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  1. Ur2much, This is an older post, but when I found the books at Target they were in the dollar bins at the front of the store.
  2. I have this book and its really been a great education tool. It has made me so much more aware of what is happening with my body each day. I highly recommend it. I definitely am too lazy to do all 3 steps, but I did the temperatures for 2 months which really made me more aware of the length of my cycle. Also, once I got past being uncorfortable discussing cervical fluid, it made it super easy to figure out what days I was fertile. My husband is pretty anti pill, so I feel pretty lucky that he is so supportive and concerned with my reproductive health. :-) I think our generation just expects that we should be on the pill and that it is safe and it's OK to be on hormones for so many years. It's nice to feel like I have an alternative.
  3. I try to be a runner. I've done many 5ks and will hopefully do my 4th 1/2 this November. I'm newly preggo, so depending on how I feel, that will be my deciding factor. My goal for next year is to do more trail races. That's usually where I do most of my running, but all the courses I've done are road courses.
  4. Daily Spanish books are sold. Everything else is still available.
  5. I have a few left over items for sale. Prices do not include shipping. I'd prefer to do U.S. only shipping. 20 - Daily Spanish for Dummies - $10 3 - 6"x25 yd Turquoise Tulle - $5 Bridal Bargains Wedding Planner - I used a few pages in pencil and have erased everything - $8 All the best from Mexico 2CDs 40 songs - $10 Wedding 25 Favorites CD - $7 Traditional Wedding Music CD - $7 I'll see what else I can find. I also have 2 Crystal Organza Sashes (9"x108") and 2 turquoise organza table clothes (7'x7') probably not worth more then what the shipping would be. If you are interested, let me know.
  6. I'd try to move toward having the 4 friends do something else. It could be usher, it could be video the ceremony, sing, or whatever. Do they have any talents? We had one of my husbands friends sing the song during the ceremony, one of my best friends handled the video camera, another performed the ceremony... there are all kinds of things that having a friend handle makes the day more special. As a disclaimer, my husband wanted 3 people on each side... and that's what we did. I didn't have my heart set on a number though.
  7. The quote we got was for 200 pesos ($15) per page. When it came time to actually get it done we couldn't get a response from the translator... so take it for what it's worth.
  8. Here is what our tables looked like. We went with 2 on each table.
  9. I hope they post it on hulu! Is there anywhere else to watch it online?
  10. I totally liked him until he wouldn't get rid of Vienna... but now... I too want to vomit.
  11. I just watched an ET video and Jake said when we get married "in a couple years..." so we won't have to see it anytime soon... :-) I didn't sense he was too confident. She seemed really unsure and he got teary eyed when he talked about Tenley.
  12. We had just over 30, so a little bigger but Iour schedule was something like this: 2PM Wedding (actually started at 2:30 since MIL was 20 minutes late) 3:00-4:30 Social Hour with Mariachis, we took pictures during this time 4:45-6:15 Food, toasts, thank yous and cake 6:30 or so - we watched the sunset from the room of the house 7:00 or so - we all hit the pool and hot tub We kept it super simple... I was worried about having a father daughter dance, cake cutting, all the other traditional things people do, but we really only had a little push back from MIL when we didn't cut the cake in front of everyone. I think the key is to keep things flowing. People liked that it wasn't a traditional wedding.
  13. I think everything moves slower in Mexico. I had a few slow responses, some were based on the language barrier and others were... who knows? I know I sit at a desk all day and respond to emails immediately... I don't think that happens as much down there. Some people you won't hear from at all. I just kept resending.
  14. I tried really hard to not see anything about the bachelor today... and finally Yahoo ruined it for me. Once I saw it was Vienna, I don't think I'll waste my time watching. Blah. Ali as the Bachelorette is fine... I probably won't watch much of it.
  15. We maded it back and I did my best to find flowers... with no real luck. There isn't a florist in town. There was a fake flower place on the same street as the bus station, but no real flowers. I knew I should have written it down, but I swore I'd remember it... but I think this place CallaCo, the Calla Specialists - growers, shippers and hybridizers of specialty cut callas for the wholesale market has a wholesale place where you can pick up flowers in Pescadero. I was content with the fake flowers we had and didn't want to make people run all over. So I didn't actually get any flowers. We were also told there was a place (a lady) just out of town towards La Paz that has sunflowers that she sells... again, we just ran out of time and I didn't check either out. So hopefully my lack of knowledge is helpful to let people know to plan to bring your own, get them in Cabo or not be picky with what you can get. :-)
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