are not doing bridesmaids / grooms men. Anyone out there have or have been to a wedding in Todos Santos recently that can offer any advice? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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